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Old March 6th, 2012 (4:35 PM).
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    zubat! they always kinda hurt u when ur pokemon are low levs cause u can't run and whenever u go into a cave thyre everywhere and sometimes when u commit to fighting them they confuse u!

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      Bug: Crustle; don't really understand the point of this Pokémon
      Dark: Hydreigon; just think they could've stopped at Zweilous
      Dragon: Druddigon; its head doesn't match its body
      Electric: Magnezone; dorky and unnecessary
      Fighting: Conkeldurr; could've stopped after Gurdurr
      Fire: Heatmor; its nose scares me
      Flying: Gliscor; didn't need to evolve Gligar
      Ghost: Dusknoir; not bad, just not my favorite
      Grass: Tangrowth; really didn't need to evolve Tangela
      Ground: Stunfisk; don't get it
      Ice: Froslass; this one isn't necessary either
      Normal: Togekiss; could've stopped after Togetic
      Poison: Garbodor; garbage is fine inspiration, but need a better design
      Psychic: Beheeyem; really don't understand this one
      Rock: Graveler; never liked this one
      Steel: Steelix; absolutely did not need to evolve Onix
      Water: Basculin; random, unnecessary fish
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      Normal- Stanter. Don't we already have Girafraig? Filler pokemon for sure.

      Fighting- Heracross just really irritates me. Never sold on Bug/Fighting pokemon as well. :/

      Flying- Wingull/Pelliper. Supersonic + No electric type = hell on earth

      Grass- Parasect. Grass/Bug is one of the worst type combinations in the game, two double weaknesses (3 in gen 11) plus abysmal stats.

      Bug- All of the Caterpie/Weedle clones. Useless, filler pokemon made so that bug catcher could have something to play with

      Poison- Skorupi. It's design is horrible and is another Bug/Poison type.

      Fire- Charziard is abysmal. Stealth rocks make it about a usefull as a truck made out of china, and it's horribly simplistic and overall painfully childish design doesn't help matters.

      Water- Luvdisc. It knows sweet kiss, it is useless in battle, it NEVER gives me heart scales.

      Ice- Jynx. What the crap is this thing doing in a Pokemon game. Nightmarish design.

      Electric- Pachurisu. Pikachu clone which has no redeeming qualities about it.

      Psychic- Exeggutor. Grass/Psychic are a awful combination. Also has a terrible design.

      Dark- Can I skip this one? I don't hate any dark types.

      Ghost- Sableye. Great typing + horrible everything else = immense dissapointment

      Rock- Gigalith. It's just a cluster of spikes.

      Ground- Torterra is just dire. Has horrible Special Defense and atrocious bad speed.

      Dragon- Dragonite. It's bad apart from it's design. Did a toddler design it?

      Steel- Mawile. What. The. Hell. Is. That. Thing.

      Legendary- White Kyurem. This has got to be a joke or something. It's design is so freaking clutterd and looks ridiculously rushed, with parts of kyurem and reshiram **** spewd all over it.

      Worst overall is Kyurem and it's forms. I suck at drawing and I could'nt draw down something worse looking than that joke.
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        The worst Pokemon of all time would have to be Unknown. Even Magikarp is better than this thing even though Magikarp was documented as the weakest pokemon in one of the Pokedexes

