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Hearts Reborn - A Johto Journey

It has been ten years since the young trainers, Kris, Gold and Silver, stopped the Rocket revival in its tracks. Since then, a great deal has changed throughout the Johto Region, including the old day care-couple’s long awaited retirement. Their last act as the beloved Daycare Man and Lady was to arrange a deal with Goldenrod City’s trainer academy, promising the top six students one of their newly hatched Pokémon eggs. These eggs will be presented to them, along with their own Pokédex, in New Bark Town, home of the current Johto League Champion.

What else has changed throughout this historic region? What wonders await within the legendary Burned Tower, or the treacherous Whirl Islands? You’ll soon find out, as your very own adventure is about to unfold!

The Little Details
-As stated above, Johto has gone through a lot of changes in the last ten years. Some gym leaders have moved on, the routes have been overrun with new Pokémon, and throughout Ecruteak, there are whispers of a Sage gone mad.

-Levels, EVs, IVs, and nature defining stats will be exempt from this RP (because they’re too complicated, and who needs that?). With that in mind, Pokémon will be learning their moves when the players see fit (within reason, no Solar Beams at the first gym). TMs and HMs will not exist, and will be added to the Pokémon’s natural move pool. Similarly, evolution will be decided by player and GM via private message, unless the evolution is triggered by a stone. Trade evolution does not exist. Pokémon that would evolve by trade will evolve by growth and training.

- You do not need the GM’s permission to capture a Pokémon, as long as you don’t abuse the privilege (capturing an incredibly rare Pokémon with only a few lines of text describing the capture). Each obtained Pokémon may know a total of four moves, one of which may be an egg move.
- This rp will be broken into sections, with each section having its own selection of missions and quests for the players to take part in. There will also be an overarching storyline that takes shape over time.
- Joint posting and interacting with your fellow players is highly encouraged.

The Rules
1. Follow all PokeCommunity/RPC rules and guidelines (be respectful to one another, no controlling another character without permission, 100 words per post, etc).
2. The rating is T for Teen. Keep the swearing and suggestive themes to a minimum.
3. This RP will begin with six slots (more could possibly be added if the demand is high enough). Players will be chosen based on quality, not first come- first serve.
4. In hopes of keeping the rp from dying out due to waiting on those who have moved on, players will be booted if they do not make at least one post per two weeks. Of course, exceptions can be made, as long as you tell the GM what is going on, and don’t simply just vanish out of thin air.
5. If there are any issues, please do not hesitate to notify the GM.
6. Players will begin this rp with enough Pokeballs to capture one Pokemon per route. You may earn more Pokeballs, or enough money to buy more Pokeballs (200$), by taking part in missions.


Jegretis - Ivan Roustein

GimmiePie - Preston James

PastelPhoenix - Marcus Wells

TK2145 - Dvalin Knight

Lunalie - Emma Ward

It Begins...

“Y’know, I think those kids are destined for great things.” The Day Care Man speaks with a large grin. “You be sure to keep us updated, won’t you, professor?”

“I will, if I can find you, that is. Where did you say you two were headed?” Professor Elm asks.

“Our first stop will be the Alola region.” The Day Care Lady responds with an excitable smile. “It looks like a real paradise.”

“You’ll send us a post card, right?” A voice spoke out from behind the three; a female figure, wearing a hooded jacket and a pair of sunglasses. Beside her is a man donning a matching ensemble, making it nearly impossible to make out any of their features.

Togi! Cries the Togetic currently perched on Professor Elm’s shoulder. It floats from its perch and excitedly flits to the female.

That voice! Professor Elm’s eyes light up as he turns to face the duo. “Kris?”

Smiling, the girl pulls down her hood. “It’s good to see you again, Professor.”

“Same!...Who’s your friend?” The Professor blinks.

The man in question smiles as he tugs off his hood, his hair quickly spiking back into place. “Good afternoon, Professor.”

“L-Lance! Yes, a fine afternoon indeed!” Professor Elm chuckles nervously.

“And why didn’t you tell us you would be in town, Miss Champion?” The Daycare Lady scolds with a playful grin.

“It was…kind of a whim.” Kris admits, rubbing the back of her neck nervously. “We were in Ecruteak, interviewing candidates for the Elite Four—“

“That’s right! It’s about time our fair region got its own elite.” The Daycare Man grins, and Kris chuckles.

“Yeah! Anyway, when mom told us this was happening, we wanted to say goodbye.”
“Ecruteak, eh?” The Daycare Lady asks. “Didn’t happen to run into that mad sage, did you?” The Daycare Lady smirks.

“No, ma’am.” Lance answers. “Please…don’t give those rumors another thought.”

Route 29:

With starter Pokémon, a number of Pokéballs, Pokédex, and a newly upgraded Pokégear (Complete with Professor Elm’s number), you have departed from New Bark Town and onto route 29. Trainers who are in a hurry, or simply wish to avoid confrontation, can easily hop over the route’s many ledges and fallen trees, avoiding the Pokémon lurking within the route’s multiple patches of tall grass.



1. Holy Hoppips! – A flock of Hoppips are looking more than a little distressed. It seems a gust of wind blew one of the smaller Hoppips into a tree, and now she’s wedged between some branches. The wind isn’t strong enough for the others to float up and save her. They need your help! Reward: Oran Berry, Pecha Berry, Chesto Berry, Lum Berry.

2. Show Us What You’ve Got! - Tia and Vio, Johto’s favorite news reporters, are just dying to get a look at their beloved region’s newest champs-in-the-making, and would love to get a double battle on camera! Reward: 400$ each.
Tia & Vio's Pokemon:

Cherrygrove City:

This quiet town seems little more than a rest area between New Bark Town and Violet City, as it contains so few houses, and even fewer gyms (that is to say: there isn’t one). There are plenty of young, excitable children who jump at the chance to meet real life Pokémon Trainers, and some older folks that love to see the newest wave of trainers take the first steps of their new journey. Trainers often let their Pokémon out of their Pokéballs when passing through the city, as the flowers that decorate the city seem to make them so very happy.


1. Guide Gent’s a Go - This old man loves nothing more than to show new trainers around the town. Sure, you know what a Pokémart and a Pokémon Center are, but you can go along for a few minutes, right? It would really make Mr. Guide Gent happy. Reward: Lantern (allows player into exclusive areas later on).

2. Flower Power Problems - A horde of Patrat have started digging up Miss Martha’s flower beds. Think you can chase them off while Martha replants her prized flowers? Reward: Miracle seed & 200$

3. Pokéball Panic! - The local Pokemart was expecting their new shipment of Pokéballs to come in at nine AM. Well…Nine AM was several hours ago, and still no Pokéballs. Did something happen to the delivery man? What if he’s lost, or hurt somewhere? Or…maybe he’s just slacking off. Still, someone should probably go look for him. Reward: Two Pokéballs.
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    Route 29: The exciting beginning!

    Giselle Redbane

    Known moves: Wrap, Astonish, Wish

    "Bye now, untill next time!" Giselle waved goodbye towards Professor Elm, and looked at her trusty partner that was flying around her.
    "Hmm this is so exciting, I have never owned a Pokémon before!" she said.
    It was given the name Levi because he levitates, but it didn't seem to mind that it was given a simple name. Levi just seemed to be happy to have a trainer he could obey.

    Giselle extended her arms and grabbed Levi gently and said "I feel like we're going to become good friends!".
    "Chiiiing!" Levi flew out of her hands and spun around creating a bell sound. Giselle closed her eyes and smiled, the bell sound had such a calming effect on her.
    "I'm so glad I picked you Levi, you make this journey a whole lot less scary." She looked behind her and saw Professor Elm talk to a villager, it made her wonder why she was so scared in the first place.
    These people were very kind and didn't think any ill of her at all, they were just like the people in Ecruteak.

    She shouldn't have listened to the village elders, they gave Giselle a wrong vision of the outside world.
    But perhaps there was a slight chance people outside of New Bark town could still be nasty, but Giselle decided to think otherwise for now.
    "Shall we check out Route 29 Levi? Maybe we'll find some berries! I have some amazing berry juice recipes, i'm sure you would enjoy!"
    "Liiing!" Levi flew around his trainer in excitement and then flew towards Route 29 while Giselle followed him.

    "It's so peacefull here huh Levi? I'd rather meditate with this weather then actually pluck berries.."
    The moment she said that she immediately dropped herself in the grass an sat down in a Lotus position.
    Levi himself decided his trainer's head would be the perfect resting spot.
    Giselle hummed and before she knew it she was in her happy place.
    It didn't last long however, she heard various cry's from Pokémon, but not the good kind.
    She opened one eye and looked towards the direction of the sound, she saw a bunch of Hoppip trying to jump up a tree.
    "Are they trying to get up in that tree?" Giselle stood up, poor Levi didn't know she was planning on doing that and he rolled off her head.
    Giselle noticed just in time but her assistence wasn't needed, Levi regained his balance and was levitating before hitting the ground.

    "Sorry about that Levi, but do you see that?" She pointed towards the flock of Hoppip, the Chingling looked towards the direction his trainer was pointing at and thought she wanted him there.
    "Oh I didn't me.. You know what that's alright, I was planning on checking it out anyway.."
    She followed her Pokémon and greeted the Hoppip flock. "Hello there little ones, are you trying to get up there? Do you need some help?"
    "Pip pip pip!" The Hoppip we're still flying up and back down while looking towards something.
    "Hmm?" Giselle looked up since the Hoppip's were also looking towards that direction, she gasped at the thing she saw.
    "Piiiip!" There was a tiny Hoppip stuck in the branches, there was no way it was getting out of that place on it's own.

