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Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
Hey gimmepie sorry this is a bit late but thanks for reviewing the first few chapters so far! To point out a few things you mentioned:

>Thanks so much on complimenting on the canon characters! Yeah one of the things I'm worried about is if my interpretation of them will be somewhat off, but most people mentioned I've been doing the characters justice so far!

>I already told you how in Chapter One's case, at least with the airport scene I added in that scene and those characters last minute hence why their dialogue isn't stellar. As for the Elite Four, I have most people say they liked that scene actually but maybe I'll look over it again and see if I can add their dialogue quirks more.

Glad to hear the other original characters are fine. With Becky she'll be making more appearances and a bit more development (or so I hope).

>I do admit to jumping settings a bit too much there. Part of the reason is because I want Grimsley and Nanu to meet as soon as possible and I'm afraid if I have Grimsley sightseeing a little longer the readers would get bored. I'm flip-flooping if I want to rewrite Chapter Three in the future and if I go with that there are some ways I can do that.

I'll also warn that Chapters Four and Five are long and I could've broken into more parts now I think about it orz. But yeah, I think for now I'll focus on having Chapters Six and after not have too much stuff being jammed and after I finish this story I might reconsider restructuring the chapters.

>Concerning that wormhole, that will get mentioned a couple more times don't worry. Lots of stuff that have been revealed but not talked about in next chapter will still come up again later.

Again, thanks for your reviews so far and I hope you'll continue to check out Foul Play as it progresses!

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Foul Play [Chapter Four up!]
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