        Hacks i strongly recommend:
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          Bug: Beautifly; it's just a bad clone of an already bad Pokemon (Butterfree)
          Dark: Hydreigon; It looks strange and unnecessarily detailed
          Dragon: Haxorus; It has unnecessary armor and looks more like a Digimon
          Electric: Pachirisu; It is pointless and has no redeeming qualities
          Fighting: Lucario; It looks mediocre and is completely overrated
          Fire: Simisear; It looks like a Dora the Explorer character
          Flying: Shaymin Sky; I hate Forms, and this one is possibly the worst one
          Ghost: Drifloon; A balloon? Seriously?
          Grass: Cherrim; It's utterly pointless and serves no purpose whatsoever
          Ground: Stunfisk; It's bad in battle and has a bad design.
          Ice: Vanilluxe; It doesn't look like a Pokemon. At all.
          Normal: Bibarel; It's an abomination that should never have been made.
          Poison: Toxicroak; It looks awful, and it's really quite creepy
          Psychic: Musharna; It looks awful and is a clone of Hypno, which is also horrendous.
          Rock: Probopass; It looks like Mario combined with a rabbi. NEXT.
          Steel: Klinklang; It's useless and could have been designed much better.
          Water: Basculin; It doesn't evolve and is utterly useless.
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            Normal - Ambipom (never been keen on monkeys)
            Fire - Chimcar (didn't like him in the anime)
            Fighting - Meditite (seen too many of them now)
            Water - Quagsire (cause of Bertha and constant use of double team lol)
            Flying - Pelipper (I just get scared that I you could prob fit a person in its beak lol)
            Grass - Lombre (not keen on the design)
            Poison - Tentacool (surfing experiences without repels lol)
            Electric - Electivire (Electabuzz is great but unneccessary evolution imo)
            Ground - Claydol (Tate & Liza. That is all lol)
            Psychic - Musharna (not keen on what it looks like)
            Rock - Probopass (similar reason to Electivire)
            Ice - Cubchoo (the thing coming out of its nose...lol)
            Bug - Forretress (in one of the games I remember having trouble taking it down)
            Dragon - Dragonite (I just think Dragonair's so much cooler lol)
            Ghost - Jellicent (not keen on its design, the top seems a bit too big)
            Dark - Sableye (just freaks me out lol)
            Steel - Magnezone (same as for Electric and Rock)
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              I hate Jynxs because theyre ugly, smoochums because they are to affectionate, glameows becuase they are weird, puruglys because they are, well, ugly, all BW pokemon except for Sandile, Krokorok, and Krookodile, I dunno, I just dont like all those new pokemon.
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                hm woobat. Zubat at least is cool and evolves to crobat but woobat is really stupid.

                okay for every type:

                Normal:Ambipom and minccino. Ambipom=wirst evo ever Minccino- private reason-I once did one juust for the sake of it on dev art and some one was pestering me about it.
                Fire: Chimchar and pansear , chimchar looks like it has crap on top of its head, and I don#t like the whole evo line. and pansear is weak and looks stupid too.
                Fighting: Thro and sawk, They just odn't make sense to me, just too generic and ugly too.
                Water: I love water in General but I still have a least fav which is Goldeen. Used to bug the hell out of me in G/S.
                Flying:Pidove evos. It is my least fav of all bird 'starters'
                Grass: tangrowth. but in any case I am quite impartial for Plant pokes so there is no strong feeling behind that decision.
                Poison: Trubbish and evo. but only because the German name is so insanely stupid (and long) (it is unratütox, try saying that ten times in a row, literally refusebatox) trubbish slips of the tongue so much easier.
                Electro oh... tynamo, I actually liked it in the English version but it shares the fate with trubbish in having a stupid German name(actually all new electros have a stupid german name ...) it is... Zapplardine.
                Ground: Georok. It exploded on me too often ....
                Psychic: Musharna. Must be Biancas musharna that annoyed me too often... and stupid colour and design as well.
                Rock:roggenrola and evo. I hate its ability , and that it isnt a double typed with ground so that it hasnt got resistance against electro...
                Ice Beartic, too slow for its own sake but it was the only one I could get in BW
                Bug: Crustle , I never quite know what to defeat thosw ith, hmph.
                Dragon:Drudggidon, It looks like some cheap plastic bandai toy action figure....
                Ghost: Cohagrius, plain annoying when you are in the ruins.
                Dark: Liepard. I am not into cat pokémon and this one is ugly , stupid and unneccessary.
                Steel :Pawniard I don't like him , he is stupid.


