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    In the one for GBA, I kept getting Charmander on the personality test. I really wanted to be Cyndaquil, so I redid the test to get every starter, plus others, except Cyndaquil. I was so angry. Only when I finally was able to go on the computer did I read that I was not allowed to play Cyndaquil unless I said I had a peen. Which I didn't. I wish they didn't have the gender-specific choices, I bet many guys would like to play as Eevee!
    I opted for Eevee and had a Bulba partner, but it was so difficult I eventually played as Skitty and she rocked the house. I named her Toxic, and my partner was Topaz the Pikachu.
    On Explorers of Sky, I got Vulpix as my first result and rolled with it to explore around my game, with Shinx as my partner. I got so wrapped up in the game that I ended up beating it as Vulpix. I restarted it a couple times as different Pokemon to mess around, but never stuck with anything passed beating Groudon.
    I'm going to put Skitty as the Pokemon on the poll, since my first time ever completing a PMD was with a Skitty.
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