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    Hello y'all.
    I enjoy MLP, and have enjoyed it for quite a while. So... with no further ado...
    Username: Sparkle of Time (Just call me Time, or Philemona(or anyway you feel like shortening it)
    Favorite Mane 6: Twilight Sparkle, let's just say, I have an affinity for ponies who seem geeky, nerdy, smart in general, etc.
    I was originally introduced to MLP when I saw one of those pictures thingies with words (are those called memes?). I was curious, so I searched it up. At first, I was abhorrent at the episode I was watching, which happened to be episode 16 of season 1, Sisterhood Social. But as I watched more, I grew to love the show... which is why I am here now.
    At my school, bronies were nonexistent, but I have successfully formed a small group, all of which now enjoy the show.
    And about Equestria Girls, I agree, the skin part was the part I was most shocked by. I had assumed they would tone the skin slightly to match each pony, but Dash's 'blueness' sort of scared me.
    Hello y'all