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                I'm really bad at picking less favorite in anything so this post was given a lot of thought. Buuut eventually I figured it out! ... I think.

                Bug: Wormadam. Its design is strange and it's just never piqued my interest. Also I'm pretty sure I've forgotten that it (and Mothim) have existed several times.
                Dark: Sableye. It's just so creepy and I can never get over where some of its gems are placed ... and it's creepy. It's movements in Colosseum/XD and such do not help its case.
                Dragon: Druddigon. It used to be Salamence but I eventually grew on it. But I have get to grow on this Dragon. Only one I haven't grown on really.
                Electric: Uh ... Guess Pachirisu. I thought it was cute but Emolga beats it by a lot. Nuff said?
                Fighting: Toxicroak. Politoed is a much better toad thank you very much. And I don't remember like this guy's cry.
                Fire: Either Magcargo or Torkoal. Magcargo is only good for being able to hatch eggs quicker and to me Torkoal is kind of that Pokemon that pops up occasionally to remind that it exists.
                Flying: Swoobat. Design is meh and I despise going against them in-game.
                Ghost: ......... Sableye. Can't really think of an alternative. If I half so I guess Spiritomb because... It just is? I'm not sure as nothing is worse than Sableye okay.
                Grass: Tangrowth. Just really strange and did Tangela really need an evolution?
                Ground: Seismitoad. See reason for Toxicroak (Fighting)
                Ice: Regice. I don't like any of the Regis I think they're dumb.
                Normal: Purugly. Just ... the poor thing.
                Poison: .... Can I say Croagunk since I've already said Toxicroak? Idk I just don't like either of these two.
                Psychic: Drowzee. Hypno is alright but I still can't get over how strange and creep Drowzee is I guess??
                Rock: Regirock. See Regice.
                Steel: Klang, I guess. Or Registeel though I do like it more than the other two Regis I guess.
                Water: Seismitoad Uh ... Simipour I guess. Unless it's a female Simipour than that's all right.
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                  I love Flygon, but detest Trapinch. That thing is so obnoxiously impossible to train with its pitiful moveset; then it learns Earthquake and Superpower later on at like level 50 (and Flygon doesn't?) just to taunt you.

                  Just whyyy

                  Also Garbodor just for the same reasons everyone else listed. That thing looks demented as heck.
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                    Normal:Blissey. There aren't many Normal-types I dislike, but since Blissey has annoyed me in battle, I pick her.
                    Fighting: LUCARIO.
                    Flying: Pigeotto. Ash's Pigeotto made annoying nosies in the anime.
                    Poision: Garbodor. They made some pretty lackluster Poison type, but none are worse than a Pokemon inspired by garbage.
                    Ground: Excadrill. I hate it because it has potential to be so appealing in design, but then it's just not.
                    Rock: Geodude. Too many in caves.
                    Bug: Combee. It's cry is annoying.
                    Ghost: None, there's not Ghost type that I particularly dislike.
                    Steel: LUCARIO.
                    Fire: Darmanitan. It's one of my least favorite designs ever.
                    Water: Feebas
                    Grass: Venusaur. Bulbasaur is so adorable.. How it got to fungus warty toad-dino-cat I will never understand.
                    Electric: I don't like most electric rodents. Emolga, Pachirisu, Minun and Plusle, Pikachu. I like Raichu though.
                    Psychic: Gothitelle. It looks like a cake.
                    Ice: Abomasnow. The snow-tree Pokemon.. Really..
                    Dragon: All of them but Dragonite's line have been disappointing.
                    Dark: Umbreon. In a way Umbroen is cute, but it's ears and tail remind me of bee butts. They are black and yellow, and shaped the same. Plus Umbreon is popular for design, but it's hard to make it a good Pokemon in a team (at least it was for me.)
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                      Originally Posted by morrison View Post

                      Electro oh... tynamo, I actually liked it in the English version but it shares the fate with trubbish in having a stupid German name
                      Huh. Ironically enough, Eelektross's French name radiates badass, the name itself being Ohmassacre.
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                        Fvaourite of each type:

