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Old June 29th, 2013 (12:38 PM).
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I didn't see any current threads on this, so sorry if it's a duplicate...

Anyways, out of curiosity, is anyone here following the "Lost item" quest in Black 2 or White 2, with Yancy or Curtis, or have you followed the quest and finished it? If you are following it, how far are you into the quest?

Right now, I just traded the second-to-last Pokémon with Yancy, so all I need left is the Togepi.
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Old June 29th, 2013 (1:19 PM).
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I finished it in W2, and got the complete set of Pokemon from Curtis. Somehow I had no idea that this side quest even existed, and I accidentally bumped into the item a while after finishing the game. So I went crazy and did all the chatting in one sitting, just running around the whole region, and then traded for the next 12 days. In B2, I'm just taking it slow, I picked up the item the first time I got in Nimbasa, and I check the Xtransceiver every once in a while. I guess I'm only at the 30th call right now, that's when he asks to meet at the Ferris Wheel for the second time, right?

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Old June 29th, 2013 (3:02 PM).
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I used Serebii as a guide for the dropped item side quest, and tried to get calls 16-30 whenever I could. It was tiring, but it was totally worth it post-game, when I got the full set. Ralts was the only one I actually kinda used, since I bred it with Banette for a male offspring with Shadow Sneak so I could get Gallade.

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Old June 29th, 2013 (3:44 PM).
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I recently traded numbers with Yancy, and I'm on the 4th call after that or so. I couldn't figure out how to consistently get the option to call her so I put it aside. I don't really need the Pokemon and it doesn't give medals so I've kinda ignored it for now.

It's neat, though. A nice alternative for folks to get DW stuff.
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Old June 30th, 2013 (4:38 PM).
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I did return the Lost Item, and so far, when I call Yancy each day, she invites me to the Ferris Wheel. I usually call her when I have a chance.
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Old June 30th, 2013 (8:26 PM).
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I completed the entire sidequest on my Black 2, and also obtained all the Pokemon from Curtis. The ones I had the most fun using were probably the Mankey and Sableye, because they had good abilities. There are some differences with the Pokemon obtained based on your character's gender, but since my gender was female I got quite a few different Pokemon than what most male players would get. I do like how female players can easily get a Prankster Sableye through this method, while male players had to settle for a Mawile instead.

Also, even the form of the Shellos obtained differed based on your gender. I'm pretty glad the female players get an East Sea Shellos, because that's my fave of the two forms. I even evolved the Ralts I got from the trade into a Gallade because he was male and I did have a spare Dawn Stone lying around.

I loved this sidequest and I do hope something similar is implemented in future games.
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Old June 30th, 2013 (8:45 PM).
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I am currently doing this side quest right now. I have only traded two pokemon so far but I plan on eventually trading all of them. I thought it a was really fun and enjoyable side feature. I just wish I didn't have to call them so many times in the beginning x_X

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Old July 18th, 2013 (2:14 AM).
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I literally just started this quest 2 days ago. Reading this while I was lurking on this forums is what reminded me: "Huh? Oh yeah, I can find that on the floor in Nimbasa. I should probably do that." I probably won't bother completing it, but hey, I got a new souvenir.
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Old July 18th, 2013 (10:15 PM).
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I just got to the mankey trade
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Old July 21st, 2013 (10:39 PM).
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I have the biggest crush on Curtis I love him absolutely. ;A;
Unfortunately I never got far with the quest, which is sad, but I DID get to where we finally met up (and he told me his favorite type so I added one to my team). It's probably my favorite side quest to date and actually shows some type of romantic relationship between player and NPC. <3
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Old July 22nd, 2013 (3:40 AM).
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I finished the quest and got to the point where she trades you rare Pokémon. I haven't bothered to get any of them, though.

I really like Yancy, I think she's really adorable and cute. I wish there was more ways for us to interact with them rather than just call them up randomly. ;w; OH, and seeing them in their work clothes was really interesting too!~
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