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Age 22
Seen September 22nd, 2019
Posted May 15th, 2019
28 posts
4.9 Years
Loving the hack so far, but my surskit won't evolve into masquerain. It's lv 24 right now and I just beat the dewford gym/gave Steven the letter. I did read the first page again after and saw leveling up via capture exp does not trigger evolution, but does it disable it altogether? I leveled up to lv 22 via catching a Pokemon but I figured the next level will trigger it. Has it been changed or is this a bug?

Edit: and it has a wise nature FML
Pokemon Volt White 2 {:3}
Seen June 14th, 2019
Posted June 12th, 2019
1 posts
4.3 Years
Hey guys, I've really been loving the hack, it's the first 3rd gen romhack I've not played in fast forward for ages. That said, I've just got to the 5th gym, and talking to Norman triggers his Wally dialogue where you have to go and catch Wally's Ralts, and after that he's stuck in the front of the gym with the rear doors locked... I'm not sure what to do about this softlock, I've tried resetting and leaving the gym a few times but the dialogue is still broken :(

I've got all 4 badges before, and I've beaten everyone in the gym. For some reason half of them think I've already beaten Norman, but I don't have the 5th badge so I can't surf and skip him or anything.

Would love if anyone could help me figure out a fix, I haven't seen anyone mention this bug before though :/
Seen August 3rd, 2019
Posted August 3rd, 2019
2 posts
187 Days
3 BUGS: (I'm using GBA.emu on Android no issues so far really) A few bugs to report you'll probably laugh: I was grinding on the route with the soot that you can collect to make glass, I grinded so much I had enough to make the pretty desk and there was a dialogue glitch when I was supposed to receive the desk, instead of the expected text it said "You registered Team Aqua Grunt in your pokenav!" which I think obviously must be a mistake. But I was willing to laugh it off until I went to a new secret base and my pretty desk wasn't in my PC!!!! T.T Is there any other way to obtain it? I havent tried the pretty chair or the red flute yet but i made all the other flutes before getting the desk and they're all fine.

Another bug is with the green dressers in houses, when you inspect them you get the option to headbutt them like trees. I wasnt sure if it was intentional or not so I said yeah lets headbutt this dude's dresser but nothing happened.

3rd bug is that the move "Giga drain" seems to have Pound's description but otherwise works fine.

I'm also interested in hacking your rom hack to restore the original emerald sprites (thanks to your .ini file) would you be interested in receiving it in any way? I wouldn't distribute it but if you want to post a patch and QC it that'd be great. Would also probably try and restore the dig tm as I prefer it to sand tomb, but did you get rid of dig because it causes issues? Haven't run into any so far.

Also, idk if this is just my emulator but berries dont seem to grown when i plant them, they dissapear when I reload the game. Thinking this has to do with the clock not being real-time because of the emulator I'm using doesn't have that option that i know of.
Seen July 29th, 2019
Posted July 27th, 2019
7 posts
2 Years
Here is an updated locations list. The items list may not be updated, but the Dusk Stone location was fixed.
Notes: * means this Pokémon has a 1% encounter rate, and ** means this Pokémon has a 2% encounter rate. Also, you can get stones at Battle Frontier after beating the game.
I have no idea how to get Torchic or Treecko in the wild, or as a gift Pokémon (if not chosen as starter; you can also breed from their evolved forms).
Seen July 27th, 2019
Posted July 20th, 2019
1 posts
118 Days
I had a quick question in regards to EV training in this version of the game. I'm aware of how to EV train in regular emerald, but I tried it out in this hack and it didnt work for me. These were the steps I took:
1.) I put the macho brace on my pokemon(I think it was my Medicham)
2.) I went back to the starting route
3.) I got my Pokemon EV yields wrong so I targeted Zigzagoon, Poochyena and Wurmple for the training. Once Medichame finally leveled after a few minutes of grinding, it made no extra gains to any stat. I then figured out that each of the pokemon I targeted had different EV yields so I thought it was my fault.
4.) I then re did the whole process but only targeted Poochyena. I must have battled 30 or so of them before leveling again, and again no extra gains. I never checked to see if maybe it was the macho brace bugging and causing it or if removing it would fix the issue. Sorry if someone else has already brought this topic up before. I read through 15-20 pages trying to see if anyone has brought it up but I couldn't find anything about it. I was curious if maybe the issue is my actual rom maybe?
Seen September 2nd, 2019
Posted August 1st, 2019
8 posts
8 Years
I ran into an annoying bug. I got the safety specs and they were completely glitched out, and my game would crash if I hovered over them in my items.

I was able to fix it by loading the save in a different emulator and dumping the item but when I did that, it reset all my berries and stopped the RTC (time passed but berries wouldn't grow)
Edit: I found out how to fix the RTC issue. By swapping emulators the game acts like the battery was replaced. To fix that, you can start the clock at 1/1/2000 and save, then move forward to current time and the RTC will be reset as normal. This is due to the RTC resetting itself back to 1/1/2000 and needing the number of years until now to pass to start counting again.
Seen August 6th, 2019
Posted August 6th, 2019
5 posts
1.2 Years
Hey i found a bug, when fighting a Swablu on route 114, using Rock Tomb against him was "Not very effective", even tho hes Flying/Normal, and Rock Tomb (rock type move) should deal double damage.

Also, in the same battle, the Swablu uses a Fury Attack on my Aron (Rock/Metal) and it is, for some reason, "Super effective", even tho it should deal 1/4 of damage.

I even capture that Swablu just to see if he was Flying/Normal and Fury Attack was actually a Flying move and they both were indeed those types.
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