                        Normal: Bibarel as it was my strongest poke on my Diamond game!
                        Grass: Torterra as it was my first Grass type starter I chose in the beginning!
                        Fire: Emboar as it was my first Fire Type Starter I chose in the beginning!
                        Water: Muskip as it's cute and is immune to electric attacks (An dno-one crack the joke. NO-ONE...)
                        Electric: Zebstrika as it's REALLY strong in my opinion!
                        Bug: Shedninja due to it's usefull ability!
                        Poison: Crobat since I think it's REALLY cool!
                        Flying: MOltres as I just love it's power!
                        Steel: Steelix as it was my first ever Steel type!
                        Dark: Sableye because of it's lack of weaknesses!
                        Rock: Shuckle because of it's high defense!
                        Ground: Garchomp as it's my fave pokemon!
                        Ghost: Misdreavus as it looks amazing!
                        Psychic: Gallade because of it's usefullness in capturing pokemon!
                        Dragon: Dratini as I love shiny Dragonite!
                        Ice: Spheal as it's so cute!
                        Fighting: Tyrogue as it has many evolutions!

                        White 2:
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                          Normal - Ambipom: all it does is fake out
                          Fire - Charizard: so overrated
                          Fighting - Throh and Sawk: sesame street anyone?
                          Water - Rabuta berry... I mean Basculin: found a shiny one, it used final gambit
                          Flying - Hoppip: terrible, just terrible
                          Grass - Ludicolo: a screwed up duck with a sombrero...
                          Poison - Toxicroak: double psychic weakness
                          Electric - Emolga: every single one has double team
                          Ground - Camerupt: never fond of camels
                          Psychic - Gothitelle: *sigh... Do I really have to explain?!
                          Rock - Probopass: looks seriously wrong
                          Ice - Jynx: wtf is it
                          Bug - Burmy: use ANYTHING else
                          Dragon - Druddigon: no evolution, slow
                          Ghost - Banette: I was really disappointed by it
                          Dark - Liepard: FAKE OUT FAKE OUT FAKE OUT FAKE OUT FAKE OUT
                          Steel - Ferrothorn: So...annoying...when NPC partner in subway uses it

                          My least favorite BY FAR is either Gothitelle or Liepard
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                            Normal: Kangaskhan. I really don't like its design.
                            Fighting: Meditite. Those things bothered the crap out of me in R/S/E.
                            Flying: Mothim. Nobody cares about Mothim.
                            Poison: Tentacool. TOO MANY WAY TOO MANY.
                            Ground: Baltoy, although I like Claydol.
                            Rock: Nosepass. There's no real reason here; I just don't like it.
                            Bug: Mothim again.
                            Ghost: Misdreavus. Mismagius is so pretty, but Misdreavus has a weird head.
                            Steel: Trash Cloak Wormadam, just to hate on the Burmy line some more.
                            Fire: Torkoal. It's slow and I hate its dub voice.
                            Water: Tentacool again because there are just way too many.
                            Grass: Simisage. I don't find its pompadour that appealing.
                            Electric: Pachirisu. I've never seen the appeal to it.
                            Psychic: Lunatone/Solrock. Either one. Thanks, Liza & Tate.
                            Ice: Delibird. I see no assorted deli meats on this bird.
                            Dragon: Dragonite. Cute dragon, cute dragon, comical orange dragon.
                            Dark: Carvanha. It's a shame that such an ugly Pokemon evolves into Sharpedo.
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                              Ah also fun. Lol. Lets go!

                              Normal- happiny. Idk. It just bothers me. I hate it's design. No other normal types make me feel bad but looking at happiny... Idk y it just makes me un happiny. Lol

                              Fighting- meditite. Stop using detect and just die already!

                              Flying- it's hard to really hate any flying types but I guess altaria. Y r u even dragon type???

