Third Generation The hallmark of sprite-based Pokémon gaming, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald set you off on an adventure in the watery Hoenn region with tons of diverse Pokémon to discover. Fans of Kanto can reexplore their favorite region in FireRed and LeafGreen. Here you'll find other fans who enjoy talking about the Pokémon, strategy, and techniques to master this generation.

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Old March 15th, 2013 (6:27 AM).
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    I just bought Emerald today and I am really enjoying experiencing my favorite region once again. I picked May and named her Kallen after my favorite anime character from Code Geass.

    I started off in Littleroot not really remembering what to do, but eventually I went out to the nearby route and Birch was in trouble! I went to his bag and picked a Pokeball randomly and tossed it, commanding the Pokemon inside to come out and help poor Birch.

    To my surprise, Torchic came out and he was ready to fight! He beat that mean Zigzagoon in just three hits and then flexed his chicken muscles. I swooned with love for this Pokemon. I hoped one day to get one just like him.

    To my surprise, Birch asked me to join him at his lab. As his thanks, he offered me the Torchic that I adored! I was so excited that I picked up my new Pokemon and hugged him tightly.

    I then left Littleroot after checking with my mom who gave me these awesome new running shoes. I started running everywhere with the wind going through my hair that wasn't covered by my bandanna. Soon, I found myself in the grass fighting a wild Lotad outside of a nearby town that I forgot the name of. Curse my memory!

    This Lotad had quite the look in its eyes and I got it down to low health with Torchic. Then I tossed my Pokeball and he joined my team! We went to Petalburg to see what Dad was up to but before I met up with him, I decided to train my new Lotad a bit in the nearby grass for a while...

    Until next time, see ya!

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    So, I just beat Hoenn for the first time ever. Specifically, Ruby Version. At the time that Ruby and Sapphire came out, my interest in Pokemon was declining. I was entering middle school, and my video game interests shifted towards games like Halo, Oddworld, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Pokemon never left my heart, but at the time I had a feeling that it was not as good as GSC. Now, however, I decided to buy a copy and give it a try, since I needed one for Challenges anyway. I have to say, it surprised me quite a bit. While some parts were frustrating, and I even have a few qualms about some of the Pokemon designs in 3rd gen, I found it quite fun.

    My starter was Treecko. Most of the time I don't keep my starter, but Sceptile proved itself quite capable, even managing to outspeed many higher level Pokemon in the E4.

    After that, I caught a Ralts. I've used Gardevoir before, and I always find it to be quite useful in game, since its not quite as fragile as Alakazam.

    I caught a Makuhita as well. Hariyama is one of those Pokemon I always wanted to use, but never really had a chance to. It proved itself a very capable tank, with massive bulk and a nasty attack.

    Aron was another Pokemon I always wanted on my team. Aggron was definitely hard to raise, but once I had one it held its own against many Pokemon of higher level in the E4.

    My last real catch was Corphish. Once again, Crawdaunt was one of those I always wanted to use. In fact, it was one of the few Pokemon that I actually liked back when I stopped playing Pokemon. Unfortunately, it has almost no physical moves. but it had a high enough SpAtk to function, tearing enemies up with Crab Hammer and Ice Beam.

    Last but not least, what would a regular run be without a legendary?! Groudon is definitely not on my list of Pokemon I ever cared about using, but if you're gonna play Ruby, may as well. It was really strong, but I really don't care for it's design or typing. Kyogre is more my style.

    I can't wait to start playing challenges on it, but first I have to hunt down the remaining legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza, Latios, and the Regis. Hopefully won't take me long.
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      So I've made significant progress in my latest Emerald file. I've earned six badges, and since my last post, I've caught a Vulpix (Sylvia), as well as two Timid Pikachu from the Safari Zone. The female from the pair was holding a Light Ball, so I bred them to get Billie, my female Pikachu who won't evolve.

      Currently, I'm in the Safari Zone seeking Girafarig and Pinsir for my team. :D


      Sylvia the Vulpix (Lv. 30, Modest female)

      Selda the Swampert (Lv. 36, Adamant female)

      Lilly the Altaria (Lv. 36, Calm female)

      Leon the Breloom (Lv. 36, Jolly male)

      Billie the Pikachu (Lv. 36, Timid female)
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        It was me and Watson, The third gym leader in R/S/E. we were down to our last pokemon
        I had a third of HP and he had a little more than me. I thought Manetric was gonna finish me with Shock Wave but he used Quick attack but it missed because i hit him with two Sand Attacks. I finished him with Double kick and thats how i got my third badge in Emerald
        ~Pkmn Trainer N~
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          Starting a new Emerald save at the moment.

