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I wanna join.

Favourite Character: This is hard but probably Gildarts or Laxus.
Gildarts is just so awesome. Who needs a door way eh? No Gildarts! Who can gets half his body eaten by a dragon and survive like it was nothing? GILDARTS! Hes just so awesome, is basically every way!
Laxus. Hes just awesome. Wears head phones all the time just chilling to his music. Plus hes basically just a monster, nearly as good as Gildarts and pulls off some exceeding awesome stuff that would be massive spoilers so if you know the series you know what Im talking about.

Favourite Magic:
Jellals magic is awesome, light magic for the win! Also Gildarts magic is awesome as well. Crash magic is so awesome just making everything into cubes as he destroys everything in his road.