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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post

I think you're a bit oversimplifying. There are three kinds of pirates:

1. The person that wants the game but can't afford or/will not pay for it, so pirates it.
2. The person that wants the game and would buy it if they didn't have the option to pirate.
3. The person that is intending to buy the game if they enjoy it.
I fit in with the 3rd option more. Mostly for movies and TV Shows, I'll admit it, I have downloaded shows before, I have deleted them by now. That was until I discovered I don't download anymore.

I like to sample the movie/tv show just until I saved enough to buy them on VHS or DVD. Music I use YouTube to listen to the music and if I really love the song I'll buy the song at Amazon, or if I like the album I'll purchase the CD.

Forgot to mention - I do think that File sharing/pirating is wrong its the same as stealing. For PirateBay and other similar sites I have not visit in years.
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