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Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
Ouch. :( That sucks, but it's good you had a backup, and that you've got back to where you were. It's a shame, but I'll be patient, and I'll definitely play Beta 2 when it comes out. :) Good luck. :D
EDIT: Massive typos. I'm so stupid, sometimes. XD
Thanks for the support!
Originally Posted by TheGameBringer42 View Post
This hack looks very nice can't wait for next release.
Originally Posted by LatiosBoy77 View Post
Did you insert Lance's Battle Theme?

Can't wait to hear it!
Hehe, a sneaky way to try to get around the "no asking for release dates" rule? ;)
Originally Posted by VempireblacK View Post
Keep undate fastly because I want to play it.....I want you to make this game
like Gold Sun/Shinygold and Liquid Crystal
Okay, I guess...
Originally Posted by Eru_Paul View Post
At least somebody who made a real remake of the 2nd gen. games! I really like the graphics, the gameplay. Keep going with the game, you're doing excellent! :D
Thanks for the support!
Originally Posted by patrick_20052005 View Post
Just reposting this to say how great and pretty close the game is and i like most of the sprites too. :) The game closely resembles crystal, much like fire red closely resembles red. I will be awaiting future betas and releases. Just a suggestion, is it possible to include the apricorn balls? although i think it would be difficult to be transferred across games through trade, maybe replicas?
I may include Apricorn Balls if the code to make custom Poké Balls at the moment isn't so buggy.
Originally Posted by LatiosBoy77 View Post
would you include radio for the pokegear?
I'm planning on it, but don't expect anything in that regard in Beta 2.

Huge post block below, comments in bold as usual:
Originally Posted by tonti View Post
I have to say that I can't wait for beta 2, however there are some small things that I would like to nitpick about.

In Cherrygrove city, rather than just the beach area being sandy, the whole dirt road leaves sand tracks, even the part leading into route 29.
That's due to the fact that I felt like an abrupt stop to the footprints would seem strange, and it all flows together better with the sandy prints anyways.

The little grass tile decorations (The two little pieces of grass that stick up that are on some tiles) like the ones from Shiny Gold are cool, but they really feel out of place, and I think if you really want to achieve that FRLG style you should just remove them completely from the grass tiles, since FRLG didn't have them.
I AM trying for an FR/LG style, but I felt that the maps were a bit empty and plain without the addition of a bit more diversity. Just because FR/LG didn't have them doesn't mean I can't. ;)

The ruins of alph chambers are lacking the Tanobi Ruin entrance decorations, and are instead just normal caves.

Perhaps you can try making them look something like this? I found the image from google and I like the way it looks.
Don't worry, that's changed for Beta 2.

Route 34's daycare center uses a Saffron City house rather than the original daycare house in FRLG.

Here's a picture of it.
Well, it's not like the same people from that daycare are going to migrate to the outskirts of Goldenrod and rebuild their exact same house there, right? For that matter, the daycare on Four Island looked like the houses on Four Island and not that.

Goldenrod's PCC uses a regular Pokemon Center rather than the Trade Center Building from One Island.

As I said above, they're not one and the same, so why would they look the same? Besides, the Pokécom Center is actually a stretched version of the Pokémon Center and says PCC. They're not identical.

Which leads me to my next point. Goldenrod looks extremely messy in terms of tilesets. Everything looks really mashed together, not to mention it uses Saffron city's tiles and palettes. Something like this would be ideal, IMO. It's big, so I just linked to it.
I remember that map. It was the one for Crystal Shards, I think. Either that, or for Palladium and Crystal Shards used it (like pretty much everything else). In any case, the image you linked me looks more like a mash-up of tilesets than mine. The only thing different in terms of tiles (from Saffron) is the satellite dish on top of the Radio Tower. And if you mean mashed together in terms of map size, that's because that's how the original was, too.

I don't know what your philosophy on using maps from Pallidium are (It went open source after it went down after HGSS was announced anyways if I recall correctly, so if you want to use some of the maps it should be fine) but I think the hack would really benefit from using some of them. Lots of them look pretty official, and blend with the FRLG tile sets pretty well.
Ever since Palladium's site went into permanent maintenance mode, I haven't been able to find many of its resources, including maps. I'd be interested in seeing them, mainly for the tilesets because their mapping style differs from mine.

A few things regarding player backsprites. I have never really been a fan of that particular Gold backsprite, because it looks pretty static when he throws the pokeball out, and the Lance one just looks off to me and a bit static as well, so I went and found some Gold and Lance sprites and Tweaked them just a bit.

I actually like those backsprites. Where did you find them? I might use them.

In the tall grass of National park, whenever you get into a battle, the background colors for the battle screen look kind of weird. You might want to tinker with the palettes a bit so that it matches up with the normal grass wild battles.
They look weird because you're supposed to be inside grass, and it's darker. Anyways, that's how it was in Emerald, and I just did the same with FR/LG's colors, just darkened.

One last thing, I remember you saying that you weren't going to use Arugurete's music because you weren't able to get a response from him. As of late I've seen a few Pokemon hacks use his team rocket battle theme and wild Johto battle theme (Liquid Crystal used the wild battle theme) and from what I can tell, he doesn't seem to mind or care, so I don't think it would hurt to take a few battle and or route themes from GoldenSun if you need to.
I've already done so. And I have gotten a few responses sometimes, but (s)he doesn't seem to be active on YouTube that much, and so I can't contact them easily.

Personal nitpicks aside, I think you're doing a fantastic job, and I hope that you can keep up the good work.
All right, status update... Hmm, I don't know if I could write something useful here that won't give anything away. Eh, what the heck! Riddle time!

Four roads intersect at one place. Although you can see all of them, two are blocked and you must continue onwards. Later, you enter through one of the previously-blocked ones and exit the other.

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