    "Oh dear.. what should I do" Giselle looked at Levi thinking that he didn't knew Psychic, so she had to think of some other way to help.
    "I might need someone else to help me out with this, Levi you stay here and i'll go look for someone ok?" Levi flew up the tree and tried to calm down the Hoppip, and watched as his trainer ran off to find help.
    "The stars align for victory!"
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      Ivan Roustein

      Route 29

      Looking down at his spiffy shiny new Pokeball, Ivan walked along making his way through Route 29. His mind was occupied about the possible adventures lay ahead of him, and he certainly wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that...except for his lack of sense of direction.

      Hmm...okay, there doesn't seem to be much in this direction, but from what I read, this route is supposed to be a whole lot of nothing until Cherrygrove City. He thought to himself, putting his Pokeball back into his satchel. He stopped walking for a moment, glancing around at his surroundings. He was in a wooded area of sorts, and sadly, he wasn't even sure how he got stuck there. "Okay. Okay, now worries, I will just keep this way." He muttered to himself, trying to reassure that he did indeed know which way he was going. He passed a few more trees and bushes and thrusted onwards to get out of the wooded area. Soon enough, he came to a dirt road, as the trees began to sparse, also noticing two people standing a little ways away from him underneath a tree.

      "Hey, you!" One of them shouted, as the duo hastily approached Ivan. "Hey, are you a trainer?" The female of the two asked, holding a microphone. Ivan looked at the other guy and saw he was holding a camera, and it became obvious to him that they were reporters of some sorts.

      "Why...yes I am!" Ivan exclaimed. " fresh one at that. But don't let that fool you, I'm probably the best new trainer there is!" He boasted, playing himself up for the news crew. The woman became a bit giddy, obviously excited at what Ivan had said.

      "Great! My name is Tia, and this is my partner Vio. We are a news team, and we've been waiting forever to find a new trainer to interview!" She said.

      Ivan knew where this was going, and he was definitely ready. "Oh so you pretty much want an interview? Of course, after all it's important you get early footage of me before I become famous, hehe." He remarked, in a slightly cocky tone.

      "Well, not just an interview. We want a battle, to put on TV!" Tia explained.

      Ivan widened his eyes a bit. He was familiar with battling, but battling for TV was a whole different story. If he screwed up on television, then people would recognize him, and that definitely wouldn't go well with him. "Oh I'm sorry, I really don't have time for an actual battle. A quick interview would still do though." He shrugged, giving a smile to cover up his fib.

      " said you are one of the best new trainers, no?" Tia questioned, looking genuinely confused.

      "Oh...I guess I did." Ivan looked down, giving himself a mental facepalm. He had gone off and talked too much, and now he was caught in a trap. He looked down at his bag and wondered if his Elekid could actually do something decent in battle, as this would have been his first time using the Electric Pokemon.

      "Well, what will it be?" Tia urged the young man.

      "....fine. A quick battle will do, I guess. Who am I battling? You?" Ivan asked, taking out his Pokeball and looking at the young woman.

      "Both of us! It's going to be a double battle!" She shouted excitedly, taking out her Pokeball as well, getting ready for the battle.

      "Oh...but I only have one Pokemon, I'm new remember?" Ivan was a bit relieved that he did not have enough Pokemon for a double battle, as this would give him the chance to slip away and retract his previous offer.
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        Route 29 | Age 17 | Finally Out of the City

        For so many years he worked his way to the top to prove it to himself. The city was rough, but he had to make it through trainer school to remove any doubts that he wouldn't make it as a rancher. He learned how to handle all sorts of Pokemon, their diets, and their specific care. He even exerted himself in the battling aspect, although it wasn't exactly his strong suit. Through all his blood, sweat, and occasionally tears he did it, graduating within the top 8 of the class. And what was his award for this? An egg of dubious origin. None of them knew what would hatch out of it, and Marcus' proved to be a little green mouse who appeared to be chronically off balance.

        And she could not have been more perfect. At first he was worried that she was ill or something was wrong, all the other azurills he had worked with were a light blue color, but Sylvi was green. His worries were quickly cast aside by the day care couple, however, who informed him that it was actually a very rare occurrence for a Pokemon to be born a with a different coloration that what we thought as normal. That only made her all the more special to him.

        Now the two of them sauntered down Route 29, where they were told their journey would officially begin. A light breeze rolled through the area, occasionally sending a few Hoppips fluttering up from the grass patches around him. Sylvi seemed more interested in exploring every nook and cranny they came across, each little breeze sending the disorganized tufts of hair on her head and ears swaying. He had tried to brush them down so many times, but they never lie flat for more than a few minutes before inevitably springing back up again.

        Every once in a while he noticed Sylvi toss her tail like a weight to carry her to position higher than she could climb. Most Azurills he saw were happy to just bounce on their tail to get higher, but Sylvi seemed to enjoy being carried by the momentum of the massive sphere that capped off her tail. Several times she would land wrong and roll off the log or rock, but when Marcus rushed over he would find her laughing after the dizzy spell wore off, rather than breaking down into tears. She was an odd companion, and her antics made it harder and harder for Marcus not to sweep her up and just hug her all day.

        It was a calm, uneventful walk up with nary a single wild Pokemon riled up and looking to fight, and Marcus soon decided it might be best to stop and have a little break. Just as he sat down and pulled out the snacks for the two of them, something in the distance caught his attention. It sounded like there was a commotion nearby. Slowly standing up after dropping Sylvi's food, he cautiously walked towards the noise.

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          A full day after he was expected at Professor Elm’s laboratory Marty rushed through the doors, disheveled and sweating despite the cool breeze. He couldn’t help but feel like this amazing opportunity would be yanked out from under him as a penalty for his tardiness, even though it wasn’t his fault. Road closures and a delayed train put him a full day behind schedule. He slowed down as he entered the lab. Professor Elm stood a distance away, his fingers flying over a keyboard as he entered data into a massive computer.

          “Uhm. Excuse me?”

          Elm turned and met him with a warm smile. “Oh! You’ll be Martin Lawrence?”

          “Just Marty is fine.”

          “Good, I was beginning to worry about you.” Elm motioned for him to come closer and Marty did, still tense but a little less nervous.

          “I’m sorry I’m late, professor.”

          Elm waved a hand dismissively. “Don’t worry about that, things happen, don’t they? Let’s get you set up and on your way.”

          He took Marty to a waist-high pedestal with several pokeballs resting in indentations. A few of the slots were empty, presumably having belonged to Pokemon that had already been chosen. “You can choose from any of these.”

          Marty leaned in close to read the digital label in front of each ball. There was a Munchlax, Bonsly, Igglybuff…

          As soon as his eyes fell on the label reading ‘Cleffa’ his heart jumped. “Can I have this one?”

          Professor Elm beamed. “Any of them. Go ahead, take it.”

          Time seemed to slow down as Marty reached out and picked up the pokeball. It felt warm and slightly heavier than he expected. He pressed the button and a tiny pink Pokemon emerged in a flash of white light. It blinked up at Marty, confused but curious.

          “An excellent choice. Clefairy can be a formidable opponent, and Metronome is always fun! This one is a female. Here, I’ll show you how to work your Pokedex.”

          Professor Elm took a moment walking Marty through the mechanics of the device, using Cleffa’s entry as an example. A short description appeared on the sceen.

          ‘Cleffa, the Star Shape Pokemon. On nights with many shooting stars, Cleffa can be seen dancing in a ring. They dance through the night and stop only at the break of day, when these Pokémon quench their thirst with the morning dew.’

          Marty smiled slowly and bent down to pick her up. “You like to dance?”

          She chirruped and wiggled about in his arms to get comfortable. He pet her head absently while the professor put his number into his Pokegear and gave him a handful of spare pokeballs.

          “That’s the last of it. Good luck out there!”

          “Thank you sir.” Marty turned to leave, his new partner still cradled in his arms. “What am I going to name you?”

          She chirruped, adorable but not quite helpful. He hummed thoughtfully as he walked, leaving New Bark. Trees soon surrounded him on either side and the cries of various Pokemon filled the air. The forest was alive and Marty’s stomach fluttered from the excitement. For now his new partner’s name would have to wait. He needed to focus and find a second Pokemon to bring with him.

          It wasn’t long before he saw movement in the bushes. He set Cleffa down and moved closer until he could see a long purple tail sticking out with a yellow rattle on the end. He took a deep breath, then grabbed the tail and pulled it out of the bushes. An Ekans followed, angry and hissing from being revealed. He released it quickly and jumped back.

          “C’mon Cleffa, use Pound!”

          She toddled forward and whapped it right on the head with her stubby hand. It recoiled and struck at her with long poisonous fangs. The bite caught her on the ear. She peeped unhappily and shuddered as she jumped away.

          “You’re doing great sweetheart.”

          Before Marty could give her another direction she pulled a neatly wrapped box seemingly out of nowhere and hurled it at the Ekans. It landed in front of it and popped open in a puff of confetti, revealing a red apple. The Ekans knocked it away with a swing of its tail and glared at Cleffa with large yellow eyes. She shivered, confidence wavering, and took an uncertain step back. It took the opportunity and lunged at her, wrapping its body around her and squeezing. She peeped and wriggled but she couldn’t get away.

          “Try Present, one more time!”

          She managed to get her arms free enough to pull out another wrapped box. This time it exploded with enough force to unravel Ekans. It flew up in the air and landed with a thump at Marty’s feet. Before it could recover he threw a pokeball. It was sucked up in a flash of red and the ball shook only a couple times before it stopped. He hastened forward to grab the ball and to check on Cleffa. She was stuck on her bag, her legs and arms flailing as she tried to right herself. He knelt down and picked her up, cradling her close to his chest.

          “You did great, sweetheart. How do you feel?”

          She smiled up at him blearily and snuggled closer. Marty smiled and squeezed her gently. “Good. You know… I think I like the name Rosalina. Do you?”

