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    Purrloin kinda reminds me of my cat, so it would be a purrfect fit for me, haha. I'd also really like a Snivy, Minccino, Dewott, Petilil and Deerling as my companions. Zoura and Emolga would be for later, once I had more experience caring for Pokmon.

    As for common finds around here, I think Purrloin, Lillipup, Pidove, Deerling, Zorua, and Ducklett would fit. There are snake dens less than an hour away from my place, so Snivy and its evolutions would probably reside there. During the winter, Pidove and Ducklett would leave and be replaced by Cryogonal. TONS of them.

    Paired with my BF, CountDVB
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