          After awaking in the back of a moving truck I was met by my mother. She introduced me to our new house in Littleroot Town. Being prompted to set my clock in my room I decided to also check the computer in the corner. Potion? Booya.

          After missing the segment on TV I decided to go check out the "town" I met May next door but she seemed rather busy so I decided I should go check out the town up the road.

          Professor Birch was being chased by a wild pokemon! I had to act fast and grabbed the Mudkip pokeball out of his bag.

          Shortly after shooing off the wild pokemon Birch asked me to go battle with May. I got past her quickly and made my way back home. Birch gave me this new gadget called a pokedex, May gave me Pokeballs to catch my own pokemon with and then Mom gave me some running shoes. Pretty good haul I must say so myself.

          Coming across my first pokemon in the wild I caught Sitka, a Rash Poochyena.

          After letting Mudkip go my new team is as follows:

          POOCHYENA; Sitka Lv2 (M)
          Rash Nature
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            Entry 2

            Finally leaving Oldale town Cloud set forth on his adventure on route 102.

            Grinding Sitka to level 7 gave me some breathing room for whats to lie ahead.

            Youngster Calvin asked me to battle, his Poochyena didn't last long against mine. I leveled up and made 80 dollars. Bug Catcher Rick was next... Taking out his Wurmples in two hits earned me another 62 much needed dollars. Youngster Allen caught me off guard as I had my eyes set on a tree. His Zigzagoon and Tailow were no match for Sitka as he leveled up and earned me 48 more dollars.

            Found some berries, which should come in handy later. Lass Tiana bit off abit more than she could chew making short work of her Zigzagoon, her Shroomish went down easily enough but left me poisoned. She handed over 64 dollars and I was on my way.

            Arriving in Petalburg city in timely fashion I got Sitka to the PC.


            Cloud; 8 Pokemon Seen 2 Owned.
            268 Dollars

            POOCHYENA; Sitka Lv10 (M)
            Rash Nature
            -Sand Attack
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              Entry 3

              Spending the night in Petalburg after a long day of traveling Cloud awoke to go speak with his father.

              I went to the Gym to go speak with my father, Norman. Although quickly we were interrupted by some kid named Wally. Dad lent him a pokemon and I went with him to overlook everything. Kid got a Ralts.

              Finally a chance to speak with Dad, he suggested I head to Rustboro City next. The gym leader Roxanne resides there. On route to the next city I was abruptly stopped by some guy in the search of new trainers or something. What a doorknob.

              After making a quick round of the trainers I entered Petalburg forest. I went toe to toe with a Team Aqua Grunt. He sent out his Poochyena but couldn't crack it against Sitka. He handed over 180 Dollars and scrammed. The guy I rescued gave me a great ball too!

              After the battle however I realized I couldn't rely so heavily on Sitka, and back tracked to Route 101 and caught Cali, a bashful Poochyena at level 2.

              After a bit of training I felt I was prepared for Roxanne, and luckily it appeared I was right. The trainers infront of her stood no match and by the time I arrived at Roxanne I felt nothing could stop me. Sitka rolled through her Geodude and leveled her Nosepass into the ground. I scored the Stone Badge, a TM and some more bucks as I moved on in my adventure.


              POOCHYENA; Sitka Lv17 (M)
              Rash Nature
              -Sand Attack

              POOCHYENA; Cali Lv7 (F)
              Bashful Nature
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                uhm.. starting emerald once more.. just got a female shiny torchic..:3 awesome..:D
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                  Well i've started emerald with a treecko (selected cause i love lizards :3) So far have beaten the first gym leader and i have my treecko at level 20 (Yes it evolved but i forgot the name D: ) , And i picked up a Slakoth and have it upto level 7 (Picked it up cause my friend loves sloths and thus named it after her :D) now just running into random bug catchers and all that now, should give my slakoth some extra so as i have good back up incase of something bad happening to zashie (my treecko)
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                    This weekend, I decided to start up a new LeafGreen file. My player character, Joan, started her journey with a Charmander named Leon. The duo continued along for a while, and Leon singlehandedly defeated Brock's party - largely due to a lucky critical hit when using Metal Claw against Brock's prized Onix.