          She didn’t much care what he called her, but she liked that it seemed to make him happy. She twitched her ears and chirped her agreement. In high spirits, Marty secured Ekans’s newly filled ball to his belt and started back down the path.
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            Lana Kersey
            Route 29
            ''Go Jet, go!''
            The girl's voice carried quite a ways as she threw her pokéball forward, excitedly commanding the Mantyke emerging from it to strike the wild Sentret in front of them. The water-type flew in a circle around her upon being summoned, letting out a happy cry, before flying up over the battlefield to better view the situation before it. The Sentret its trainer had engaged was watching the Mantyke's ascend nervously, but seemed undecided whether to fight or flee... the perfect opportunity for Mantyke to fall into a nosedive and Tackle the rodent head-on.

            Knocking its target back onto the ground, Mantyke flew back up into the air gracefully, making a circle to once again fly in front of its Trainer. The wild Pokémon quickly stood up, clearly agitated for being interrupted, and lashed out with a Fury Swipes towards the sky. Mantyke was nowhere near close enough to be hit by that however. ''Bubble, Jet!'' his trainer shouted, forming her hand into a gun-shape, as if to indicate shooting them out. The water-type happily obliged, releasing a flurry of bubbles into the sky, that struck the Sentret in the middle of its attack: the claws caused the bubbles to pop in its face, by which it incurred even heavier water damage. Temporarily blinded, the wild Pokémon stumbled, but with a shake of its head it regained its senses... and promptly dashed toward Lana. The trainer was taken by surprise, but her Pokémon hastily intervened, protecting its trainer with a Wide Guard - only to notice that the Sentret had no intention of attacking. It bolted right past Lana's right leg, into the bushes, never to be seen again.


            A few seconds passed before Lana released the breath she'd been holding. The sudden prospect of a wild Pokémon attacking her had shaken her a little, considering she'd sustain a lot more damage than Jet should it have landed a hit. The Mantyke quickly flew up to its Trainer's face, and floated around worriedly, but it was quickly reassured when Lana let out a sigh of relief, and her expression returned to a meager smile.

            ''Thanks, Jet. I'm okay.''

            She stretched her arms above her head, and pet the Mantyke's back before returning it to its Pokéball.

            ''Well, drat. So much for a new team member... but oh well. It was still good training!''

            Somehow, her mind flashed back to her family at home, and her brother most of all... If he'd seen that interaction, he would've definitely scolded her for getting into a situation like that. But she'd show him. Balling her first, and holding it up just in front of her, she began walking back to the path she'd ventured from. Despite the scare, Lana was still Lana, and she couldn't help herself from keeping her eyes peeled for more wild Pokémon, all the way until Cherrygrove City.

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              Route 29 | Age 17 | Thinks He Heard a Voice

              Marcus had walked around with Sylvi for a few minutes, not entirely convinced it wasn't his mind playing a trick on him when he spotted the small gathering of Hoppips around a tree. When had Hoppips ever sounded like a person? Never, at least as far as Marcus knew. But if there was a person here, they'd be long gone.

              Potentially more curiously, why were all these little Hoppip gathering around this tree? Normally they'd be happy enough to run about the field, occasionally getting swept up by a strong breeze. It wasn't like them to gather near a single object out in the open like this. Several Hoppips ran when Marcus entered the small clearing, but quite a few stayed, trying to hop up into the air and bouncing off the tree. Sylvi joined the Hoppips in bouncing up and off the tree while Marcus scanned the tree for anything that would have gotten their attention. There were a few pink Apricorns growing from the branches, but Hoppips didn't eat anything that hard. Marcus nearly attributed it to an odd Pokemon event until he realized one of the pink shapes he dismissed as another Apricorn was actually moving back and forth. Looking from a better angle revealed it to be a small Hoppip wedged between the branches, stuck in a position where nether it's arms or legs could reach something to pull itself free.

              Suddenly aware of the situation, Marcus immediately began to search for a way to free the little Pokemon.

              "Hey Sylvi," he said, kneeling next to his partner, "one of their friends is stuck up there. Do you think you can help me find a way up?"

              Suddenly standing upright and focusing, Sylvi let out a little squeak of acknowledgement and started running around for anything that would help. While she went off to find help, Marcus rolled up his sleeves and began sizing up the tree. It looked a little more daunting than most of the ones he'd climbed in the past, and there were no low branches to grab onto, but hopefully he could climb it.

              The first bit went fine, but soon Marcus found the halfway mark covered with slick sap from small holes where bug Pokemon had fed previously. Nearly losing his grip, it looked like the tree would be just a little too dangerous to climb.

              "Riil, Riiiiiiil!" The Pokemon's high pitched cries sounded out as soon as Marcus landed. A little off in the treeline, Marcus spotted Sylvi attempting to pull a branch much larger than her. Walking over to her, and patting her for her help, Marcus grabbed the branch and began extending it to the Hoppip.

              But to no avail... Marcus stretched out as far as he could, but the branch still fell short of the Hoppip. With nothing around to stand on, he was starting to feel a little defeated. About to lie down, he saw the Hoppips gathered and had one last idea...

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                Dvalin Knight
                Route 29
                Dvalin bowed at Professor Elm, who was waving goodbye to him and his new partner, Magby.
                "Take good care of Magby Dvalin!"
                Dvalin smiles as he replied, "Don't worry sir! I'll make sure he is taken care of to the best of my abilites!" Once the professor closes the door, Dvalin began walking while Magby rested on his shoulder. He inspected everything the professor gave him. His new pokedex allowed him to collect info on any pokemon he sees, however the data will only be at 100% if he catches the pokemon and scans the pokeball it is in. His new Pokegear is what really caught his attention though, it did so many things that he took his time examining each and every option it contained. From the phone which had Elm's number to the radio, he took every last detail in in order to make sure he fully knew it's capabilities. After a bit of walking he stopped, and placed Magby down. Dvalin then uses his pokegear to examine what moves his Magby has. "Fire Spin, Clear Smog, Ember, and.. wow Thunder punch, what a nice move list for a pokemon in it's first stage of evolution" Dvalin thought to himself. He placed the pokegear away and turned to Magby.
                "So Magby... no that name definetly doesn't fit you, now the question is... what would?"
                While Dvalin was trying to think about a good name for Magby, a Starly jumped out of the bushes, as if it wanted a battle with another pokemon. Dvalin looked at the stary and thought to himself, "This should be a good way to see how Magby preforms in battle, plus I can catch my very first pokemon so it's definetly a win-win for me".
                Dvalin steps back, pushes his glasses closer to his face and says "Alright Magby, you ready for your very first battle?"
                The Magby looks at Dvalin, then proceeds to prepare himself for battle, awaiting for the first move to be made. The starly begins to charge forward at a rather fast speed aiming right for Magby.
                "Quick attack huh, alright then Magby let's try to stop it in it's tracks, use Fire Spin!"
                Magby quickly begins to charge up flames in it's mouth, before spewing a circular fire pattern at the Starly's path, hoping to block it's movements. The fire hits the ground, and spews up a small tornado of fire, locking the Starly inside it.
                "Well done Magby, now- wait what!?"
                Before Dvalin could give the next move, the Starly takes flight, getting out of the Fire Spin and begins to charge at Magby once again.
                "Magby quickly dodge his quick attack!" Magby tries to move but the Starly is too quick, he connects and sends Magby tumbling on the floor. Magby stands up, wanting to continue this battle."This isn't good, Starly staying in the air means fire spin will be next to useless, not to mention his speed Dvalin looks at the Starly, then at Magby and then, something clicks in his head and he gives a big grin. He Figured out how to take down Starly's air advantage.
                "OK then Magby, I have a good idea on how to take away Starly's flying advantage over you, but I need you to have full trust in me ok?" Magby shakes his head in agreement and prepares to go back on the offensive.
                "Magby use fire spin one more time!" Magby begins to gather flames once again and spew them onto the ground, causing a small tornado of flames to envelop the Starly once more. Like last time though Starly just flew up higher, escaped and began to dive toward Magby for another quick attack
                "I thought so, now Magby use ember!" Magby shot small flames toward Starly, The flames weren't big, but there were a lot of them, even Starly had a hard time dodging all of them because a few were able to hit. Starly let out a small groan but still continued his dive. Dvalin smiles as he says quietly,"Hmm... Gotcha". He snaps his fingers and yells, "Let's wrap this up. Thunder Punch!"
                Magby jumps into the air with a clutched fist, the fist begins to gather electricity, though appearing like a small voltage at first, it began to become brighter and more powerful giving off an occasional crack of electricity. Magby's thunder punch collided with Starly, though the 2 seemed even, Dvalin knew the outcome already. Magby descended gracefully while Starly was fell down to Earth, primed and ready to be captured. Dvalin took out his unused pokeball, and hurled it at the Starly, once the pokeball hit, it enveloped Starly in a white light and drew it inside the Pokeball. The ball shook a few times before standing still, and letting out a *Ding* sound alerting Dvalin Starly was captured. He walked over to the Pokeball, picked it up, and smiled.
                "This should be the next headline of the news: ''Future champion of Jhoto captures his very first pokemon''!" He then walks toward Magby, pats it on the head and gives off a big grin. "You did amazing out there little guy, and with that I think i found a good name for ya. Let's go with.. Torch, cause you seemed to enjoy the heat of battle. I'm happy I was able to choose you as my starter pokemon". Magby let out a cry of happiness and confidence as Dvalin placed him back onto his shoulder to continue his walk toward Cherrygrove City.
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                  Route 29 | Age 17 | Thinks He Heard a Voice

                  "Hey Sylvi, can I ask you to translate for me? I have a favor to ask the Hoppips."

                  The little green mouse hopped up from her location near him, beaming at her chance to be useful.

                  "Okay... Do you think you can get them to climb atop of you? I can hold all of you, and we may be able to reach then."

