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    Originally Posted by RoreyG View Post
    Name: RoreyG

    Partner Pokemon: Charizard (my dear friend)

    Answer to Current Topic: Arcanine. I'd like to think that he is the first Psuedo Legendary Pokemon to be introduced (given that he was originally supposed to be part of Kanto's Legendary Trio with Articuno and Zapdos).

    Reason for Joining: Playing Pokemon Red was a defining part of my childhood and (believe it or not) helped shape the kind of person I am today.
    Originally Posted by SNOR(es)LAX View Post
    Name: SNOR(es)LAX
    Partner Pokemon: Snorlax of course!
    Answer to current topic: I think that all Pokemon in this Gen is just so interesting, so I can't really choose one.
    Reason for Joining: I love Kanto and the Original 151, whats more, even though I am quite young, Red was my first Pokemon game.
    You're both in. Welcome to the club!

    As for the new topic, I'd have to say that Scyther is the most interestingly designed of the Gen. I Pokemon. With Scyther, Game Freak took the concept of a Praying Mantis, added blades, and created something remarkably badass.
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