                              Poison- hard to choose too. Maybe amoonguss? I don't really hate any poison types. But I guess he's my least favorite design and he's not even mildly cute like foonguss is.

                              Ground- hard again. Palpitoad I guess. He just annoyed me.

                              Rock- nosepass. And probopass. Again just terrible designs.

                              Bug- maybe venonat. Just don't like him. Probably cuz his design.

                              Ghost- gengar. As cool as haunter is I feel like he loses all his coolness upon evolution.

                              Steel- empoleon. I hate penguins and hate his whole pride gimmick

                              Fire- flareon. I despise the design. Love all the eeveelutions but this.

                              Grass- ludicolo. I hate his design. Reminds me of a penguin. Which I hate. And he's stupid goofy.

                              Water- simipour. Hate the design with a burning passion cuz I'm not fond of monkeys and he's got a stupid hairdo and he's waving at you. Like this is a fight dude stop waving like we're buddies and let me knock u out!

                              Electric- elekid. Idk y. Don't hate him but he's just least favorite.

                              Psychic- jynx. A wild Nikki minaj appeared! Enough said. Hated its design since the start.

                              Ice- smoochum. I didn't think jynx could get any worse. Til they made it a baby and made me feel horrible for wanting to punch a baby in its face.

                              Dragon- dragonite. I love dragons. And he's probably the most loyal to a pure dragon design. Too bad when we started out we had beautiful elegant dragonair that turned into this ugly fat kid dragon. I'm not against fat but I mean come on. We get one dragon and this was it??? Ugh. When I was a child I wished so bad for spyro to be a Pokemon.

                              Dark- sableye. I thought it was so cool. No weakness. Cool moves. But the stats omg and no evolution
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                              Hmmm... this is interesting... so many pokemon I like have been bashed xD

                              Normal: Dunsparce - It's useless and has a terrible design, need I say more?

                              Fighting: Hariyama - Not only is it outclassed by better pokemon but I HATE IT'S DESIGN SO MUCH.

                              Flying: Skiploom - It's not that good and it looks ridiculous.

                              Poison: Gulpin/Swalot/Trubbish/Garbodor - All tied for bad design and for sucking.

                              Ground: Stunfisk - It's got great typing but it's stats and moves are a let down and quite frankly it design could have been a little better.

                              Rock: Nosepass/Probopass - Stat and move wise they are okay... but... they have pointless giant noses as their main feature... lolwhat?

                              Bug: Probably Paras/Parasect - I don't HATE them but they have terrible typing and really they don't have stats good enough to back it up and also... WHOSE IDEA WAS DRY SKIN ON A BUG/GRASS.

                              Ghost: Dusclops - Ugliest ghost type in existence and it is painfully slow... at least Duskull and Dusknoir look good.

                              Steel: I like them all really but my least favourite would be Beldum - It's weak, ugly and boring with its only redeeming quality being that it evolves into metang and metagross.

                              Fire: Slugma - It's weak and ugly, not good traits in a pokemon.

                              Grass: Sunkern - Worst pokemon in the game, that is all.

                              Water: Luvdics - Nearly as weak as sunkern, about as usefull and without the almost redeeming quality of evolving... although it is slightly better I guess.

                              Electric: Chinchou - I don't hate it really but I figured I had to pick one and it has a dorky design.

                              Psychic: Unown - The concept, movie/anime versions and design are pretty good but in game it is the most pointless pokemon around. I almost want to take back saying sunkern is the worst but inown has better stats.

                              Ice: Jynx - Just because it is so ugly.

                              Dragon: Dragonite - The pokemon itself is awesome but I hate how we go from an elegant pokemon like Dragonair to something with a design the polar opposite.

                              Dark: Vullaby - A pokemon with terrible stats that evolves late should at least look good, Vullaby does not.

