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7th Gen What did you name your starter?

Started by EmTheGhost July 4th, 2019 3:42 PM
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I was drawing a blank on what to call my Eevee, and she was female, so...I named her Evie. :B

Also, in my Shiny-only file, I couldn't use Eevee, but I still named her...Hype. Because I'm gonna be carrying hype with me for the entire run, throughout every hunt. <3


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Mine was pretty simple: my eevee was called "my son". Two of my other Pokemon reflected on that name: charizard was "my other son" and blastoise was "my nephew".
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At first i mamed my Eevee Kevin, but then i realized Kevin was a girl, so her name's been Skylar ever since.
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Initially I planned to name my partner female Eevee as Evolia, but I changed my mind because I think Evolily fits better. Both names are partly based on how some countries call Eevee.
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Named my Pikachu Lemon at first, but then ended up giving it its original name back because I couldn't keep up with nicknaming the rest of my party to fit, hah. Do love food and dessert-based names. 。^‿^。


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My Eevee is named Miku, after Hatsune Miku. I almost always use Japanese names for my Pokemon and I was really into her at the time, so it was the first thing that popped into mind haha. ^^
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Posted August 12th, 2019
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My Eevee is called Fennel. While browsing stuff I randomly came across the word 'fen', which then started to sound like a pleasant name. After that I came to the conclusion that Fen, or Fenn, could be a shortening of Fennel. A couple of other possible name ideas that would've had 'Fen' as a shortened form were Fennec or Fenrir. Fennel sounded like the nicest out of those options so I ended up going with that.

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Freeman the Eevee. Just like 90% of nicknames where the naming scheme is people names, there is no meaning here and I just decided to name my Eevee Freeman because it was simply the first thing that came to my mind.

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I named her Not Raichu. Because she could never evolve and was only useful to me for HMs. And I like Raichu better.
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