                    With their first badge fresh in hand, Joan and Leon trekked through Mt. Moon alone. But by the time she reached Cerulean City, Joan knew that Leon would fare poorly against Misty, a skilled Water type user and the local gym leader. So, Joan headed up to Cerulean Cape, and caught Calliope - a Bellsprout, who would make short work Misty's Staryu and Starmie.

                    Afterward, Joan and her party headed south toward Vermillion City. Before cruising aboard the S.S. Anne, she ventured onto Route 11 and encountered a Drowzee. This Drowzee, dubbed Henry, accompanied the trio aboard the liner, and assisted his team in defeating Joan's rival, *******.

                    With one more Gym Badge under their belt, Joan's party is now traversing the Rock Tunnel.

                    Permanent party:

                    Henry the Drowzee (Calm male, Lv. 26)

                    Calliope the Bellsprout (Timid female, Lv. 27)

                    Leon the Charmeleon (Timid male, Lv. 27)

                    Temporary party:

                    Meowthx2 (HM/Pickup slaves)

                    3DS FC: 2165-7396-9005
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                      Starting a new FR save, I'll document it here.
                      Entry 1

                      So I'm a boy, name's Preston (after me) and my rival's name: Donkey. Sounds legit.

                      I picked squirtle and named him DJ Shellz.

                      Went through the game as normal, after I got through viridian forest and healed, I went back in and hunted in the tall grass for a long time before I found what I was looking for: A Pikachu!

                      ...At level 3. It was hard to catch him since I couldn't risk hurting him since he was such a low level, and the only balls I had were poké. Got lucky and got him on the third ball!
                      I went and did the optional rival battle right outside of viridian to train up my pikachu.

                      Current Team:

                      PIKACHU/Cheeks - Lv. 6 - female - RASH nature.
                      -Tail whip

                      SQUIRTLE/DJ Shellz - Lv. 13 - male - SASSY nature.
                      -Tail whip
                      -Water gun

                      (Sorry, can't post images yet, so I won't be doing the images for my team until... I can.)
                      Pokémon games progress:

                      Red/Blue:Not owned
                      Yellow: Not currently playing
                      Gold/Silver/Crystal: Not owned
                      Fire Red: Beginning soon!
                      Emerald: Not currently playing
                      Diamond: Not currently playing
                      Heart Gold/Soul Silver: Not owned
                      Black: Not currently playing
                      Black 2/White 2: Not owned

                      I don't calculate stat values, I don't breed my way to perfection, and I don't care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature.
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                        I recently decided to restart my Emerald version. My old file was from 2005, so I have been wanting to play through it again for a while. I even replaced the battery to get the full experience since the old one had died. I took my time playing through the game because I wanted to fill as much of my Pokedex as possible before beating the game. I ended up having a little over 50 left by then, and I just finished the Hoenn dex last night.

                        Anyway, I just got my Johto starter from Birch and am going to use it to do a few other things I saved for later, like exploring Shoal Cave and catching the legendaries (since I just traded over my legendaries from Ruby version). All the features in Emerald definitely made it one of the best games in the series. My favorite part was legitimately catching Mew on Faraway Island. :]
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                        Mate, you have no idea how jealous I am that you completed the Hoenn pokédex. I found out about the Johto starters in around 2007, had to wait until 2010 when HgSs came out before I could get them.

                        Anyway, just finished EV training my Metagross for the Battle Frontier, calculated his IVs as well (not good)

                        Lv. 57
                        EVs: 254 Hp / 236 Atk / 12 Def / 8 Spe
                        IVs: 18/15/0/12/1/29
                        Moves: Meteor Mash / Earthquake / Sludge Bomb / Explosion.

                        All he's missing now is a Choice Band and some teammates...although I think an exam tomorrow morning deserves priority :/

                        EDIT: 23/5

                        Just finished EV training Swampert:

                        EVs: 254 Hp / 216 Def / 40 SpA
                        IVs: 9/2/16/2/0/14
                        Moves: Protect / Ice Beam / Earthquake / Surf

                        And also, life = made as I just caught Latios!

