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Season 7 was alright for me, although some of the episodes were rather dull and painful to watch. Angels in Manhattan for me was a tragic but well-thought out episode, you would never expect the Doctor's companions to suddenly poof away, they're giving you the unexpected in my opinion. At least that's from my point of view, I was thinking any minute the Doctor would come in out of nowhere and whisk them to safety before trying to fight off the angels. But it's interesting though the outcome of that episode, because it's usually in most shows at least the good people or the protagonists win without anyone dying or disappearing rather than evil truimphing.

And I don't know Season 7 was good for me at least except for maybe Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, it wasn't particularly special. The only amusing or entertaining part for me was watching the man getting covered in dinosaur saliva and even that's only for a brief part of the episode. I'm hoping Season 7.5 will have a little more action along with interesting episode plots. :3
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