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    WoW! never expected the release of beta 2 this month... I loved the screenshots & im downloading the latest patch... can't wait 2 start playing it... This hack looks professiona as if GAME FREAK had released it... THANX! =]

    its a great hack... ive played it & reached to the cianwood city... but the interior of cianwood pharmacy looks like a normal house of a person... shouldnt it be like a small mart with pack of medicines in shelves...
    it would be awesome if u give a new tower or building for olvine light house cuz bcuz current tall building doesnt seem like a light house though it was like that in gbc crystal... & too sad that ruin of alph puzzle is gone...
    im impressed with the johto dex... wow! havnt seen much from other hacks... & pokegear is cool...
    This hack is like a rebirth of crystal vanilla in GBA... its a perfect remake which is almost accurate to the original... i enjoy playing it...
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