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    Having decided to search for a few answers on the war's reasoning, Turnip had headed further into the main camp. He just hoped that whatever answers he found would justify anything these people wanted him to do for them.

    The only problem was, what exactly would he do if the answers didn't justify what they were doing? What if they were horribly in the wrong? Sure, Turnip isn't the nicest person, but there's a difference between nice and moral - and if they're starting a war for no good reason, you can be sure as hell he won't be a part of it. He wasn't really sure if it were possible for him to just leave, though, and as sure as he was of his own fighting prowess, he sure didn't like the sound of taking on an entire army in its centre of operations.

    So, what would he do? The answer was simple: He didn't know.

    What he did know, though, was that he was about to be thoroughly distracted. Someone was loading cases onto the back of a jeep, from the looks of things to be transported somewhere (hooray for Captain State-the-obvious). A series of three clunks could be heard as a case opened and closed again - Turnip saw what was inside, though, and he liked what he saw.

    "THAT is a sniper rifle." He noted. A new one, too, an FN Ballista. It seemed there were some others, though - he could see the range of different cases loaded onto the back of the vehicle.

    The soldier loading the jeep turned around, surprised at the sudden enthusiasm. Especially from some guy in a trench-coat and some helmet-thing.

    "... It is." He confirmed.

    "So, uh, any chance I could get my hands on one of those?"

    "What? Oh, no, sorry. These are bound for route 110, some camp up near the front line. I'm just taking them up there, not in charge of them, if you want one you'll have to ask whoever's over there."

    "Ah, right, that's fine. Thanks anyway."

    "No problem."

    Turnip would remember that. He'd get his hands on one of those rifles if it was the last thing he di- well, maybe not that far. He did want one, though.

    That aside and noted, Turnip continued towards the centre of the main camp. Answers, he remembered. Answers, then rifles were his main objective. He noticed a group of people who seemed to be doing something official, and caught the end of a sentence:

    "... you guys 30 minutes to pack up and meet me at the Northern exit of the city."

    Wait a minute, wasn't that that Nick guy? Nicolas... without a second name. Maybe he was Nicholas Cage in secret. That was it. Surely. Well, Turnip thought the absence of a surname was a little odd, but then who was he to question people's names?
    Nicolas had wanted people for that scouting mission. Turnip wasn't bothered about that in the slightest, but if he was ordering people about, then he was probably fairly high up in the rankings, maybe he'd have some answers...

    He did look like he had someplace to be, though... for a while he just stood there in the path, not knowing whether to approach Nicolas or not.
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