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    The roamer in FR is released into the world by special 0x129, at x141D9C.

    Its species is chosen from the bytes at x141caa, x141cb4, or x141cb8 (xF3, xF4, xF5 respectively) based on your starter choice (var x4013).

    Its level is dependent on the bytes at x141cc8 and x141cdc. I advise changing both to the same value; if only the former is changed it gets generated as a level 50 mon with incorrect HP.

    The ability to track the roamer in the dex is specific to Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. There is a table at x4642F4 that maps values of var x4013 to dex entries that should instead check the roamer. To make the dex acknowledge one roamer and disregard starter choice, change the first value in the table to your roamer's ID, and put four 00s at x13cb80.

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