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Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post
Don't forget to go over my sign-up once more as I made some edits, adding a small detail to her secondary powers and I rewrote half of her history to account for her abilities while growing up.
... Okay somehow you managed to take something horridly shocking and dark and make it even darker - I'm impressed! I do like how you've incorporated her powers into her earlier life and small detail you added to her secondary power is very fitting - although I can't imagine why she'd choose not to repair a fatal wound instantly paha. Perhaps if they're in a battle where both her and a friend are seriously wounded then she'd want to recover them instead? I don't know, but even so she's looking good. I just can't comprehend how someone with such a gruesome past would be so impish paha.

Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
Sweet! If you want me to accept the IC thread right now, I can do that.
Sure, whenever's good for you :)
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