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Basic appreciation for the newly remodeled Cinnabar Island Gym!

It became a quirky quiz game! It's basically the same way you answer quizzes as from RBY and LGFR, but they made it a game show! If you answer it right, you get a Blaine Doll! If you get it wrong, you'd have to battle one of his students.

I rather like this change! But for you guys, what did you think? Was this a clever way to remodel the Gym, or would you prefer it another way? Do you have any thoughts to improve it?


This is fine.

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It was the most memorable Gym (re)design imo. More amusing, and played up the likable character that is Blaine. It was more interesting to me than others such as, say, Sabrina's Gym. Other changes to puzzles were too minor to really care about such as Lt. Surge's dumb bin puzzle.


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I really loved this change. Wish it could've been a bit longer since it was fun and gave us a much better feel for Blaine's personality than previous games. Agreed with the above that it's the best gym re-design, and I hope we'll see more non-standard gym designs like this one in the future!


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Posted August 12th, 2019
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I liked this gym, Blaine has a really fun personality! I also purposefully tried to answer the questions wrong since I just wanted to battle. :laugh-squinted:

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