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Hi. First off:

Game Over!

Winners - Mafia!
gimmepie as Mac
Kevin Durant as The Witches
Bidoof FTW as Doctor of Physic (converted)
Losers - Village!

xDestroy as Banquo
jdthebud as Malcolm
Pecilia as Lord
Nakuzami as Lord

Okay, now let's me be honest here. This was definitely not the best game I've ever run. A lot of the confusion that y'all had is honestly my fault. I've played Mafia games on another forum before, and this was a bigger adjustment than I anticipated, to be honest. There was a lot of information that I assumed would be innate to y'all and it wasn't, and that is completely my fault for not explaining it better (also for doing things like removing role distributions via player count in the OP).

Secondly, my activity was pretty abysmal. I just recently started a demanding job and I've been aggressively following Drag Race recently, so I kept forgetting about this. That was pretty bad and I'll make sure to not be as busy if/when I do this again.

Moving on.

  • Pecilia immediately saw through gimme's guise on Day 2 and called him out correctly.
  • xDestroy called Doof inno after learning he was converted by the Witch.
  • Doof's pretty amazing last post.

Read the spreadsheet here.

I hope y'all had some fun in this! I'll take this as a learning experience and make sure to work harder if I host again.
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