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Do you remember the Ghost Marowak? It was once a living Pokémon but then it was killed by Tesm Rocket. It then basically haunted the Pokémon tower, constantly telling the trainer to “GET OUT”... until you get the Silph Scope, revealing its identity.

Here’s a bit of wonderment though: do you think the ghost Marowak was a vengeful spirit, haunting the Pokemon tower, possessing innocent victims, scaring everyone in its sights? Or perhaps it was really warning the trainer about Team Rocket, kind of like in Pokemon Origins?

What do you think was Ghost Marowak’s purpose in the Pokémon tower, before her sprit sought to be rested?
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    I recently started a new game on my Yellow Version and I remember a channeler said the ghost Marowak is crying for her baby.
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    I always imagined her as some sort of guard for the tower and the spirits that rest there. I think it depends on the players perception and the use of their imagination to kind of make a backstory for Marowak.
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      I imagined she was angry over her baby being killed.

      The whole thing was pretty dark. I might be wrong, but I can't remember any other time in the series where the evil team actually murders a Pokemon.
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        I think it was an angry spirit that couldn't rest until the Rockets were defeated and the player reveals her with the silph scope.
        Looking back at it, I agree that it was an unusually dark move to incorporate a ghost story into the game.
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