                        Thank god for Wobbuffet - after getting him low on hp in two separate encounters with Swellow's Steel Wing, I just stuck my Lv.35 Wobbuffet at the front of my party, and when I encountered him I kept throwing Dive Balls (caught him in 5 :) ). Although thanks to the IV glitch his IVs are: 1/13/16/11/23/3. Yeah, not having much luck with them.

                        EDIT: 26/5
                        Finished EV training Latios, also thanks to Blend Master turning up managed to boost his smartness to the point that he won four contests in a row and now has a portrait in the art gallery! Blended so many pokéblocks, I have a full case and around 10 pokémon with maxxed contest stats. Latios' IVs have now been confirmed as 2/12/16/9/22/3
                        Then moved onto the Battle Frontier. First challenge: Factory! Got to battle 14 on open level only to lose out to a SubSeed Meganium. And I mean seriously lose out - I had all 3 pokémon left when this sucker came out, took an Ice Beam from Vaporeon and stalled it out, stalled out Whiscash without losing any hp, then stalled Snorlax as well. Although the latter was more due to a lucky grasswhistle, as one more Curse and Rock Slide was an OHKO. Now on battle 8 on lv.50, hating it so much :/

                        EDIT: 29/5
                        Gave up on Battle Factory, levelled Latios to lv.61, went to Battle Pike. Breezed through the first 5 sets, but set 6 was awful. Lost Metagross in the first battle, and Swampert in my second to last, where as Double Team & Leech Seed Venusaur managed to reduce Latios' Dragon Claw pp to 1 by the end of the battle. Go into the last room, and in trying to avoid a near-certain battle in one room (according to the hints) end up facing "a somewhat tought trainer".First pokémon...Donphan. When Latios' only other offensive move is Thunderbolt. Now I may have been able to slowly build up Calm Minds and use Recover to maintain myself and hit it with Dragon Claw then get lucky with two others that don't resist electric, however Donphan outsped me. As a consequence of Latios' awful speed IV (3) I was outsped by a Donphan, despite having 252 Speed EVs. So now I know Battle Frontier pokémon are EV'd, at least. But god was that irritating.
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                        Tim's Kanto Journey

                        Prologue ||

                        Kanto, one of many regions populated by the mysterious creatures known as Pokémon. Timothy a young boy wishes to embark on a Pokémon Quest! Today is his day to do so.

                        Episode 1 ||

                        Pallet Town

                        Tim, a young trainer from Pallet Town, decided to take a walk outside on Route 1. Before leaving his was stopped by a grey
                        haired gentlemen, the man introduced himself as Proffessor Oak. He dragged Tim back to his laboratory and offered Tim a Pokémon.
                        Before he picked his Pokémon, Tim's "friend" from birth, Benjamin Oak arrived before his grandfather Oak.
                        Of the three available Tim chose Squirtle, turtle Pokémon. Ben chose Bulbasaur. As Tim tried to leave the lab, Ben asked
                        for a Pokémon Battle to which Tim agreed.

                        The battle was almost even, but Tim's Squirtle came out on top. Upset, Ben left the lab and Tim left for Route 1

                        Route 1

                        Tim traveled Route 1, recieving a Potion from a PokéMart employee on the road. Tim continued northand entered Viridian City He stopped at the PokéMart. The clerk asked if Tim was from Pallet Town and he said yes. The clerk told Tim had a package from Oak and asked Tim to deliver it for him. Tim agreed and headed south towards Pallet Town. When he reached Pallet Town again he gave the package to Oak and Ben again appeared. Oak asked Tim and Ben to take his newest invention, PokéDex, a device that records Pokémon data automatically. Tim and Ben left the lab. Ben said not to ask his sister for a Map, but Tim went to his house anyway. His sister happily offered him the map and Tim headed north once more, but not before resting his Squirtle at his own home.

                        Viridian City

                        When Tim returned to Viridian City, Tim had already caught a Ratata for his collection and placed it in the PC System. He headed west from there he caught a Mankey and headed south to train him, while encountering a Pidgey and caught that.

                        Tim stayed on Route 1 training his Mankey and Pidgey.

