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Diamond update:
After many tips on various forums, I spent alot of my day yesterday getting a better team . I spent alot of time in the GTS looking for good offers and ended up getting some Stunky , a Piplup and a Shieldon. But nothing I wanted for my new team. So I ran around route 204 looking for a new Shinx with Intimidate. Found one and trained it to level 27.
I've made it all the way to Pastoria City too and I'm ready to take on Wake. While there I also used on of my Heart Scales and taught Floatzel Ice Fang.
So here's the time I've reconstructed so far.
(Twigleaf) Male lv.31 Ability: Overgrow
Grass Knot
Rock Smash
Mega Drain

(Kazza) lv. 30 Ability: Synchronize
Hidden Power

(Quoth) lv. 30 Ability: Super Luck
Wing Attack
Night Shade

(Blaze) lv. 28 Ability: Swift Swim
Water Gun
Aqua Jet
Ice Fang

(Kimba) lv.27 Ability: Intimidate

Decided to get rid of Stunky, and someone suggest to replace it with a Fighting type so I was thinking of trading over a Ralts from HeartGold and evolving it into Gallade. That will also replace Kadabra. Then maybe I'd get a Fire-type like Magmortar, but I really don't want to replace Murkrow. If you want to help you can VM me.
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