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currently pausing my shiny hunting in usum until I know who's in the galar dex so i wouldn't waste time and effort shiny hunting pokemon that i would not be able to transfer. :<


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Apart from petting/feeding them in Pokémon Refresh and taking pictures at the Alola Photo Club, Shiny-hunting is pretty much the only thing I can still do to continue bonding with my most precious Pokémon. I've already cleared the easier modes at the Battle Tree and the harder modes aren't really an option since my favorites aren't competitive.

I've been trying for a full-odds Shiny female Snorunt for a while. Froslass used to be one of my absolute favorite Pokémon, so I was tickled when I found a full-odds Shiny female Snorunt in Moon and used her on my main team for a little while after evolving her. However, I'd soon get a Shiny even more special to me and regrettably had to drop her to make room. She has a pretty awful nature, which doesn't generally bother me (most of my teammates have undesirable natures), but I'm wondering if finding one with an ideal nature might be enough for me to add a Frosslass back to the team. (I've also been thinking about hunting it in Gen. 4 for use in HGSS, but there's something really appealing about having her in a Love Ball.)

Of course, if any of my current teammates don't make cut for Galar, I'd be perfectly content using my current Shiny Froslass. I just hope that there aren't too many that can't be transferred over (Dunsparce and Mothim have me particularly worried)...

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