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                                Okay, let's make a start :

                                Normal : Pidove. I don't like it. Simple as that.
                                Fire : Slugma. Ewww...
                                Grass : Paras/ It gives me the creeps.
                                Water : None as of now.
                                Electric : Emolga. It IS a cutie, but it's damn annoying and always comes out instead of Audino... xD
                                Bug : Kricketune. It's ugly.
                                Fighting : Medicham. I never liked it.
                                Ground : Stunfisk NEVER! Instead... Gligar.
                                Psychic : Woobat. It's one-eyed, so it's like a furry little Cyclops.
                                Rock : Shuckle. I hated that thing.
                                Flying : Woobat. I rest my case.
                                Dark : Honchcrow had bad looks according to me.
                                Poison : Venipede. Due to personal revenge purposes.
                                Steel : Forretress. That ugly thing.
                                Ghost : Sabeleye. Why didn't it have an evolution? Waste of a good typing.
                                Ice : Snover. Due to personal revenge purposes.
                                Dragon : Druddigon. Hate that creature.
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                                  Ok, here we go :

                                  Normal : Audino. Ugghhh....Dumb.
                                  Grass : Oddish. Just what the hell?
                                  Fire : Heatmor. Doesn't really have much effort in design.
                                  Water : Tympole. Stupid....
                                  Electric : Tynamo. It's a dumb pokemon.
                                  Bug : Illumise. I hate that damn bug.
                                  Poison : Ekans. Look at the face.
                                  Fighting : Croagunk. Damn ugly..
                                  Ground : Swinub. More like Swinoob, doesn't make sense right? Other than that it's dumb.
                                  Flying : Hoothoot. dafuq?
                                  Ice : Cryogonal. I don't really get it.
                                  Dark : Vullaby. It's horrible.
                                  Psychic : Ralts. It's evos are 10x better.
                                  Steel : Foretress. Crap...I don't know what to say.
                                  Ghost : Shuppet. looks like a handkerchief.
                                  Dragon : Deino. No eyes, seriously...
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                                    Normal: Miltank. *Lies on floor in foetal position* Miltank used rollout. Miltank used rollout. Miltank used rollout.
                                    Fighting: Conkeldurr. Those veins creep me out.
                                    Poison: Garbodor. WHY?!
                                    Ground: Rhyperior. I don't think its design does the sheer awesomeness of Rhydon any justice.
                                    Rock: Solrock. Its face -- always looking at me sceptically -- seeing what I did there.
                                    Bug: Volcarona. Its red spotted petal wings, its strange white fluff, its lifeless blue compound eyes, and its creepy shape that gives an uncanny crackly sensation in my mouth like I'm swallowing a spider or some other creeper arthropod. I just don't like it at all. It scares me more.
                                    Ghost: Chandelure. As much as I like Lampent's design, Chandelure's eyes fall too far into the background of the design.
                                    Steel: Klinklang. One big contraption of cogwheels trying too hard to be the new Magnezone or its prevolutions, but missing out by having -- just like Chandelure -- eyes that fall too far into the background, making it look kind of dead.
                                    Fire: Chimchar. I love the evolutions. I just don't like the first stage. It's trying too hard to look infantile.
                                    Water: Jellicent. I don't want your pringles! The female version looks even worse.
                                    Grass: Exeggutor. I swear, this pokémon always creeped me out as a kid.
                                    Electric: Eelektross. NO!
                                    Psychic: Munna. Flower patterns...
                                    Ice: Cryogonal. Yep, it's a large snowflake.
                                    Dragon: Altaria. Go home, Altaria, you're not a dragon!
                                    Dark: Hydreigon. I thought Deino and Zweilous were pretty cute references to the Beatles and the hippies. Then, all of a sudden, it got eyes and head arms and...purple breeches?
                                    Old March 7th, 2013 (10:02 AM).
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                                    Bug: Ledyba/Ledian - I generally like bug Pokemon but these two are just completely useless.
                                    Dark: Sableye - I have to say Sableye because it's just uninteresting and too frail despite having no weaknesses which means it's severely outclassed by Spiritomb.
                                    Dragon: Altaria - This should be obvious. I like it as a flying type but not as a dragon.
                                    Electric: Stunfisk - Meh...
                                    Fighting: Meditite/Medicham - Never liked these two, they do have an interesting dual type though.
                                    Fire: Heatmor - The ONLY fire type Pokemon I will never love. I've tried using it before and it was complete (tries to think of an appropriate word...) garbage.
                                    Flying: Farfetch'd - Five generations and a sixth on the way and this thing is still as useless as it was when it was first created.
                                    Ghost: Sableye - I really don't like this Pokemon.
                                    Ground: Stunfisk - Still meh...
                                    Ice: Glaie - Glalie has nothing that stands out about it like other ice types.
                                    Normal: All of the early game rats that can learn Hyper/Super Fang (Raticate,Bibarel etc.)
                                    Poison: Garbador - Did we really need Muk in a trashbag?
                                    Psychic: Unown - Do I have to explain this choice?
                                    Rock: Corsola - Really outclassed by other water/rock types and I think it's in desperate need of an evolution so it'd be useable.
                                    Steel: Durant - I hate these things with a passion.
                                    Water: Bibarel - I like how they tried to do something different with the generic Raticate in fourth generation but, it didn't turn out too well.