                  Sylvi looked confused for just a moment before seeming to connect the pieces and then sprang into action. Her speech to the Hoppips was animated, and even though Marcus understood the gist of the various hops and excited squeaks, he wished he could understand the full speech. At first a few of the Hoppip seemed worried, but soon almost all of them seemed on board with the plan. Sylvi lead a somewhat large crowd of them over to where Marcus stood and gave a single nod to show they all were ready.

                  "Okay then, let's begin."

                  After a few minutes, about 9 Hoppips had formed a small tower atop the Sylvi base, clinging to the one below them. Once the last one secured itself, Marcus keeled down to lift them up. The tower was surprisingly light, and Marcus was easily able to lift it to about head level.

                  The only major downside to it being so light, however, was the breeze caused the tower to sway a little bit, although the tree blocked most of it. Once he was sure they weren't all about to come crashing down, he advanced carefully towards the stuck Hoppip.

                  Step one was a success! The little Hoppip stuck in the tree was able to grab onto the tower with it's own hands. Although it didn't seem strong enough to pull itself out, hopefully he would be able to move back and force it out. Carefully moving one step at a time, Marcus slowly retreated, The tower leading a little more towards the branch, Finally, with one last step, the Hoppip popped free, and Marcus found an entire tower of Hoppip falling on top of him.

                  Luckily, the Hoppips floated, rather than crashing down to the earth violently. A little dizzy, the Hoppips all jumped up and began to run, their friend now free.

                  "Well. We did a good thing... I guess that's all that matters."



                  Continuing down the small path to the next town with Sylvi continuing to run along the side of the road, exploring every nook and cranny once more, Marcus couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. Every once in a while he would hear a rustle in the patch of grass or a weed now in a new place.

                  It can't be... can it?

                  All of a sudden Marcus broke into a run, watching the strange weed over his shoulder. Sure enough, it began noticeably following him, not even caring about being seen anymore. Just as soon as he started, Marcus stopped, watching the momentum of the plant carry on until it fell over.


                  Okay, that grass just spoke. Sylvi ran over to his side, and the both of them moved the blades of grass aside, revealing a small Hoppip. Not just any Hoppip, but the one from the tree!

                  "Oh hey there. you know you don't need to follow me all sneakily like that. Did you want to say thanks?"

                  A shake of the head from Hoppip.

                  "Well, was there anything you wanted?"

                  A look of uncertainty, and then Hoppip slowly walked forward and hugged Marcus' knee.

                  "Did... you want to follow me?"

                  A nod.

                  "You know there is an easier way to come with me, right?"

                  Now the Hoppip looked confused. Reaching into his pack, Marcus pulled out a Poké ball and placed it next to Hoppip. Hoppip looked at it for a moment before throwing herself at it.

                  The ball gave a few small shakes and then flashed it's usual red light signaling the catch was complete. He picked up the ball and released his new buddy.

                  "Hey there Hoppip... or I think you need a name now. Uhh, how about Mirabi?"

                  The Hoppip jumped up with a large smile. Seems like she likes the name.

                  "Okay, so how about we get going Mirabi." Marcus said, petting the little grass Pokémon.

                  And then a green blur as Sylvi tackle hugged her new friend. Launching them into the grass.

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                    Emma Ward

                    "So today's finally the day huh? The day I finally start catching up to you big bro..."Emma mumbled to herself as she started to leave New bark town. Looking at the new pokéball in her hand, her mind started to wander, fantasizing about her upcoming journey and how she's finally going to beat Lucas at something that mattered for once.

                    Tucking the pokéball back into the small pouch at her side she continued along the route picking up her pace. "If I'm gonna beat my brother though, my first goal should be to at least beat the others who graduated today as well. If I can get to Violet city before anyone else I shouldn't have a problem with beating the Gym Leader there. If the rumors are correct he specializes in flying type Pokémon, Emil shouldn't have any problems there!" She started planning to herself again, this has to be about the third time she's said this to herself since she has left Elm's lab today.

                    Now that we're outside of town though I should probably let you out of pour Pokéball now shouldn't I? Come on out Emil!" She said with a great amount of emphasis on the last part. It's something that she's wanted to do for a long time.

                    "Pi, Pichu!" The small mouse-like pokemon cheered, running around the grassy field for a moment before presenting himself in front of Emma.

                    "Still as energetic as you were in the lab huh? Well come on! We've got a badge to go earn!" Emma cheered on. "If we keep out of the grass we shouldn't encounter any problems on the way, okay little guy?"

                    "Pi Pi Pi" Chirped Emil, Mostly just happy to be out in the open.

                    Climbing over what has to be like the third ledge already she notices something in the distance, A group of purple pokemon huddling around a couple crates. Curious as to what's going on Emma manages to sneak closer over, hiding behind a nearby tree. Upon closer inspection they appear to be Rattata, about four of them, gnawing at the sides of the crates, A familiar blue logo is printed on the sides of each of the two crates.

                    Emma's eyes widened, recognizing the logo immediately. "That's the pokémart logo! How did these crate's get all the way out here?" She thought to herself, trying to decide what to do. "I remember Dad scaring away some pokemon nesting in the storehouse with some smoke but what if it doesn't work? I doubt Emil can take on all four of them Not only that but They look heavy, It would take awhile to carry them back..." She debated with herself, knowing that losing two crates of stock would be devastating for any store.

                    "Pichu Pi..." Emil says, tugging at Emma's pants leg. Looking up at her it's clear he's worried.

                    "That's right. We did learn at school that Pokémon are influenced by the feelings of their trainers, especially younger ones." She thought to herself, looking down at Emil's dewy eyes. "So, Instead of wondering whether I should scare them away or not, I should be thinking of HOW I'm going to scare them away!"

                    Backing away from the crates for a moment, Emma starts picking up a few dry looking branches and leaves "I'm going to need a lot of these to guarantee that this will work." Emil, scampering away starts to pick up a few smaller sticks and leaves as well, Putting them into a pile. As she's looking for more stuff to burn she comes across a few stones as well. "These might help as well."

                    Confident in their cluster of leaves and sticks she bunches them together as best as she can, making a makeshift torch, the stones laying nearby. "Alright, I think we're ready. Emil, Could you please use thunder shock on the end of this?" Emma asks, Holding the branch out as far as she can manage. Emil, complying with her request, shocks the end of the torch, the dry leaves start to burn almost instantly due to the heat of the branch. A large plume of smoke starts to erupt from the end.

                    "HEY! Back away!" Emma shouts over at the small group of Rattata, waving the torch around before throwing it near them. Picking up the rocks she left nearby she starts clacking them together, making as much noise as she can manage.

                    The small group of pokemon start to hiss at her as they're enveloped in the smoke. While a few of them can be seen retreating away one of them emerges from the smoke towards them, it's hair standing up straight as it does a strange combination of coughing and hissing. With it's eyes shot red It's clear this one wasn't having any of this.
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                    Hearts Reborn - A Johto Journey

                    Route 30 & 31:

                    Connecting Cherrygrove City and Route 31, the route turns northeast to avoid a ledge on the route that overlooks a patch of grass. Heading south, this ledge can be used to avoid the grass altogether. The route emerges in an open area just north of the ledge. In the center of the area is a house owned by a man who is well-versed in apricorns, and to the left of his house is, incidentally, an Apricorn tree, West of the tree is a southbound-only path containing a ledge preventing northbound access. East of the house is a two-way path that runs along a small pond and through another area of grass. North of the grass patch, the route comes to another open area. Here, Route 30 splits into two segments, a western path that leads to Route 31 and an eastern path that leads to the house of Mr. Pokémon.

                    Route 31 contains more than an even share of ledges that players need to go around to get to Violet City, but may jump over on their way back. A small pond is north of the route, just west of Dark Cave. Featuring few Trainers and a small area, all that a traveling Trainer really has to look out for on this route are the wild Pokémon.
                    1. Who wants to be the next top percentage? (This mission can be done alone or as a joint post)

                    Inspired by the infamous Joey, four Youngsters have come to the trail to train their Rattatas. The problem: They’ve gotten into a pretty loud squabble over whose Rattata is the best. Help calm the fighting in any way you see fit.

                    Reward: Each Youngster will give you an item for helping them out (IE: Pokéball, potion, berry, money) you may choose what these four items are.

                    2. Friendballs Forever – (This mission can be done alone or as a joint post)

                    The Apricorn expert has thrown out his back, which means he can’t pick from the green apricorn tree that’s growing in his back yard. If you help him, he’ll let you borrow his fishing rod.

                    Reward: (temporary) Old Rod, Pokéball (the Pokémon you fish up will not count as your catch for this route, you may catch another)

                    3. Tiny electrical problem – (Solo)
                    Mr. Pokémon can’t seem to get his Pokegear to work—in fact, he can’t seem to get any of the electronics around his house to work. Distressed, he flags down a young trainer to ask for their help. Upon looking into the problem, you discover the cause: A Joltik is hiding in Mr. Pokémon’s house, sucking all his batteries dry.
                    Reward: Joltik (This is a custom mission made for PastelPhoenix)

                    4. Hiker Nob’s distress – (This mission must be done as a joint post with the GM)

                    Hiker Nob is very worried about a young girl that wandered into Dark Cave not too long ago; She looks very frail and had no flashlight with her. Sadly, his attempts to follow her were thwarted when she crawled through a small cavern that poor Nob could not fit through. If you promise to make sure the girl is alright, he’ll give you his extra lantern to explore the cave.

                    Reward: Onix (Notes: The role of the girl will be played by me, so whoever takes this mission will be asked to take part in a joint post. Also, only those with lanterns will be permitted to enter Dark Cave)

                    5. Hungry Heracross – (Solo)

                    A Heracross has shown up on Route 31, and it’s hogging all the food from the smaller Bug Pokémon! The local Bug Catchers are looking for someone who will chase the big bully off.