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                          Pokemon Leafgreen was my first GBA Pokemon game and I got firered and sapphire later, but back then I made a challenge to use only one Pokemon the entire game so I ended up with my favorite Charizard, who is now in my Pearl version, who clocked in at lvl 94 and with a couple* full restores, WRECKED the Elite Four

                          *like, 10.
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                          I defeated Pike Queen Lucy once my team were EV trained, but then went out in the next round :( Decided to move onto the Battle Arena, swept right the way through to Greta, then got owned - Heracross OHKO'd Latios, Umbreon took care of Metagross and Swampert. Next time round, over a week later (kept getting hax'd out by Double Team + Leech Seed Venusaur and other gimmicks like that) I was prepared, with a changed team order: 1st Metagross, 2nd Swampert, 3rd Latios. Metagross dispatched Heracross with two hits, but took significant damage - Meteor Mash missed, Umbreon got in a Confuse Ray and dispatched him. Swampert went up next, lost out to Confuse Ray and its own attacks. Latios came out, finished him off, before facing up to Shedinja. "easy" I thought, "sure it has Shadow Ball, but Latios is fricking legendary!". Then I realised I only had two attacks, neither of which were super-effective. Got slightly irritated, decided I'm not going to change my team and, like I did with Battle Factory after about 10 challenges, I gave up.

                          Moved onto the Battle Dome.
                          4 straight championships and 2 wins - I'm up against Tucker! Team was tricky to choose - stats-wise Swampert is easily my weakest pokémon, Latios could easily take care of Salamence and Charizard, Metagross is 50/50 with each of them (interestingly, my team is exactly the same as his Gold symbol challenge, except he has Latias). I went with Latios leading and Swampert 2nd, but then at the last minute changed my mind - sure glad I did. So, to the battle! I led with Swampert, he led with...Swampert. The only pokémon guaranteed to beat my Latios 1v1, definitely glad I led with Swampert. Combined Surf, Protect and leftovers I eventually overpowered him. Next out...Charizard! The inferior of the two dragons. One Surf and he's out. So, in total I used two moves, one of them only twice, to defeat Tucker. LIFE=MADE.

                          Definitely glad about this, I wasted hours and hours on Battle Dome in the past, it's my favourite facility - used to always lose out in the final of tournament No.4, so this one was the sweetest win of all, and I could probably quit Emerald right now, move onto Diamond, and be happy.

                          This is the beast who defeated Tucker single-handedly:

                          Gentle nature
                          EVs: 254 Hp / 216 Def / 40 SpA
                          IVs: 9/2/16/2/0/14
                          Item: Leftovers
                          Moves: Protect / Ice Beam / Earthquake / Surf.
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                          So after defeating Tucker I went straight out in the first round of championship, 4 championships later I can afford to a stick a Choice Band on this guy:

                          Lv. 57
                          EVs: 254 Hp / 236 Atk / 12 Def / 8 Spe
                          IVs: 18/15/0/12/1/29
                          Moves: Meteor Mash / Earthquake / Sludge Bomb / Explosion.

                          He swept championship No.5 with only Sludge Bomb. It was epic.

                          Metagross: hits like a train, sounds like a train, looks like a....uh...the bad-guy's giant spider thing out of Wild Wild West? Aragog? Not a train anyway, sadly.

                          New update: I AM A GOD!!!!!

                          Haha, jk. But I did manage to one-shot the Battle Palace (i.e. I'm undefeated there).
                          Turns out despite Swampert's reluctance to attack, my team works really well together. Particularly Metagross - he's angry, has 4 attack moves and only use Explosion once.
                          When I got to the Palace Maven, Latios went out first against Crobat. Now Latios could've won this, but failed to use a move when one Thunderbolt would finish it off. So I had to switch Metagross in to tank his Fly (although it actually crit-hitted), get confused and finish it off with Meteor Mash. For Slaking I sent out Latios again. Three Thunderbolts (And a Calm Mind between No. 2 and 3) and Slaking was out. Lapras came out, finished Latios off with an Ice Beam. So I sent out Metagross, assuming he'd continue his trend of using Meteor Mash 80% of the time (unless he's against a grass-type, then he uses Sludge Bomb xD). But no, what does he use? Explosion! First time in 21 battles, and he chooses this time. ab-solute LAD. Of course it's an OHKO, and for yet another facility I finish up not using all my team :)

                          Going to hit Battle Pyramid next, then Tower. Not going back to Factory again. Hate that spot. At least in Palace your pokémon have a little fight in them, unlike Nolan's crap handouts.
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                            Just started playing Fire Red again for the first time in ages, I have the actual cartridge somewhere but can't find it so until I do I'm playing on my flash cart.

