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I love Skyrim; one of the best games out there right now.

I love playing a sneaky Khajiit equipping a bow or using magicka. I've forgotten what level I am now, but I do know that I'm the Arch-Mage in the College of Winterhold.

I love almost every aspect of Skyrim. The detail is beautiful, especially when your graphics card is able to run the game on high quality, magnificent scenery. There is plenty of variety in the game, and you play the game how you want to play it. So many skills and attributes you can commit to and have your own, unique character. This is well topped-off by the fact that it is a free roam game where you can go off and do whatever you desire; avoiding the main quest. When you roam, you find a lot of fun things to do, and a whole bunch of areas that are a joy to venture.

The PC is the best platform for the game simply because you can add mods, any mod you want. This ranges from adding gigantic houses to lingerie shops.

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