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    Originally Posted by The Mega Champion View Post

    Am I the only one that has a bad feeling and/or am REALLY CONCERNED this Ash/Tapu Koko relationship may potentially lead to Ash possibly...

    Catching Tapu Koko?


    The series would practically become unwatchable if that happens IMO.

    He isn't going to catch Tapu Koko. Not only is it basically a Legendary, but it also an Electric type. If he didn't catch Meloetta in Unova, he isn't going to catch Tapu Koko. I am calling the Tapus legends because they are similar to birds and they are unique and at the end of the Dex. And they are based on Tiki Gods, so to me, they are legendary pokemon.

    Now he might team up with Tapu Koko at a later time against the Ultra Beasts, similar to how they handled the Lake Trio, but it is extremely unlikely he will catch Koko.

    All the time in the anime, Ash either Teams up with legends or becomes friends with them, but he never catches them. Meloetta being the big one at the moment. We know Ash can command Latias, Latios, and Rayquaza and ride on Lugia. Even though they are movies, it shows the relationship between Ash and the Legends.
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