                    Reward: 600$ or chance to catch Heracross

                    6. Gotta be Something More -

                    Bug Catcher Kirk is having a hard time finding a new Pokemon to catch. He already has a Caterpie and a Weedle, aren't there other bug types around here? Help him find one!

                    Reward: Two items (your choice)

                    7. Nothing can stop the Snooze

                    Mr. Snooze (don't worry, it's just a nickname) has come to route 31 every day to catch a nap under his favorite tree for years. He's met a lot of trainers, a lot of Pokemon, and seen a lot of battles. Talking to him could prove very useful, you might even learn a thing or two.

                    Reward: Teach your Pokemon an egg/TM move

                    Pokemon: (Note: Route 30 and route 31 are basically the same, so if two Pokemon catch your eye on Route 30 and nothing appeals to you on route 31, you may catch two Pokemon on Route 30 and skip your catch for route 31, or vice versa.)

                    Route 30:

                    Fishing in Route 30:


                    Dark Cave:

                    Route 31:


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                      Route 29 | Age 17 | Another City?

                      Not quite ready to spend any more time in a city than he wanted to, Marcus hurried through Cherrygrove, only buying what he’d need for the next route and chasing down a little green Azurill when she inevitably got distracted by something. It seemed that Mirabi didn’t like the city much either, as she huddled close to his pant leg, hiding her face when anyone directly addressed her. Finally deciding that Mirabi might faint from any more attention, and having to just carry Sylvi to keep her from running off at the slightest movement that sparked her curiosity, Marcus made his way to the exit of the town.

                      Not long after walking past the last building, a rustling in the grass drew Marcus’ attention. Looking over at the small field, many small weeds were moving closer to him, just about to emerge. Soon, about nine or so Hoppips emerged, a few of them carrying some assorted berries with them. Mirabi perked up upon spotting them, it looked like her old friends came to say goodbye. The four carrying berries dropped them next to Marcus, then ran right back over to Mirabi. He could hear the ten Hoppips talking excitedly to each other while he looked over the berries, Oran, Chesto, Pecha, and Lum. When he looked up from putting them away, then Hoppips seem to have finished a large group hug and were pushing Mirabi back to Marcus.

                      “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.” He reassured them, squatting and petting the teary eyed Mirabi. “We’ll come back and see you all.”

                      And with that, they said their goodbyes one more time and were off.


                      Marcus had walked for quite a while down Route 30 before deciding he might be lost. Did he take the wrong path at the crossroad? His PokeGear had died just a little while earlier, so he had no way to confirm if this even was the right route. This has to lead somewhere… People don’t build roads that lead to nowhere. His partners were getting tired of walking also; they’d need more than a short rest at this rate.

                      After a few more minutes of walking, he finally spotted a small cottage in the distance. Hopefully he could let his tired Pokémon rest there for a bit. Picking them up and hurrying his pace, he jogged the rest of the way.

                      Upon approach, an older gentleman was standing outside the house, and waved Marcus over.

                      “Boy am I glad to see you, son.” The man started, removing his hat. “My name is Mr. Pokémon, and I was wondering if you could help me out with a small issue.”

                      “I’d be happy to.” Marcus replied. “But, if you wouldn’t mind, could I charge my PokeGear and let my friends rest here? I think I got lost, and the walk may have been a little too much for them.”

                      “Well, they do seem pretty young. What kind of person would I be to say no?”

                      Upon hearing that, Marcus broke into a grin… until the old man continued.

                      “The PokeGear might be an issue though. For some reason my PokeGear won’t stay charged, nor will anything with batteries. I would search a lot more thoroughly, but I’m not quite as mobile as I used to be.”

                      “Ah, I see.” Now the request was starting to make sense. “I’m a farmer, not an electrician, but I can give it a look.”


                      Sure enough, all the electronics were inexplicably dead. Nothing seemed wrong with the wires to Marcus, and none of the batteries were leaking. It was beginning to look like the charges were disappearing by magic. Feeling a little frustrated, Marcus placed his Pokedex and PokeGear on the table in defeat, moving to the couch and taking a seat next to the napping Mirabi and Sylvi.

                      “I just don’t know.” He admitted to Mr. Pokemon. “All the wires are fine. The batteries are fine. Only thing I can think of is them being defective. But I can’t explain why everything in your house would break at once.”

                      “Hmm. I was hoping you’d find something I missed.” Mr. Pokemon said, sounding slightly defeated. “I guess I’ll have to call over an expert after all. Thank you for trying, however.”

                      “By the way,” Mr. Pokemon continued, suddenly remembering something. “You’re one of Elm’s new kids aren’t you?”

                      “You know the Professor?”

                      “We’re old friends. By your reaction, I guess I was correct. Do you mind if I take a look at your Pokedex? I have yet to see the newest design of them.”


                      Jumping up from his sitting position, and hurrying over to the table with his Pokedex, he grabbed the Dex without looking. But something felt off about the dex. Something felt… furry.

                      Dropping his pokedex in surprise, Marcus noticed a small yellow arachnid clinging to the battery panel. Where had this little Pokemon come from?

                      Furthermore, it seemed a little upset and being dropped. Marcus didn’t speak spider, but it looked ready to pounce. Now is a great time for both Sylvi and Mirabi to be asleep.

                      Ready to be attacked by whatever Pokemon this is, Marcus covered his face, and through his fingers saw the little spider jump…

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                        Route 29/Cherrygrove City: No help needed.

                        Giselle Redbane

                        Known moves: Wrap, Astonish, Wish

                        Even though Giselle asked Levi to stay behind with the Hoppips, he still followed her faithfully. Giselle guessed that Levi must have thought that he was being left behind. She hugged him and continued her search for some people that could help her out.
                        She searched all afternoon but the only things she met were wild Pokémon rather than people.

                        Chingling was up for some battles but noticed his trainer was actively ignoring the wild Pokémon, so he kept following her.
                        "Im sorry Levi but not now, those Hoppip are in trouble remember? What kind of person would I be leaving that poor little one in the tree!"
                        Her Pokémon seemed to understand what she said and happily hopped up and down emitting a relaxing tune.
                        "Ahh Levi you're music is just so pure and calm, I have to watch myself not drift away again!" She smiled towards her little partner and picked him up.
                        They have only known each other for a few hours but Giselle could tell that there was a nice bond between them.
                        Giselle placed Levi on her head since he liked to rest there for some reason, she managed to maintain a perfect balance with every step making sure Levi wouldn't fall.

                        After some more drifting and searching Giselle was getting kind of tired, she had walked through Route 29 for quite some time in the hope of finding a trainer. It was then when she realised she should just have went back to New Bark town first, that would have saved her the unnecessary long trip.
                        She sighed and could see the tree were the Hoppip's were gathered before. "Hm it appears we walked a full circle Levi"
                        When they arrived at the tree there was something not quite right, the Hoppip's were no longer there!
                        Giselle looked around and scratched her head "I'm certain it was this tree.. right..? Maybe we walked the wrong.. hmm no This is definitely the same tree."
                        She looked up but the Hoppip that was stuck was no longer there either. "I guess someone else helped them out? I'll be sure to thank the trainer that helped out then!" she exclaimed.

                        "Hmm well the important thing is we tried to help out right Levi?" Giselle said, she got no response, Levi was sleeping.
                        "Onwards to Cherrygrove Levi! I'm certain there's people in the need of help there as well."

                        Luckily Giselle was near Cherrygrove so it didn't take long for her to set foot there.
                        "Ooh still as lovely looking as before, you can just smell the sea right Levi?"
                        Levi slowly woke up and tumbled off Giselle's head, she noticed and caught him right away.
                        "Haha you need to be more carefull."
                        She noticed the nearby Pokécenter and asked Levi if he was hungry. She did not need to ask that twice, and with the two of them they went into the Pokécenter.

                        "Hm let's stay here for the rest of the day Levi we'll continue our journey tommorow!"

                        "The stars align for victory!"
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                          Emma Ward

                          Emma stumbled backwards a bit, her heart feeling like it was about to beat out of her chest. The Rattata, It's eyes shot red with anger, Its fur Standing up on its end. Letting out a sharp hiss once again it charged forward at her.

                          "E-Emil! Use Volt tackle!" She stuttered, trying to regain her composure. Emil, cloaked by a sharp blue colored layer of electricity charged forward directly into the Rattata, Sending both himself and the Rattata tumbling back into the smoke. "Emil! Over here!" She called out towards him, moments later Emil emerged from the smoke, with a big smile. "Pichu Pichu!" He said, nodding happily.

                          Her relief was very short lived however as another shadow emerged from the smoke. "Hisssssss" The Rattata screeched Ramming it's head into Pichu's back, sending him stumbling. "EMIL!" Emma shouted out as Emil scrambled around to meet his attacker face to face. The Rattata charged forward yet again, this time however rather clumsily Twitching and stumbling over himself several times.

                          "Emil, One last Thunder shock, lets go!" Emma cheered out, her courage finally returned. Emil, with a high pitched yell, send a small bolt of blue electricity towards the weakened Rattata. With the momentum of it's own charge, the Rattata stumbled forward, rolling a bit before finally stopping. Finally knocked out cold.

                          Emma immediately fell back to sit down once the Rattata stopped twitching, her heart still pounding from the encounter. "That, was probably the most frightened I've ever been in my entire life..." She said gasping for breath in between words. "You did a good job little guy!" She said, rubbing Emil on the head. "Pichu!" Emil happily chirped back, loving the attention.

                          Eventually Emma got back up, her makeshift torch burnt out long ago she approaches the crates. While they were chewed up and reeked of smoke there was definitely something in them, The Pokémart logo being clear as day on the side. Picking them up they're a manageable but heavier than they look. "Oh jeez, this isn't going to be fun." Emma whined to herself as she started to walk towards Cherrygrove city. Emil, still hungry for attention, scampered his way on top of the crates. "You're not helping little guy..."


