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    This looks really cool :3 can I reserve?

    Name: Amanda Susan Miller
    Nickname: Manda
    Sex: Female
    Age: 17

    Occupation: Cashier (At a Grocery Store)
    Hobbies: Amanda Loves to sing and Dance, she's also an advocate for antibullying and for stopping violence against women.
    Disorders: Asthmatic and gets sick a lot and is a klutz. She also has a very strong sixth sense.
    Quirks: She can be forgetful and can repeat herself, and is very patient, though she is extremely paranoid and knows self defense.
    Likes: Nutella, all seafood, all Vegetables, the color pink, anime, cosplaying,and the following animals Cats and Penguins.
    Dislikes: Red Meat and Poultry (She's a Pesco-Vegetarian only meat she eats is seafood), blood, people being mean, and dogs.
    Dreams: Amanda wants to grow up to be a high school English or drama teacher and she wants to help people.
    Fears: Spiders and Clowns.

    Appearance: Amanda stands at 5'3 and weighs only 92lbs. Her skin is tan and her hair is a bright blonde. She wears a pair of reddish-black bifocals over her hazel colored eyes and can not see a thing without her glasses. On her forehead is a scar from a childhood accident, She also has a scar on her left foot from a different childhood accident. She always a pair of silver stud earrings in her ears and her shoulder length hair always has a pink bow in it. Her normal outfit consists of a pink halter top with a white jacket over that, a white skirt or a pair of white pants depending on the weather, and a pair of pink ballet flats.

    Personality: Amanda is a very sweet and caring girl. In fact she can be considered too sweet and trusting. She has trouble seeing the bad in people and just has to help everyone. Due to this she has some self esteem issues. When it comes to people complimenting her she will take it but a voice in her head will tell her it's not true. She's also been hurt in her path to help others. Having been friends with a girl for several years who constantly mentally and emotionally abused her. In her need to see the good in others she can overlook the bad that can be dangerous. Amanda does have a bit of a temper though but she only loses it in the rare moments that someone makes her extremely mad. She wants to do her best to reach her dreams and will never give up no matter how hard things get.

    History: Amanda was born in Snow Hill, Maryland and lived there with her parents and older sister until she was three years old. Shortly before moving away from Maryland she had two accidents. The first when her older sister pushed her through a glass door, and the second when she stepped on a glass Christmas tree ornament. Six months after her third birthday the family moved to the West Coast and Seattle, Washington. Growing up Amanda had a relatively happy life. When she was four her parents had another baby, a boy this time who ended up having a heart condition. Due to this a lot of attention was focused on him but Amanda didn't mind. She easily took care of herself. Though growing up she had a few more accidents. When she was 9 she was almost hit by a fire truck when walking in icy weather, and a few months after that she tripped down a flight of stairs and almost broke her neck.

    Despite her many accidents due to her klutziness Amanda is a very graceful dancer and holds a strong love for ballet and loves to dance. She also watches a lot of anime and dances k-pop and j-pop dances as well. Amanda always goes to anime conventions that happen in the area but almost stopped going after what happened when a group of drunk college kids sexually harassed her. Luckily something stopped it before it could get past comments what it was Amanda has no idea. Though she always feels like something is watching her.

    Secret Code: Listen