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What are some common pitfalls that you think ROM hacks fall into?

For me personally, it's difficulty. I just want to experience what a hack has to offer, and one thing hindering me from getting to those good parts of a ROM hack is an unfair difficulty curve, or a random difficulty spike. I believe this is caused by lack of trainers to fight before facing the gym.

There's nothing wrong with challenge, but when a game throws insanely high levels that make you have to grind your team up. It bogs down the experience considerably. If I want challenge, I will play a hack that advertises itself as challenging. But if I play some random hack or game that I think looks interesting, only to find out how hard it is. It just turns me off of the experience, because I want to get to the good parts of a game and not have to grind up my team to level 16 to face the first gym.

One hack I think does this well is Pokemon Bronze. It gives you sufficient trainers to fight before facing the gyms, and the gyms never feel over leveled compared to you. So you can just experience the game.

But those are just my gripes. So what do you think are some common ROM hack pitfalls?
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I personally do not like easy ROMhacks where you can just spam your starter early. They have to purposely frustrate the player to keep the spices hot.
Easy to say, DARK SOULS kinda like.

It is understandable for a ROMhack to be difficult, because they waste their time and passion into it. And i believe people won't want their ROMhack to be finished just in 3 hours. While they perfected it for months or even years.
Personally i don't mind grinding as long as it is reasonable. Early battles should be fair, they have to be beatable. (No stronger moves like Earthquake, Flamethrower, or etc)
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