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Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
What is doctor who?

Well I'll tell you who he is, and not what the show is. He's a Time traveler...

He is called 'The Doctor' not 'Doctor Who'. Neither is he called 'Dr. Who'.

Also technically he is not just a time traveller. He travels in space and time, technically if you really think about it he never exists in one place. He honestly can be everywhere at once, even in different incarnations. We're watching 11 right now, but remember, somewhere in space and time, all the others are still living and doing their work. An incarnation of the Doctor is never dead/gone.

Sweet Rassilon, please fix that. In fact, that whole intro... First off, the Doctor isn't even human, you just, ah, happen to not mention that. He looks human (or do humans look Time Lord?)

You know, the Regeneration thing, and two hearts, plus multiple other things.

Seriously, all and all, not the best intro, but if someone is planning on joining the club than they must already know the show in the first place so in theory it's probably not a big deal. You know unless a new person to the show comes along and wonders what it is or something. They might get a bit confused.

Anyways, I was a rather active member in the old thread before it died last season, so I might as well try again.

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I am a true TARDIS blue Whovian.

Thoughts on series seven thus far... I am not impressed in the slightest. (Just like EternallyAnna if it's over two months old I'm not spoiler-ing it) Amy and Rory's leaving was... I felt it was rather half done and the episode moved far too quickly and the plot behind it all was sloppily written.

In fact this whole series has been sub par, and I really expected more of Moffat than this. I just hope this is a small hiccup. What I really hope is that whatever happens, the 50th Anniversary is going to be done well, and in a tasteful manner that won't be ripping out the stll beating hearts of die hard fans who have been watching this show for decades, and even for the new fans who have been watching it for nearly another decade in its reboot.

Also, there are no words to express my rage at the end of season 6. None at all. It almost ruined the show for me. If Moffat can't pull his head out of his ass and fix it they will have lost a die hard fan and simply have gained someone that watches the show.
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