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For me it'd definitely be spending my childhood alongside my brother playing the games constantly as soon as they came out. Whenever a new game was released we'd spend the next 3 or 4 days just playing them non-stop, racing to see who could complete them first and with the coolest team. That died down a bit as we got older but there's still a general sense of competition as we're playing them and it makes the games so much more fun. Most memorable was Hoenn as we were both mystified by the new Pokémon and region, it was just incredible seeing everything so new and racing to explore the lands and catch the most exciting Pokémon possible. We'd work out puzzles together like the legendary golems and get excited by aspects like Shedinja's evolving or the old mysterious boat on the surfing route to Slateport, it was just such a fun time haha. Man I miss it D:
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