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It's been a very long hiatus for me but I am back and breeding once again. Below is the list of everything I'm currently offering. I do not clone so everything you see in this shop is an original if it was bred by me. I’m willing to consider most decent trades for my Pokes but I am specifically interested in Shinies, 5-6IV Gen 6 Pokemon, HA Gen 6, and a few of the rarer Legendaries (see the Legendaries section for what I'm looking for). If you have a 6IV Gen 6 I'd be happy to trade multiple of my Pokemon for it, just reach out to me and we'll work out a deal. If you’re interested in anything I have make me an offer either on this thread or through PM. Thanks for looking!

Kalos Bred 6IV:
Squirtle (F) with Torrent
Lvl 1, Quiet

Vulpix (F) with Flash Fire
Lvl 1, Modest
Egg Moves – Hex, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Hypnosis

Abra with HA Magic Guard (M) x3 (F) x2
Lvl 1, Modest
Egg Moves - Barrier, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Knock Off

Abra (F) with Inner Focus
Lvl 1, Modest
Egg Moves - Barrier, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Knock Off

Other 6IV:
Lvl 70, Lonely

Lvl 100, Adamant
Egg Move - Dragon Rush

Lvl 5, Modest

Lvl 44, Lax

Vulpix w/HA (Drought)
Lvl 37, Gentle

Lvl 16, Serious

Eevee w/HA (Anticipation)
Lvl 100, Gentle
Egg Moves – Covet, Wish, Synchronoise, Stored Power

Abra w/HA (Magic Guard)
Lvl 8, Modest

Lvl 2, Mild

Lvl 52, Swarm

Yamask (Japanese)
Lvl 100, Rash

Lvl 52, Gentle

Current Kalos Bred 5IV:
Kadabra with HA (Magic Guard) - Lvl 17, Modest
Egg Moves - Barrier, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Knock Off

Lapras (Japanese) - Lvl 1, Lonely, Egg Moves - Dragon Dance

Sneasel with HA (Pickpocket) - Lvl 1, Jolly, Egg Moves - Icicle Crash, Ice Shard

Wartortle - Lvl 16, Quiet

Sandshrew - Lvl 1, Brave

Ivysaur - Lvl 18, Adamant

Nidorino - Lvl 16, Adamant

Nidorina - Lvl 17, Calm

Pidgeotto - Lvl 18, Impish

Cleffa - Lvl 1, Bold

Jigglypuff - Lvl 10, Timid

Venonat - Lvl 1, Naive

Gloom - Lvl 22, Timid

Diglett - Lvl 1, Hardy

Skrelp - Lvl 1, Modest, Egg moves - Play Rough
Multiple IV spreads available, if you have a preference let me know and I'll see if I have what you're looking for

Honedge - Lvl 1, Adamant, Egg moves - Shadow Sneak
Multiple IV spreads available, if you have a preference let me know and I'll see if I have what you're looking for

Custom Bred Kalos 5IV:
I can breed any of these more or less to order. However, I will no longer be breeding for specific IV spreads. If you have something you absolutely don't want (for example an Abra missing Sp. Atk 31/31/31/X/31/31) I can accommodate that type of request but I'm not spending hours hatching eggs to find one that has the specific 5IVs you would prefer. That being said, I have HA and egg moves available where listed and can breed for pretty much any nature, just let me know what you're looking for and I can let you know if I can do it.
Eevee – Lvl 1, with or without HA (Anticipation)
Has Egg Moves – Covet, Wish, Synchronoise, Stored Power

Dratini – Lvl 1, with or without HA (Marvel Scale)
Has Egg Moves – Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet, Extreme Speed

Zubat – Lvl 1, with or without HA (Infiltrator)
Has Egg Moves – Hypnosis, Zen Headbutt, Defog, Brave Bird

Abra – Lvl 1, with or without HA (Magic Guard)
*If requested I will level to a Kadabra on my game before sending over so you get an Alakazam, just tell me if you want me to keep the egg moves or replace one with Confusion on evolution.*
Has Egg Moves – Barrier, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Knock Off

Vulpix - Lvl 1, with or without HA (Drought)
Has Egg Moves - Hex, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Hypnosis

Growlithe - Lvl 1, with or without HA (Justified)
Has Egg Moves - Heat Wave, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun

Bulbasaur - Lvl 1, with or without HA (Chlorophyll)
Has Egg Moves - Sludge, Petal Dance, Giga Drain, Skull Bash

Charmander - Lvl 1, with or without HA (Solar Power)
HAss Egg Moves - Flare Blitz, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Crunch

Squirtle - Lvl 1, with or without HA (Rain Dish)
Has Egg Moves - Muddy Water, Brine, Mirror Coat, Aqua Ring