                          After about twenty minuted of walking and several breaks she finally makes it into Cherrygrove City. Emil following behind her after being picked up from off the boxes several times. "Finally here, It feels like my arms are about to fall off..."

                          As she entered a city an excited looking man approached her with a big smile on his face. "Hello there! You seem to be new around here. May I interest you in a tour around our lovely city?" he asked with a unique sparkle in his eyes.

                          "Sorry, I'm... a bit... Busy... Could you just... Point me... Towards the Pokémart?" Emma said, taking a large breath between her words as she struggled along.

                          "Oh, I see, It's right over there..." The old man said, pointing towards the north west. He seemed incredibly disappointed. "Maybe some other time then?" He asked, still a bit hopeful.

                          "When I'm... Not busy... Thank you." She managed to say again, her words almost being timed with her steps as she continued along. Still struggling with the stack of crates.


                          After a few more minutes of walking she finally recognized the familiar looking blue roofed building. "Oh thank god they have sliding doors!" She cheered out loud, picking up her pace some.

                          "...It was all there when I left, I swear I don't know what happened!" "Well, you need to fix it then! I'm not going to let my store go unstocked for another two weeks as I wait for another delivery!" Two voices could be heard from inside, one far more furious then the other as Emma stumbled in, dropping the crates at the door she leaned over them, completely exhausted. "W-Would these happen to be yours?"

                          "Huh, Well I'll be Damned..." An older man said behind the counter as he watched Emma walk in. "Looks like you might have gotten off the hook here lad" She said, looking over to the boy she was shouting at just a moment ago. The boy, probably in his late teens, slumped his shoulders down in relief.

                          "Those boxes look like they've been through hell and back lass. Where did you find those?" The old man asked, referring to the chewed up corners of the crates.

                          "I found them on route 29 sir..." She said, proceeding to tell him the story of what happened, Torch and all.

                          "Well, Your father was right about the smoke Lass, but the rock clacking you said you did? No wonder the thing attacked you!" The old man commented from behind the counter. "Boy, I want those crates open up and stocked!" He continued, pointing his finger at the crates Emma was still leaning on. "And make sure you thank her properly for saving your hide!"

                          "Y-yes sir! Thank you ma'am!" The boy said in a rushed tone, hurrying over to the crates, breaking them open without much effort thanks to all the wood chewed off of them.

                          "Didn't I teach you any manners boy!?" The older man shouted again, the boy ducking his head in as he's yelled at much like a turtle.

                          "Bah! Fine, I'll do it!" She older man scoffed at his apparent son. "Lass, Thank you for your help. If you didn' do what you did We'd probably be out of stock for another couple-o-weeks." He started rather earnestly, It was strange for Emma to hear him talk like that mere seconds after yelling at his son. "Feel free to take a couple-o-Pokéballs with ya for yer troubles."

                          "Well, Thank you very much!" She said, somewhat afraid of what would happen if she turned him down.

                          "And sorry yous had to see me get onto my son like that, he's a nice boy bit he can be a huge mess up sometimes!" The old man continued, His son blushing a deep red by this point. Clearly he wished he were anywhere else but there right now.

                          "I'm sure he is, Thank you again!" She said, being sure to take a couple pokéballs and quickly leave what was probably one of the more awkward moments of her life.
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                          Preston James
                          Male | Sixteen | New Bark Town

                          Preston sat on a hill in the sun, drawing in his brand new sketchbook. The subject of his art, a tiny, purple-skinned humanoid creature was standing in front of him, fiddling with a stick of berries absent midly and otherwise hopping about. It was obvious that the Tyrogue, for that is what it was, was getting impatient but Preston was paying little attention to that. He was intent on his work, having thrown himself into it as a means of procrastination. Even though he had recieved Savate as his first Pokemon weeks previously, he and the Tyrogue had only just that day set out on their journey... and already he was procrastinating again. Preston had chosen to go on the journey of his own accord quite abruptly, after spending a lot of time ignoring his parents pushing to do so he had made the decision himself not out of any desire to appease them but out of a mounting anxiety about his life's complete lack of progress and direction. Despite this though, he was finding it hard to push himself into continuing on past his first route - he wondered why exactly he was out there. His twin sister, Tarryn, was born to be a trainer but he himself did not have much confidence in his abilities and wasn't even completely sure if this was truly wanted to do, or if he was only doing it to be doing something.

                          It was these thoughts that were running rampant in Preston's head as he dragged his pencil deftly accross the paper, partway through producing an image of his partner. He felt a smile form on his face as he glanced up to make sure he wasn't getting anything wrong, seeing Savate had broken out into an impromptu kicking practice. The little Pokemon had only come into his possession recently, but he already felt as though the Tyrogue had been his companion for an eternity. He supposed that despite his discomfort at becoming a trainer, being introduced to his new friend was a huge positive that probably outweighed his fears and confusion.
                          "You know, you might end up a Hitmonchan." Preston said, laughing to himself when Savate froze mid kick, shooting him a scowl to end all scowls. Preston had quickly learned that his starter aspired to evolve into Hitmonlee - the kicking Pokemon - and that it wasn't even remotely enthused by the prospect of potentially becoming a Hitmonchan instead. He was still slightly unsure where his companion sat on the prospect of evolving into a Hitmontop aside from knowing it was preferable to the latter option and not nerely as happy a thought as the former. "I'm just saying it could happ-" Preston was cut off by the purple Fighting type launching at him with a Tackle, only narrowly managing to dive out the way of the incoming Pokemon. "Alright, alright! you'll definitely be a Hitmonlee, no doubt about it!" he exclaimed, Savate now nodding at him as though to assert that would definitely be the outcome of their travels. Preston hoped for both their sakes that this would be the case, because the alternative would likely not be a sad experience but a painful one.

                          Preston gathered up his scattered art utensiles and begun to pack them up, much to Savate's delight. It was high time that he got a move on if he wanted to make it to Cherrygrove City quickly and if he made Savate wait much longer he'd likely end up with another Tackle flying at him and he didn't fancy his chances of being able to avoid another attack.
                          "Alright then, I think it's about time we got a move on. We've got places to be afterall." Returning his fedora, which had fallen off when he had to flee a rampaging Tyrogue, to his head he headed off in the direction of Cherrygrove City with his partner close at hand.

                          It'd been nearly an hour of walking and chatting aimlessly - not that Preston could exactly understand everything his Tyrogue meant on account of the Pokemon lacking the ability to speak English... or any other human language for that matter - when the pairs attention was caught by an unholy scream of pain and rage. At first, the two were confused as to what was happening until savate begun gesturning wildly at Preston's feet. The trainer looked down and found to his surprise that under one of his feet was a fluffy pink tail.
                          "SORRY!" Preston yelled, immediately leaping back off of the Pokemon's tail.

                          The tail retreated back into the bush it was poking out of and with thar Preston thought his experiences with the creature it belonged to were over, but he was mistaken. Only a few seconds later, a pink blur hurled out of the bush and delivered a vicious tackle to Preston's abdomen. Preston fell down onto his backside hard, winded and in pain as the Pokemon launched landed and then launched right for him again, marking the third time in less than an hour that a Pokemon had attempted to Tackle him This time however, the first one to Tackle him came to his aid and punch as fast as a bullet intercepting the raging wild Pokemon and sending it rolling away across the ground. Coughing, and once more collecting his hat from the ground, Preston stood up to take a look at his assailant.

                          Preston had been unsure of what he might see, but he was not expecting to find his attacker adorable. In front of him, now returning angrily to its feet, was a small felid Pokemon with pink and cream fur, large ears and a tail that looked like a teaser toy.
                          "A skitty," he said, somewhat in shock, "How cute! Sorry I stepped on y-" once again the Kitten Pokemon dived for Preston, this time attempting to pummel him with a double slap. "Help!" Preston cried out to Savate, the Tyrogue tackling the agressor in its side and sending it flying into a nearby tree. The Skitty didn't stay down long this time however, instead it came flying back towards Preston again. This time, Preston was expecting the attack and managed to respond with a little less outright terror... a very small amount less. "Low Sweep!"

                          As the Skitty ran forwards, Savate once again intercepted the attack, moving in front of Preston and striking with a sweeping kick across the ground that once again sent the Normal type skidding off across the ground in a cloud of dust and dealing super-effective damage. The Skitty got up again and resumed its sprint towards Preston.
                          "Tackle it!" Preston yelled, still shocked at the ferocity with which this otherwise cute creature was attempting to harm him. Savate ran forwards, attempting to ram into the Skitty with his shoulder, but this time the smaller Pokemon easily leapt over the Fighting type, using his head as a springboard to push off of as it catapulted itself towards Preston's face. "Bullet Bunch!" he managed to yell out, despite his voice catching in his throat. Just in time, the high speed attack from Savate hit the Skitty, sending it craching to the ground in front of Preston.

                          The trainer knelt down to get closer to the Pokemon
                          "Calm down! I'm sorry I stepped on you, okay!" The Skitty didn't make another attempt at Preston's face, however its fur stood up on end as it hissed at him. "I'd never intentionally hurt anyone, let alone a Pokemon as cute as y-" it was as though the compliment had been a kick to the head, the instant Preston uttered the word "cute", the feline flew at him again and begun to repeatedly slap him with its tiny forelimbs. Catching on, Preston yelled through cries of pain
                          "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! You're not cute! You're very fierce and cool-looking! My mistake!" The exclamation prompted an instant change, just as Savate was one again about to deliver a furious strike to the other Pokemon, the Skitty halted its onslaught. Instead, Preston found himself with a smiling Pokemon sitting happily on his chest and purring loudly. The sight was adorable, in very stark contrast to the horror he had just experienced... not that he was going to tell the Pokemon that.

