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What are your favorite things about G/S/C?

Second Generation Gold, Silver, Crystal

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Among all the negativity here lately about G/S/C, I figured we needed something more positive. Share your favorite things about Generation II that intrigued you. It can be something very small or something larger about the games.
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Day & Night was a nice feature.
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The addition of the Dark and Steel types.
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Day & Night and Shiny Pokémon.
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Shiny pokemon and the Dark/Steel types.
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Two regions is the best part for me. They introduced a lot of my favorite Pokemon. The starters might not be great competitive pokemon but they all have great designs. The legends look excellent as well. I also think that the elite four is really difficult and I think that's a really good thing. I've played Gold and Silver and Heart Gold and Soul Silver so much and I still have trouble sometimes. Also Red is really epic. Is there anything else like that in other games? Finding him and seeing a level 81 Pokemon for the first time that belonged to a character in the game was actually really incredible for me as a youngster.

As far as things that were introduced there are a ton.
A Pokemon being able to hold an item.
Dark and Steel types.
Pokemon genders.
Moves like Protect, Outrage, Megahorn, Pain Split, Spikes, Extreme Speed, Mega Drain and Sunny Day.
The first time you could play as a girl.
SPECIAL stat was split to Special Attack and Special Defense.

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Their post-main game is undoubtedly the best. You get to explore an entire region.

Plus, this gen introduces my second most favorite Pokémon, two great types, and the day-night cycle.
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Loved having 2 regions to explore and the new Pokemon.

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