Nidoran (F) - Lvl 1, with or without HA (Hustle)
Has Egg Moves - Poison Tail, Skull Bash, Iron Tail, Counter

Nidoran (M) - Lvl 1, with or without HA (Hustle)
Has Egg Moves - Poison Tail, Skull Bash, Iron Tail, Counter

*To the best of my knowledge, all of these are legitimate captured or event Pokemon. I've collected some of these from my own play throughs and gotten others in trades over the years, so I don't know where all of them came from at this point but none were hacked/cloned by me and the majority (aside from Kalos caught and recent trades) went through PokeBank legitimacy checking to get to my game from Gen 5.*

I am actively looking for Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion. Willing to trade multiple Legendaries and/or anything from my other sections if you have one, just name your price. :)
Moltres - Lvl 60
Articuno - Lvl 60
Articuno - Lvl 70
Mewtwo - Lvl 70
Mew (Japanese) - Lvl 50
Mew (Japanese) - Lvl 50
Raikou - Lvl 70
Suicune - Lvl 70
Lugia - Lvl 50
Celebi - Lvl 10
Celebi - Lvl 70
Celebi (Japanese) - Lvl 50
Regirock - Lvl 40
Regice - Lvl 40
Registeel - Lvl 40
Latias - Lvl 70
Latios - Lvl 70
Kyogre (Japanese) - Lvl 50
Jirachi - Lvl 5
Deoxys (Normal Forme) - Lvl 50
Deoxys (Japanese) (Defense, Attack, & Speed Formes) - Lvl 50
Uxie - Lvl 50
Mesprit - Lvl 50
Azelf - Lvl 50
Dialga - Lvl 50
Palkia - Lvl 100
Heatran - Lvl 70
Heatran (Japanese) - Lvl 50
Regigigas - Lvl 70
Regigigas - Lvl 100
Cresselia - Lvl 50
Manaphy - Lvl 50
Darkrai - Lvl 50
Darkrai - Lvl 50
Shaymin (Japanese) - Lvl 50
Arceus (Japanese) - Lvl 100
Cobalion - Lvl 45
Virizion (Japanese) - Lvl 42
Thundurus (Japanese) - Lvl 40
Landorus (Japanese) - Lvl 70
Kyurem (Japanese) - Lvl 75
Yveltal - Lvl 50


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im interested in the following:
-i'd like another deoxys (eng)

im offering the pokemon in my trade shop, plz reply to me with a private message
all except my shiny honedge/doublade and genesect


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@Slenderman: The Kalos bred Vulpix with the egg moves has Flash Fire, the one listed in the Other 6IV section has Drought

@RotationMan: Message sent! :)
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I'm interested in Abra with HA (Preferably missing Att IV and Modest, not really important but yeah lol) and Honedge (Missing SP Att IV if possible).

I have Larvitar Adament (Dragon Dance), Larvesta Modest, and Aron Adament Rock Head (Stealth Rocks + Head Smash) all 5IV. I also have a Tyrunt with Adament Nature (Poison Ice and Fire Fang, and Dragon Dance)
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@Arcanine039: Sent you a PM for a trade :)

@pardal78: I do love shinies and HA Pokes! Sent you a PM to get a list of what you're offering.


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Im interested in 5 legendaries:
Reshiram, Zekrom (Japanese), Kyurem, Darkrai (Japanese) & rayquaza

I have some shinies to offer

Fennekin with hidden abitlity magician
Frookie with HA protein
Chespin HA bulletproof
Charmander HA solar power, egg moves 2 dragon moves.

And I'm willing to trade all of them just for those 5. Btw im not home today & will have time to trade after 2mor night.
Also I managed to clone some items thanks to a friend and i can offer some as well if you want:
Mega stones for gengar, blazikinite, aerodactyl, charizard x, mewtwo x, mareep
Master ball
Destiny knot
and a bunch of others I can't think of now.
Almost forgot, I can also clone so if you want I can clone your legendaries + others. Just pm me

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I'm interested in a Modest Honedge with the egg move Metal Sound. I'd like the IVs at 31/X/31/31/31/31. Shiny doesn't matter to me, neither does gender. I have a female Jolly Dratini with Marvel Scale and the egg moves Dragon Dance and Extremespeed, with IVs 31/31/31/X/X/31, would you be interested in that?
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PM me if you want to trade, etc.
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I'm trying to complete my pokedex and I'm interested in, well, a ton of the legendaries you have. Not sure what you need, but I've got a few shinies to offer and a ton of HA pokemon, as well as some flawless 5ivs.

Legendaries I need:
High Priority:

Med Priority:

Low Priority:

I'm just gonna leave events out of it for now. I'm willing to do just about anything for these, especially the high priority ones, so whatever kind of massive, overloaded, one-sided trade you want is ok with me.

