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    Jet was still walking when first Daniel, then the katana-man, ran past him. "Whoa, where ya goin'?" he called after them. Beep beep. A message screen popped up.

    New message!
    From: Kaiser
    Subject: Jet...
    Jet, I know you're still alive, and I know you got my last message about the guild. If you don't say something, I'm gonna come after you and get an answer.

    Jet sighed, closing the message. He checked his inventory briefly, confirming that he still had his three escape crystals. The dagger he'd gotten from the Golem was still there, as well. Maybe I'm just not able to use it yet, Jet thought, closing the screen. He then ran after the others with his Speed, shortly coming up on the whole group, to which the katana-man was saying, "-- is a tad weak but is full of helpful advice and she has given me a quest to take her to floor 100 and win the game, then I may go back to floor one and resume my playing!"

    "Quest?" Jet asked, coming up behind the katana-man and girl. "I thought only NPCs gave quests, and--" He stopped mid-sentence when his eyes found the large door. Jet walked around the others to step a few paces closer, confirming that the symbol was a rough resemblance of the Golem. Bringing up his own map, he raised his eyebrows. Now that he'd come here, the map was updated a little, showing... "Why would the boss room still be here?" Jet asked, to no one in particular. "Not thinking of goin' in, are ya?"
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