                          It was then, in a moment of either inspiration of insanity - he couldn't tell which - that Preston opened his mouth a tad more calmly.
                          "So... you're pretty tough." he begun before hastily ammending the statement "Very tough actually! Want to come battle gyms with us?" Savate's jaw nearly hit the ground at the surprise invitation, but this was not nearly as surprising to Preston as the Skitty beginning to affectionally rub against his face in response. It seemed that the novice trainer's team had grown by one in the most unusual and unexpected of ways as he reached for an empty Pokeball.

                          Savate (Male, Guts) - Low Sweep, Tackle, Foresight, Bullet Punch
                          Aella (Female, Wonder Skin) - Tackle, Double Slap, Zen Headbutt

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                            Dvalin Knight
                            Route 30-31

                            Dvalin looked back at Cherrygrove City and took a deep breath. There wasn't that much to do in the town. There was an elder who wanted to show him the ropes of being a pokemon trainer, but Dvalin didn't take the tour because he knew all the basics of being a trainer and he couldn't bring himself to lie to his elders. So all he did was walk towards the pokemon center to heal Torch and his newly caught Starly, and left the small town.
                            "Hmm, you know Torch." Dvalin said to his partner while walking on route 31. "You would have thought we would have seen at least one of those other trainers who started the same time we did, though I wouldn't be shocked if they couldn't take the pressure of being a trainer and quit" he says as he chuckles to himself. Torch simply smiles, to confirm and return Dvalin's confidence.

                            While walking, Dvalin began to look around at the wilderness around him, looking at his Pokenav to see what type of pokemon were around, and he made a confused face. There were pokemon, a bunch of them at that. It was just a certain type that wasn't being seen.
                            "Where are all the bug type pokemon, I mean i don't aim on catching one yet, it would hurt my chance of winning the first gym if he or she is a flying type specialist, but still... it's odd."

                            Dvalin says while looking around, appearing to seem worried about the missing pokemon. He then shakes his head, adjusts his glasses and thinks of a reason to why he isn't seeing any.

                            "I'll probably see some on the next route, speaking of routes.. I should be getting near Route 31 soon." Dvalin looks at his pokenav one more time to confirm he isn't getting lost on the beginning of his journey. While this is all happening, 4 kids with straw hats on their heads and nets on their backs, watch Dvalin and are talking among one another.
                            "Do you think he can do it?" One asks.

                            "No way, didn't you hear him. He said he didn't want any bug pokemon." Another says.

                            "But he looked concerned for them though. We really should ask him." A third one adds in.

                            "So many people have turned us down, I hope he helps us out". The fourth one speaks.
                            They all nod their heads and begins to approach Dvalin in hope of his help, for whatever they need help with.

                            "Hey kid!" One of the 4 trainers shout to catch Dvalin's attention. He stops and turns around, seeing who on this route called out to him. When he see who it is, Bug catchers, who look no where near his age, he folds his arms, raises one of his eyebrows and replies to them

                            "You're calling me a kid? you look like you all are barely older then 12, anyways get to the point, I have a gym badge in Violet City to obtain, and this conversation is slowing me down..."

                            "Sorry sorry, but we have a favor to ask of you, there is a nasty pokemon that has been hogging all the food and driving away all the bug type pokemon in this area, and we need a strong trainer to help us out." One of the catchers, who looked desperate as if he asked so many people already, asked Dvalin.

                            Dvalin made a small grin as he called him a strong trainer, knowing he was typing to flatter him by complementing him. Though he did want to know what happened to the pokemon anyways, now he has an answer and figured if a pokemon is able to bully all the bug type pokemon in the area, it had to be strong, and he had to catch it.
                            "Hmm, Well facing this pokemon will help me establish trust between my pokemon, plus removing this pokemon might even bring out a strong bug type; especially one that can actuallly fight flying types with ease. It will definetly yield better results for me then just walking through the routes to Violet City." Dvalin thinks to himself while adjusting his glasses again. "Alright, I'll help you guys out, just show me where the pokemon is and I'll take care of him for you guys easily." Dvalin says while grinning imagining what pokemon awaits him.

                            "Alright thank you, just follow us and we will show you where he is, by the way what is your name anyways? We would like to know the name of the person who helped us out." The boy who called Dvalin in the first place asked.
                            "Dvalin. Dvalin Knight, the next champion of Jhoto, you should remember the name well, and this is my partner Torch" Dvalin replied while him and Torch grinned with confidence.

                            "Right... we will try too." One of the boys says, rolling his eyes.
                            After a bit of walking into a small patch of grass with trees surrounding them, Dvalin sees berries and other food occasionally on the way, gradually growing until he sees a huge pile of the food. On top of the food made Dvalin's jaw drop in a mixture of shock, excitement and joy. There was a Heracross, one of the strongest bug type pokemon ever seen gleefully eating the berries, not caring about what is happening around him. His face then begins to change from shock to a huge grin and he yells out:
                            "That's.... That's a Heracross! Do you know how rare and powerful those pokemon are!? Why haven't any of you even attempted to catch this perfect bug type pokemon!?"

                            "Well we tried, but he knocked out all of our pokemon with ease" The 4 bug catchers speak up in unison.
                            Dvalin sighs while he replies to them,
                            "Tsk, such amateurs. Anyways I would suggest standing back and take notes. You are about to see a tactician trainer at work." Dvalin then takes out a pokeball, containing the perfect pokemon for this battle.
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                              Route 29 | Age 17 | About to lose his face?

                              Marcus opened his eyes after a few seconds, face seemingly not currently being mauled. He lifted his arm to peek through at the table, only to see nothing on the table. Could the Pokémon teleport? No… it was yellow, seeming to imply it was electric type. Dropping his arms and taking another look around, the Pokémon was nowhere to be seen. Behind him Mr. Pokémon was laughing at something.

                              “You might want to check your head there.” Mr. Pokémon chuckled.

                              My head… Marcus thought, slowly deciphering what he meant. There was a slight rustling in his hair… as if something… was there. Marcus let loose a slightly unmasculine scream once he placed the pieced together. It was on him; it was on him! It wasn’t biting, was it? No, he felt no pain...

                              “It’s okay son.” Mr. Pokémon said, laughing even harder. “It’s a Joltik. They’re small and harmless.”

                              “Harmless…” Marcus repeated, softly. “Why does it have such an interest in my hair?”

                              “Joltiks like to make nests in insulation when they enter houses. Your hair must have made it think you were a perfect nest.”

                              Sylvi and Mirabi were now awake from his scream earlier, and interested in the new Pokémon.

                              “I don’t assume that this is your Pokémon, is it?” Marcus asked.

                              “I had no idea he was even here, although that would help explain the battery incident. Little guy was probably getting his fill.”

                              “Well, since he likes me, I think I’ll take him with me.”

                              Removing one of his Pokéballs from him pocket, he expanded It to the full size and tapped it against the small Joltik atop his head. He felt the Pokéball pull the Pokémon within itself, and after a few shakes it gave its faint glow of a complete capture. Sylvi openly squeaked her approval, and Mirabi gave a reserved smile. After releasing his new Pokémon, he felt the rustling of his hair once more, and the little spider-like Pokémon appeared in front of his eyes, clinging to his bangs.

                              “Hey there little guy!” Marcus said to him, softly rubbing the electric Pokémon’s head. “What are we going to call you?”

                              Ix…. od… A thought within Marcus rose up, almost like a voice in his head.

                              “Ixod…” He repeated.

                              “Bit of an odd name,” Mr. Pokémon remarked, “but fitting for a little terror like him, huh?”

                              “Yeah. I think that fits perfectly.”

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                                Dvalin Knight
                                Route 31

                                Dvalin looked down at his hand, the hand that contained his newly caught pokemon: Starly, who he never even decided to give a name to yet. He thought about using Torch to face the Heracross, but Starly would have a much much better chance of winning due to the 4 times flying type super effective moves.

                                "Sorry Torch, you'll have to sit this one out. don't worry though, when we face the gym leader, you will be a huge hand in beating them due. I promise you." Dvalin says to Torch, who was sitting on the floor pouting due to the fact he wasn't going to battle.
                                Dvalin threw the pokeball, and from it came the Starly who flew around the area out of the pokeball for the first time, but descended and landed onto Dvalin's forearm when he whistled to him.

                                "Ok Star- nah I don't like that name... How about Aero? Yeah Aero sounds like a great name for you, considering how quick you are." Dvalin said with a grin.The bird simply nodded it's head before pecking at it's wing. "Alright then Aero, let's begin... But first though, how do we get his attention?"
                                Dvalin says while looking over at the Heracross, who didn't even care what was going on around him, he was too busy eating the berries that he horded up in the pile.

                                Hmm... He really is enjoying those berries, I wonder how angry he would get if someone was to take one right out of his hand and eat it... Dvalin thought to himself scratching his chin with the hand that Aero isn't on, occasionally adjusting his glasses.

                                "Um Dvalin, aren't you going to battle him today? We kinda need him-"

                                "Shut it kid... I'm thinking and I don't need background noise interrupting me right now"
                                Dvalin snaps back at the bug catcher who immediately looked down to the ground afterwords.

                                After a few minutes of thinking, Dvalin snapped his fingers and gave a grin. He knew exactly how to grab the Heracross attention away from the berries.

                                "Ok then, Aero use quick attack to steal the berry out of Heracross' hand to get his attention." Dvalin says to Aero, who is still resting on his forearm. Aero nods his head, and flies into the air, preparing to dive to steal Heracross' berry. As soon as Aero sees heracross pick another berry up, be dives head first straight toward him. As Heracross is about to eat the berry, Aero swoops in and steals it, leaving Heracross biting nothing but air. When realizing this he looks around appearing furious as to who had the guts to steal his berry. When his eyes lock onto Aero who had the berry in his mouth, just finishing it. He gets up and flies off the berries, ready to fight.

