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So basically this is a RAM versus ROM trade-off.
Then you have chosen poorly.

When writing a script or a programme of any description, the last thing you should be concerned about is the ROM space, as there is 114 times as much ROM space as there is RAM space in a GBA ROM (assuming a 32 meg ROM).

But that isn't even the biggest issue. Your script wastes unnecessary CPU cycles reading from and writing to these RAM addresses, meaning that the CPU has to sit and wait on data to be returned to it from the memory chip. Time where the CPU is idle, not processing anything, but continuing to drain battery power.

In order of importance, it's processor time, ram usage, rom usage. So if you can spare your processor from having to do more, even if it costs a significant amount of ROM space, you should do it.

ETA: Original post changed, so this is largely irrelevant now. Nonetheless, I'll leave it here as a cautionary post.
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