                            Currently battling my way through Viridian Forest;


                            Charmander Lv11
                            Mankey Lv11
                            Pikachu Lv11
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                            Another update on my conquest of Battle Frontier...after a few days off I opened up my file, challenged the Battle Pyramid. At first I really enjoyed it, what with the cool music and everything. Then the lack of visibility began to get to me. Then the fact that my Latios can't escape from a Vulpix before it's burned and loses half its health really irritated me. However, I soldiered on and soon enough I was at the peak for the 3rd time facing Surprisingly easy.
                            Swampert 2HKO'd Regirock with Surf despite his SpA IV of 2. For Registeel I switched to Latios, who Calm Mind boosted then hit it with a couple of Thunderbolts, although he sustained significant in the process. Regice then came out, and I can't remember what happened next (I may have tried using Recover) but basically Latios went down to an Ice Beam. So...Brandon was probably expecting Swampert to come out, or something similarly weak. But no, I needed to go to work so I threw out Metagross, complete with a Choice Band I found on my first challenge, and KO'd it with Meteor Mash. Something tells me if I got that far the birds would put up even less of a fight...perhaps my first gold symbol awaits?
                            But I've moved on now to the Battle Tower...currently on battle 5 having only used Meteor Mash and not switched pokémon once xD.
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                            Just defeated Salon Maiden Anabel! First try, despite the worst start to a battle I've ever experienced (And that includes shoddybattle when I didn't understand EVs xD ).
                            I looked at her team beforehand, just to make it slightly fairer, but was really stuck on what to lead with - Alakazam could hit both Metagross and Latios super-effectively, Swampert was needed to fight Entei and also doesn't make a good lead. In the end I stuck with Metagross. So first up, Metagross vs. Alakazam!
                            Alakazam used Fire Punch, took away 2/3 of my health, Meteor Mash...missed. Metagross was 2HKO'd without even touching his opponent. So I sent out Latios. Luckily Latios has a high special defense IV (23). Ice Punch didn't get him below 1/2hp as he outsped Alakazam to use Calm Mind. 2 Calm Minds, a Recover and a 2HKO with Dragon Claw.
                            Then she sent out Snorlax. Latios took less than half of his hp off him and was OHKO'd with Shadow Ball. So I was left with Swampert, my offensively least-powerful pokémon, against a Snorlax, and an Entei. Great. Turns out it actually was! Swampert 2HKO'd Snorlax with Earthquake, then Entei was sent out. I used Protect to stall for hp, Entei used Calm Mind. Next turn Entei used Calm Mind again, and fell foul of the same issue I had with Latios - CM doesn't boost defence. Earthquake 2HKO'd it, Return didn't even take half of Swampert's hp. Man I love that giant mud fish :)

                            So now I'm stuck in 2 minds about whether or not to switch to a new game (And which one) after capturing the Regis, or to keep battling in Battle Frontier. I do think I have to battle Steven though, so that's going to take priority. Then maybe capture a Relicanth, get the Regis, go back to Battle Frontier and clone my pokémon so they can be transferred if necessary :)
                            "I am Aron Man"
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                            Finished training my Shelgon up to become a Salamence, evolved it, checked IVs (all pretty bad except Special Defence at 28. Still better than Latios though). I then looked at my team and decided they were ready to battle Steven. So I bought some Full Restores and Revives (forgot to take out my Max Revives from the PC) from the Pokémon League, then flew to Rustboro and made my way into Meteor Falls. The team (in order they were arranged in, before the battle):

                            Torkoal Lv.55
                            Serious nature
                            Holding Leftovers
                            Strength / Amnesia / Heat Wave / Protect

                            Ludicolo lv.58
                            Hardy nature
                            Holding Sitrus Berry
                            Blizzard / Rain Dance / Giga Drain / Waterfall

                            Swellow lv.56
                            Relaxed nature
                            Holding Choice Band
                            Steel Wing / Double-Edge / Quick Attack / Fly

                            Metagross lv.62 (+1 in battle)
                            Quirky nature
                            Holding Shell Bell
                            Meteor Mash / Earthquake / Rock Slide / Explosion

                            Swampert lv.62 (+1 in battle)
                            Gentle nature
                            Holding Leftovers
                            Protect / Ice Beam / Earthquake / Surf