Here are the HA mons:
Spearow (Sniper)
Vulpix (Drought)
Oddish (Run Away (Evo to Effect Spore/Healer))
Paras (Damp)
Diglett (Sand Force)
Mankey (Defiant)
Growlithe (Justified)
Poliwag (Swift Swim (Evo to Drizzle/ Swift Swim))
Ponyta (Flame Body)
Slowpoke (Regenerator)
Onix (Weak Armor (Evo to Sheer Force))
Exeggcute (Harvest)
Cubone (Battle Armor)
Lickitung (Cloud Nine)
Ryhorn (Reckless)
Kangaskhan (Inner Focus)
Mr Mime/Mime Jr (Technician)
Magby (Vital Spirit)
Magikarp (Rattled (Evo to Moxie))
Eevee (Anticipation (Evo to Hydration/Quick Feet/Guts/Magic Bounce/Inner Focus/Chlorophyll/Ice Body))
Snorlax/Munchlax (Gluttony)
Omanyte (Weak Armor)
Kabuto (Weak Armor)
Aerodactyl (Unnerve)
Dratini (Marvel Scale (Evo to Multiscale))
Hoothoot (Tinted Lens)
Chinchou (Water Absorb)
Togepi (Super Luck)
Natu (Magic Bounce)
Wooper (Unaware)
Murkrow (Prankster (Evo to Moxie))
Wobbuffet/Wynaut (Telepathy)
Girafarig (Sap Sipper)
Gligar (Immunity (Evo to Poison Heal))
Snubbull (Rattled)
Slugma (Weak Armor)
Corsola (Regenerator)
Skarmory (Weak Armor)
Houndour (Unnerve)
Phanpy (Sand Veil)
Stantler (Sap Sipper)
Torchic (Speed Boost)
Poochyena (Rattled (Evo to Moxie))
Tailow (Scrappy)
Ralts (Telepathy (Evo to Justified))
Shroomish (Quick Feet (Evo to Technician))
Makuhita (Sheer Force)
Sableye (Prankster)
Aron (Heavy Metal)
Gulpin (Gluttony)
Carvanha (Speed Boost)
Wailmer (Pressure)
Torkoal (Shell Armor)
Spoink (Gluttony)
Spinda (Contrary)
Cacnea (Water Absorb)
Barboach (Hydration)
Lileep (Storm Drain)
Shuppet (Cursed Body)
Tropius (Harvest)
Absol (Justified)
Clamperl (Rattled (Evo to Water Veil/Hydration))
Luvdisc (Hydration)
Cranidos (Sheer Force)
Shellos-B (Sand Force)
Burmy (Overcoat (Evo to Tinted Lens))
Buizel (Water Veil)
Spiritomb (Infiltrator)
Croagunk (Poison Touch)
Gible (Rough Skin)
Patrat (Analytic)
Munna (Telepathy)
Audino (Klutz)
Venipede (Quick Feet)
Petilil (Leaf Guard)
Sandile (Anger Point)
Scraggy (Intimidate)
Deerling (Serene Grace)
Emolga (Motor Drive)
Elgyem (Analytic)
Druddigon (Mold Breaker)
Vullaby (Weak Armor)
Durant (Truant)

I've actually got more than this, but I lost track of the males in gen5 when it didn't matter, and I haven't tallied my gen 6 ones.

As for shinies and 5iv mons:
5iv flawless Skrelp with Acid Armor

And other flawless:
Goomy (Acid Armor)
Totodile (Aqua Jet and Dragon Dance)
Charmeleon (Belly Drum)
Ralts (ShadowSneak, Encore, Destiny Bond, Confuse Ray) with trace
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Would t be possible to trade for a Female Torchic with Speed boost?

I can offer HA Joltik, HA Shroomish, HA Roselia, HA Corsola, HA Illumise, HA Sunkern, HA Vulpix, HA Charmander, HA Eevee, HA Froakie, HA Rhydon or an HA Bulbasaur.
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Message me if you add :D

Trade Reviews: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=8167843#post8167843


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interested in 6iv HA abra, plz check out my shop and see if anything interests you, if you dont see something you like being that our shop is still in beta. ask if we have something! we have TONS of shinies, ha, and hi IV pokemon to choose from
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Oh, hello. I would like to request that you save me an eevee with perfect stats except physical attack, and the moves covet and wish.

Also, if you could also capture some shuckles from my friend safari with perfect defences and hp, that would be much appreciated. I cannot trade this weekend however, ill pm you when im ready.

Please save those pokemon for me - Lucariokul. In game name: Hylianaura on X, Hylucario on Y.
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