                                    You wish it was this easy...
                                    Old March 13th, 2013 (4:39 PM).
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                                    My all-time least favorite Pokemon has to be Dunsparce.
                                    And i really don't like any of the Psychic types introduced in Gen5

                                    ~ Anything for my Nakama ~
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                                    It won't be easy, since I judge mostly on how the Pokemon design, and some for attacks...

                                    Bug - Ledyba and Ledian, don't look exciting, kind of boring
                                    Dark - Houndour and Houndoom, I could add a few more, but those two, they look like rottweiler, I really hate that breed, dissapointed they turned them into Pokemon
                                    Dragon - Latias and lations, design I don't like, and also not a fan of psychic Pokemon
                                    Electric - Pikachu, overused in the anime, I learn to not like it.
                                    Fighting - Meditite, doesn't look like a fighter, more like relaxing yoga. Design isn't good
                                    Fire - Torchic's evolution line, even if it sounds rude, I laughed when I first saw it, a fire chicken? it has the worst design in Hoenn
                                    Flying - Farfetch'd, boring design, not helpful in battle,
                                    Ghost - Shuppet, I find not scary for a ghost type, looks more like a halloween decoration
                                    Grass - Chikorita's entire evolution, has the worst design for me in Johto, in the Anime, Ash's Chikorita was annoying
                                    Ground - Dugtrio, its just 3 Digletts together, I really dislike their Area Trap, I'm always forced to battle them. Just as bad as Diglett.
                                    Ice - As much as I love Unova, the worst looking Pokemon in the Pokemon world is Vanillite's entire evolution, its based on food, I laughed when I first saw its design
                                    Normal - Ditto, looks more like a blob or slime instead of a Pokemon
                                    Psychic - Unown, weak battler, weaker design, 26 different designs, and none of them are even good
                                    Poison - Grimer or Muk, like with Ditto, looks more like slime than a Pokemon
                                    Rock - Nosepass, don't know what to say about it, other than really bad design
                                    Steel - Again with me Loving 50% of Unova Pokemon, another of the worst was in Unova, that is Klink's evolution. Don't look like Pokemon, more like they belong in a machine
                                    Water - maybe Luvdisc, doesn't resemble a fish, more a cut out heart from a paper, and added eyes to it, no fins, no fish-like features.

                                    I didn't expect to take me 2 hours to make my list.
                                    I ♥ Fire Foxes and Cats!! - art drawn by Bonez1925 (claims no credit)
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                                    Hmm, I've never really thought of my least favorites from each type before, but here it goes. A majority of these will probably just be based off of design, since there are very few Pokemon I actually hate.

