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Post Thread

This thread is for posts regarding the Roleplay Olympics. Remember to refer to the rules in the RPO sign up thread before posting. Submit your post here, with a title displaying the category the post falls under, as well as a rating for the post. You may list ratings in the style displayed in this link. A rating and title with the event name must be included in your post in order for it to count. There is a one post per event rule, meaning that if you signed up for 3 events, you should have three different posts in this thread. If you signed up for a single event, there should be only a single post by you in this thread. If you are working with another person, there should still be a single post between the two of you, with both of your usernames in the post title.

From today’s date, you will have until Friday, August 24th at 11:59pm (GMT) to post all of your RPO event posts into this thread. Any posts made after that time will not be counted. If you do not post for an event you are signed up for, you will be disqualified from the event. From between Friday, August 24th and Friday, August 31st will be the deliberation period, where judges will rate all RPO posts and come up with a score for each one. Scores will be tallied, and winners should be announced on September 1st (although this is subject to change).

Here is some additional information about a few events. The other events should have been self-explanatory in the Roleplay Olympics Sign-Up Thread. As always, any questions may be directed to the creators of the event: Supervegeta, Raikiri, or The_Original_Raitan, or the Moderator of the Roleplay Corner, Skymin.


Because of complications with the Battle! event, the option to be randomly paired has been added. This means that if you have not found another person to participate in this event, you may select the person whom we have randomly selected to be your partner. This pairing is, of course, entirely optional, and can be declined if you do not wish to utilize it. However, if you do decide to participate with another partner besides the one selected, it must still be someone who has signed up for the 'Battle!' event. Here are the randomized pairings:
  • Necrum Warrior + The Mega Champion
  • Baker’s Bulbasaur + Elite Killer
  • heretostay123 + 徳清アキオ
  • 1ninjadude1701 + SkittishHeart


You wake up to find yourself in a small room. You have no recollection of how you’ve gotten there, or any memory of what happened to you recently. The room looks metallic, as if you are on some sort of underground base. You notice other made-up beds in the room, but not other people inside the room but yourself. In fact, the entire area seemed awfully quiet. You notice that your are sweating profusely. Checking on the thermostat you notice upon the wall, you see the temperature at 95 degrees Fahrenheit, or 35 degrees Celsius, and rising steadily. Then for the first time, you see a window at the end of the room, and walk towards it. It is then you realize where you exactly are.

Your are on a ship in space. From the look of it on the outside, it looks considerably damaged, though you do not quite know the extent of its damage based solely upon observation with your eye. You notice another bright object in the distance. A star, and it appears to be getting larger. Or the ship appears to be getting closer. You comprehend the gravity of the situation as you realize that this spaceship is on a collision course with the star. By the distance of the star, you have about 20 minutes before you and the derelict ship burn to a crisp. Your mission: Escape.

Like with all other events in the RPOs, you will have much creativity in this event. We merely have provided you the starting point, and from there, you may take this into any direction you want. The only real objective here is to escape by any means necessary.

Rescue Mission

Oh no! Your mentor and friend Professor Oak has been kidnapped by Team Rocket! It was a near flawless operation, leaving few witnesses and fewer hints as to what exactly happened. The only solid facts so far is that the kidnapping happened in Oak's lab late at night and for whatever reason left the lab in shambles. You, a trainer who received his/her first Pokemon and have developed a relationship with him since then, have found out over the news and immediately head to Pallet Town to investigate what happened and hopefully find a breakthrough to rescue Professor Oak from the clutches of Team Rocket.

Of course when you arrive, you are not allowed to enter the premises being that the local police force have closed off the scene of the crime. Sneaking into the lab that night, you commence your investigation finding a hint that the evil base of Team Rocket is located somewhere in the Safari Zone. You prepare yourself to rescue the poor professor.

Like with all other events in the RPO, you will have much creativity with this event. We have merely provided to you the starting point, and from there, you may take this into any direction you want. The only real objective is to rescue Professor Oak, but the means by which that is achieved is entirely up to you.

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