                            Latios lv.62
                            Serious nature
                            Holding Focus Band
                            Calm Mind / Dragon Claw / Thunderbolt / Recover

                            So first up, Torkoal vs. Skarmory! (I remembered Skarmory from 2008 or whenever it is I last battled Steven, yet couldn't remember the formulae in my maths exam this morning :/ ). Only a 22 level difference between them - so about even. Skarmory used Toxic, Torkoal used Heat Wave, took a chunk out of it. Skarmory used Aerial Ace, Torkoal finished it off with Heat Wave. Didn't even lose 1/4 of its hp - going well so far. Next up, he brought out Metagross. So, unpredictable as I am I sent out my Battle Frontier-conquering Metagross (minus Choice Band - Swellow stole it xD). Metagross used Earthquake, then Metagross used Earthquake. I'd survived despite the 16 level difference, but I wasn't going to last another turn, so I switched in Latios. Earthquake missed thanks to Levitate, so I used Calm Mind. Meteor Mash OHKO'd me. I knew what had to be done now, and brought out Swampert. 2 Earthquakes later and he's down. Next up came Aggron. I brought out Ludicolo, it was an easy 2HKO with Waterfall, although two Thunders did end up paralysing him.
                            Armaldo was sent out, so I switched to Metagross. Meteor Mash nearly OHKO'd, with Metagross boosting his attack in the progress. Armaldo did something insignificant. Next turn, Steven healed Armaldo, but Meteor Mash KO'd it this time. I was prepared for a sweep if Cradily came out, but he sent out Claydol instead. I switched back to Ludicolo, he used Light Screen. Ancientpower dispatched Ludicolo with minimum fuss, sadly. I decided to send out Swellow to batter him with his own Steel Wing, forgetting he was holding a Choice Band. Claydol got an Ancientpower boost and took out Swellow too. As I always do when two of my pokémon are KO'd, I sent out Swampert, who timed it for when Claydol's Light Screen faded and dispatched it with Surf. Finally out was Cradily. I had the bright idea of using Ice Beam, but Spert was outpaced and dispatched with Giga Drain. Metagross came out again, did his thing and 2HKO'd with Meteor Mash. So I'm now the undisputed strongest trainer on the Hoenn mainland (And tbh if it was 6v6 in the wild, I'd beat Greta and Nolan too).
                            Two main observations: a) Steven probably regretting leaving that Beldum after the damage he inflicted as a Metagross. b) Swampert is an absolute beast.

                            Still got to carry on my Battle Tower, Pyramid, Palace and Dome streaks, catch the Regis and maybe evolve a load of pokémon into their final stage. Undecided about the latter factor - may just leave them to transfer and evolve faster in Gen IV.
                            "I am Aron Man"
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                            Pokemon Sapphire.

                            I'm preparing to battle the 8th gym, but I don't even have a complete team.
                            As of now, it is

                            Male, lvl 36
                            Take Down, Growl (just haven't replaced that yet), Mud Shot, Surf

                            Male, lvl 38
                            Howl (haven't replaced), Quick Attack, Spark, Odor Sleuth (haven't replaced)

                            Male, lvl 37
                            Wing Attack, Growl (haven't replaced), Focus Energy (haven't replaced), Quick Attack

                            Female, lvl 43
                            Shadow Ball, Faint Attack, Fake Out, Night Shade

                            Spheal (Mostly just used for Dive)
                            Male, lvl 26
                            Encore, Dive, Body Slam, Aurora Beam

                            Female, lvl 25 (Still training her)
                            PoisonPowder, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder (will be replaced), Acid (might be replaced?)
                            I can't think of a good signature.
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                              A month ago:
                              I got a shiny tyrogue,and I made it a Hitmontop.

                              Two days ago:
                              I completed the entire Kanto Pokedex without cheats(without counting mew,I got i t from my Emerald save file).Now i will try to complete
                              the National Pokedex.

                              I got Raikou.
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                                I just wanted to post the results from my nearly completed Nuzlocke challenge...

                                Below I will list what I caught and where I caught it aswell as who died and when:

                                you can ONLY catch One Pokemon per area!!!
                                captured pokemon must be the first pokemon you see.
                                if you kill it (or it runs) you cannot capture another pokemon.
                                if a pokemon faints it must be released...