                                    Bug - Metapod. Just a useless Pokemon, unless you evolve a Caterpie into one. (Butterfree's actually my favorite Bug type).
                                    Dark - Sharpedo. I've always hated it's Rough Skin ability, especially when using multi-strike moves.
                                    Dragon - Altaria. Nothing says Dragon better than a cute looking bird with cloudy wings.
                                    Electric - Stunfisk. Honestly can't find much appealing about a flat, land-dwelling electric fish.
                                    Fighting - Monferno/Infernape. Did we honestly need another set of Fire/Fighting starters? Really?
                                    Fire - Pignite/Emboar. Did we honestly need another set of Fire/Fighting starters? Really? (wait, this seems familiar...)
                                    Flying - Gyarados. I actually love Gyarados, but it's always bothered me that it should really be part-Dragon, not Flying.
                                    Ghost - Shedinja. I love to use it, but it's an absolute pain to face if you go in un-prepared.
                                    Grass - Abomasnow. Another Pokemon that I actually like, but it's part-Grass typing just seems so out of place.
                                    Ground - Palpitoad. For some reason, it's stupid wiggling sprite always bothers me. I'm fine with Seismitoad/Tympole, though.
                                    Ice - Cryogonal. Ah, a lifeless snowflake. At least the Vanillish line has the ability to show some emotions.
                                    Normal - Meloetta. I have no problem with Meloetta itself, but there I think a Normal type legendary kind of defeats the purpose of "Normal".
                                    Poison - Tentacool. Out of all the other overly common Pokemon, Tentacool's the only one I hate with a passion.
                                    Psychic - Abra. Don't hate it, but I'm just fearing the day when I find a shiny Abra, and it uses Teleport before I can catch it.
                                    Rock - Roggenrola. Bad name pun, and a design so simplistic that it feels like no effort was put in whatsoever.
                                    Steel - Probopass. An absolutely ridiculous looking Pokemon that doesn't seem to have a reason to be part-Steel type.
                                    Water - Tentacool. Did I mention I hated Tentacool with a passion? Because I do.

                                    Old April 30th, 2013 (10:51 AM).
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                                      So i saw a thread from a favorite pokemon from each type and I was wondering what is your least favorite from each type?

                                      Grass - Sunflora - even though people don't like the hoppip line. I for one think the sunflora line is the worst grass line imo.

                                      Fire - Slugma - I never liked this pokemon.

                                      water - surskit (however you spell it) - I just find it a bad typing and I never seen anybody even using it.

                                      electric - Stunfisk - ok this was a tough one. but design wise stunfisk takes the cake for worst electric pokemon.

                                      poison - gulpin - idk i just think this is a weaker version of grimer. and just like the surskit line I'd never seen anybody even use this pokemon

                                      Bug - ledyba - Ok design wise I like Ledian I think it looks pretty cool but ledyba I think it sucks. I know there is worse bug type pokemon but I just don't like ledyba.

                                      Ground - baltoy - I don't know why. I don't hate the claydol line. It's just least my least favorite ground type.

                                      Rock type - Geodude - Ok the reason why I don't like geodude. Is when I was playing Fire Red I ran into a shiny geodude at first i got the geodude to red health then he used magnitude on my pokemon then I threw an ultra ball. ( i already wasted my masterball on a zapdos) he broke free after two shakes and then he used self destruct. and the sad thing is that was the first shiny I ever ran into. and from that moment on have a hatred for geodude.

                                      Psychic type - gothitelle - don't hate it I just think the typing is wrong.

                                      Dark type - Poochyena I don't hate it its just there's way better dark types.

                                      Steel type - magnemite - not a bad pokemon just like Poochyena there is way better steel types.

                                      Fighting type - meditite - because almost every gym in gen 3 has this pokemon and i just don't like it.

                                      Normal type - Miltank - Bad memories thats why.

                                      Ice type - snover - didn't care for it.

                                      flying type - Farfetch'd - It's just terrible.

                                      dragon type - vibrava - i don't know it looks more a bug type than a dragon type.

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