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I plan on eventually making an RP that's rated M for a reason to solve that problem. Not in a sexual way, but God damn it it's going to be violent, disturbing and somewhat terrifying. As I also occasionally have the issue of RPs not exactly being dark enough for my liking.

Essentially, a horror RP. Since those are very uncommon nowadays.
I don't mean "Dark" as in gothic/horror dark.

What I mean is, for example: I've been wanting to do a semi-realistic take on the Pokémon genre. As in, brutal arena animal pit fights, to include animal caging and black market trafficking. Pokémon that maim, maul, and kill each other instead of conveniently just knock one another out. Real hunting expeditions to capture the wild ones, and the whole process of breaking them to the owners will.
True crime syndicates for organizations like Team Rocket: guns, cars, drugs, brothels, torture, murder... etc.
Sorta take out the cutesy-ness and throw in a gritty thriller feel to it.

...Even malicious spirits and specters (maybe even possessions) as ghost type Pokémon. Extraction and enslavement of souls that are bound to do your bidding as a familiar in an unholy pact... <--- This I guess would be along the classic "horror" lines

...stuff like that. >:)

But like I said, it typically isn't wanted in most people's role plays and I don't want to GM another RP. If/when I join in with other people, I get too explicit (or rather they are too PG for me)... IF I can find something of interest in the first place.

...and that there is my gripe. -_-