                                list of areas and what pokemon was caught
                                Pallet - Horsea
                                Route 1 - Pidgey
                                Varidian - Poliwag
                                Route 22 - NONE (killed Ratatta)
                                Route 2 - Pidgey (another one)
                                Varidian forets - Weedle
                                Pewter -
                                Route 3 - Spearow
                                Route 4 - Ratatta
                                Mt. Moon - Zubat
                                Cerulean -
                                Route 24 - Oddish
                                Route 25 - NONE (Abra ran)
                                Route 5 - Pidgey (the third)
                                Route 6 - Meowth
                                Virmillion - Gyarados
                                Diglett cave - NONE (killed Diglett)
                                Route 11 - Drowzee
                                Route 9 - Spearow (#2)
                                Route 10 - Ekans
                                Rock Tunnle - Zubat (the second)
                                Lavendar -
                                Route 8 - Another Damned Pidgey
                                Pokemon Tower - Gastley
                                Route 7 - Oddish (again)
                                Celadon - Psyduck
                                Route 16 - Spearow (#3)
                                Route 12 - Oddish (#2)
                                Route 13 - Oddish (#3)
                                Saffron -
                                Cycling Road - NONE (killed a Spearow)
                                Route 18 - spearow (#4)
                                Fuscha - Goldeen
                                Safari center - Nidoran(M)
                                Safari east - Nidoran(M)2
                                Safari north - Paras
                                Safari west - NONE (Rhyhorn Fled)
                                Route 15 - Venonat
                                Route 14 - Oddish (the 4th?)
                                Power Plant - Electabuzz
                                Route 21 - Tangela
                                Cinnabar - Shellder
                                Pkmn Mansion - A ****ING RATATTA GOD DAMNIT!!! (needed a fire pokemon)
                                Route 19 - Tentacool
                                Route 20 - Horsea (#2)
                                Seafoam - Horsea (#3)
                                Route 23 - Ekans (#2)
                                Victory Road -

                                Given Charmander
                                Picked up Evee
                                Caught Snorlax
                                Won Hitmonchan
                                given Lapras
                                Revived Kabuto
                                Revived Aerodactyl
                                Bought Magicarp
                                Traded for Farfech'd
                                Traded for Nidoran(F)

                                Lost Pokemon:
                                First Pidgey died in battle with Brock
                                Second Pidgey died in battle on route 3...
                                Ratatta died fighting the burglar in Cerulean
                                Zubat died in 1 hit KO on route 11 aginst a Magneton...
                                Spearow Died Fighting Rival on S.S.Anne
                                Spearow #2 got 1 hit KOd by a geodude on Route 9
                                Charmelion 1 hit KOd by a graveler in Rock Tunnle
                                Beedrill died by a self destruct (grunt with lift key)

                                I can only catch one more pokemon (in Victory Road)
                                due to the massive amount of repeated captures it was very hard to get the required 60 pokemon, so I had to buy the magicarp aswell as make some of the ingame trades to get to 60 before beating the game (to access the after game content) I still had to evolve EVERYONE to their max evolution (62 i think was my total)

                                This was my first Nuzlocke and my team consists of Hypno, Nidoking, Vaporeon, Golbat and Vileplume all level 50 currently (with 8 badges)... the only pokemon I had ever used before is Vaporeon... althoug I was excited to use Hypno and Nidoking... Golbat really suprised me... its a beast... while Vileplume kinda sucks, its moveset blows, its got power tho... too bad its moves are like 40atk at most... gotta use some TMs on this thing.

                                Nidoking REALLY kicks butt tho, think about it, its weak aginst psychic... and learns a 120atk bug move... psychic is weak aginst bug... so Nidoking is still useful aginst psychic pokemon... what a beast. and with hypnos 1 2 punch of hypnosis and dream eater it tramples pokemon well over its level (learns hypnosis early and dream eater is a move tutor)
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                                  I was only little when I started, having a really unbalanced team. I picked Mudkip and named it after myself... The time came when i was facing the elite four. I was versing Wallace, and he was down to his last pokemon. I had managed to get through with just my swampert. His pokemon was on red health when it defeated my Swampert. I sent out my terribly under-leveled Houndoom. it had an endure ability, so i managed to survive the first hit. I hit it with a bite and then used quick attack and won. After that I was so incredibly joyful that I ran up to my brother and bragged about how
                                  MFW going into an evil teams base
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