                                "Finally, looks like he is ready to roll, Aero use quick attack!"
                                Aero dives in again, this time looking to actually hit Heracross instead of stealing the berry. Heracross charges to challenge Aero's quick attack with his own Tackle. The two collide mid air and ended in a tie. Heracross lands on the ground while Aero stays in the air, waiting for the next move to be made.

                                "Aero, use aerial ace! It's time for some damage!" Dvalin yells pointing at the Heracross. Aero Dives down toward the Heracross at blazing speeds, almost too quick for anyone to see. Heracross tries to go even with a tackle again, but he is too slow and gets hit in the stomach by aerial ace. He tumbles across the ground before landing in the berries, softening his landing.
                                Heracross gets up, looking weakened but still more then capable of fighting more. He then begins to punch the ground, creating mid size rocks that look easily thrown.

                                "What is he doing Dvalin?" One of the bug catchers ask, in confusion.
                                "Damn, he is setting up for rock blast... Aero Dodge the rocks he throws!" Dvalin yells, realizing what Heracross is doing.

                                Heracross then begins to throw the rocks he made at Aero in the air. Aero begins to dodge the rocks, but gets hit by one of them and begins to fall to the ground, about to be met by a Heracross charging forward with an aerial ace of his own.

                                "Aero snap out of it and use quick attack to avoid him!" Dvalin yells to Aero, who shakes his head and flies out of the way to dodge aerial ace. He barely avoids the Heracross and heads back to the sky, to keep the height advantage over Heracross. Heracross begins to punch the ground again, preparing for another rock blast.

                                "Alright I think I've figured out his pattern of throwing the rocks... Aero it's time to catch your new partner. Dive straight down and use double edge!" Dvalin yells, snapping his fingers, pointing at heracross.

                                Heracross begins the throw the rocks at Aero who begins the dive straight down. No matter how much Heracross tried to hit, he kept missing the Starly who dived straight down.

                                I thought so, looks like he expects Aero to dodge so he throws them at an angle that'll hit if he tries to dodge. Dvalin thought to himself grinning

                                Aero does a sharp turn near the ground and charges with a lot of power behind him toward Heracross. Heracross attempts to dodge but he gets hit in the mid section of Aero and get sent flying toward the berry pile. Though this time, not even the berries could soften the impact as he is sent into the pile, causing it to collapse. Aero flies back to Dvalin, feeling the recoil damage from the double edge. Dvalin greets him with a smile and a head rub.

                                "You did amazing out there Aero, now take a much needed rest. I'll handle the rest OK?" Dvalin says gently as he taps Aero with his pokeball to return him.

                                "Man this Dvalin guy switches up his personality so quickly, one second he is rude as hell, the next it seems like his words can heal injuries." One of the bug cathers whisper.
                                "Yeah, it's so weird to have a personality like that" another adds in while nodding his head in agreement.
                                The heracross, hurt and wanting to sneak away begins to fly away from the area.

                                "Oh no you don't Heracross, it's time to join my party!" Dvalin yells as he takes out an empty pokeball and throws it at a curve hitting the fleeing Heracross. The pokeballl fallls to the ground and shakes for quite a while, signaling the Heracross was still going to fight Dvalin if need be. After a while it stops and stands still. Dvalin walks over and picks it up, beaming with confidence and joy knowing he has caught a very powerful pokemon so early in his journey.

                                "Alright then, the bug pokemon shouldn't have anymore trouble around here." Dvalin tells the bug catchers, who are in shock Dvalin was able to best the bug pokemon.

                                "Thank you Dvalin, now as for your payment.." One of the bug catchers began to speak looking at his pokenav to finish the transaction of pokemoney, but when he looked up Dvalin was already leaving.

                                "I caught the Heracross, I don't think anything you guys give me will even come close to matching this! Later kids!" Dvalin yelled to them as he was walking from the patch of grass, back onto route 31 and on his way to Violet City to earn his first badge
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                                  Route 29 | Age 17 | On the Hunt

                                  After a nice nap at Mr. Pokémon's house, Marcus decided it was best to hit the road again and actually take the correct path this time. As he walked down the dirt path leading back to the crossroads, he couldn't help but hear the sounds of several Pokémon running about, unseen, in the trees just off the path. His team was already fuller than he expected, but maybe he should pick up a fourth? Trainers traditionally had a team of six, and the sooner he could catch a full team, the sooner he could bond with them.

                                  Speaking of his team, he had no idea how Sylvi and Mirabi even think about little Ixod the Terrible. The two of them were already close friends, Sylvi pulling Mirabi into whatever she happened to be doing at the time, and Mirabi seemed to enjoy it once she got over the initial fear. However, his little spider friend seemed to just want to hang out in his hair, rustling it about to make a better nest. So far the two groups really had no interaction with each other, would they even work well as a team?

                                  A sudden movement snapped him out of his daydream. It looked like there was some kind of Pokemon behind a tree up ahead. It was... Brown with white fur? Judging from where it stood near the tree, it was almost as large as Marcus himself. Nothing in trainer school mentioned a Pokemon that looked like this, was it some kind of rare Pokemon? Either way, he was going to find out. Shushing his Pokemon, he snuck up to the tree as quietly as he could, readied his Pokeball... and...

                                  Heard a very distinctly human shout when the Pokeball bounced off. Taking a moment once he could see it up close, Marcus realized it wasn't a Pokemon at all... just a hat. A very familiar hat.

                                  Oh, she's going to kill me now...

                                  "What the hell was that for?!" The girl he mistakenly threw the Pokeball at shouted as she whipped around to her assaulter. "Marcus?!"

                                  "Hey there Vi..." He began his defense. "Did I ever mention that the hat kind of makes you look like a Pokemon?"

                                  "And what Pokemon on a route they recommend for beginners is as tall... no..." she refuted, eyeing the top of his head. "Taller than you?"

                                  "A rare one?"

                                  "Ugh, we finally meet up again, and this is how you greet me. And wow... your hair is a mess."

                                  "Hey, I'm sorry about that, and I can't do anything about the hair situation with this guy here." He replied, parting his hair and revealing the sleeping Joltik inside.

                                  "That's a cute little spider. I'm guessing the Azurill and Hoppip are yours too?"

                                  Upon being noiced, Sylvi ran up to greet the stranger, pulling a nervous Mirabi who happened to be hiding behind her tail along.

                                  "Yup," Marcus confirmed, "Sylvi here was my first, and then Mirabi and little Ixod the Terrible here."

                                  "I should have known you'd have a cute team like this." She said, faking a sigh and shaking her head.

                                  "I'd like to see your team then, if you even have one."

                                  "Hey, my team is awesome. I've got my own spider, plus a cool.." She began, trailing off. "Hold up, you have three Pokemon, right?"

                                  "Uhh, yeah."

                                  "Well, so do I. How about I show you my team the trainer way, with a battle? That is, if you've even battled with these Pokemon."

                                  "Of course I have!" He lied. "Come on, let do this!"

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                                    Emma Ward

                                    While leaving the Pokémart behind, Emma was greeted with a rather familiar looking face.

                                    "Hi there? Did everything go alright? I heard yelling." The old man from before asked as he walked down the road towards her. "Ivan isn't yelling at his boy again is he?"

                                    "Is that what his name is? Yeah I guess he was. He seemed thankful for the pokéballs back at least." Emma explained, awkwardly rubbing the back of her head out of instinct.

                                    "Perfect! Then that must mean you're ready for my tour then!" The old man happily chirped, grinning ear to ear.

                                    "What? Huh? I didn't say that!" Emma said starting to panic, if she let this old guy hold her up she would never make it to Violet city before everyone else.

                                    "But... You said you would when you weren't busy." He said disappointed.

                                    "What I didn..." She started off saying, Realizing mid sentence what he means. "I did say that didn't I? Alright fine, Can we make it quick though?" she surrendered, knowing she wasn't going to get away from it without feeling guilty.

                                    "Don't you worry! If ole Gent here is anything he's quick" He said Chirping up in an instant.

                                    "Did he just guilt-trip me?" Emma asked herself before Gent rocketed forward, running faster than any elderly man should be able to. "Hey! Wait up!" She yelled after him, Stumbling on her first step a bit as she tried to run forward to catch up to him.

                                    "Alright I'm sure you've already familiarized yourself with the Pokémart there so we can pass by that one and go to our next stop" The old man called back still running at a decent pace. Already exhausted from her earlier crate carrying Emma barely manages to keep up. Emil, once perched up on her shoulder is now hanging on for dear life as she tried to keep up with Gent.

                                    "This here is our lovely little city's pokemon center..." He started to trail off, Giving Emma a few precious moments of rest before running off again to Emma's dismay. "When I said to please make it quick I didn't mean it like this!" Emma shouted forward, falling on deaf ears.

                                    Emma finally catches up to him again on the west side of town. She's barely able to even hear the old man through her own heavy breathing. Before she knew it he was off again as Emma chased after him again, her steps getting heavier and heavier.

                                    After several more stops Emma is barely managing to keep up with the speeding old man. Emil is now following along behind her to avoid getting dizzy from her heavy steps. Eventually they reach a road leading outside of town and she hears those glorious words."... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... and that will conclude our tour of Cherrygrove City" Gent chirped to himself, Proud of his work.

                                    "You know... This isn't... what I meant... by quick..." Emma managed to say in between breaths. Between the crates and this old man's tour she felt like she was going to fall over at any moment. Looking over to the right, she was slightly annoyed to see that the pokémart was very close by.

                                    "Sorry, I must have gotten a bit carried away there, It's amazing how fit you can get when giving tours!" Gent chirped "Are there any other questions?

                                    "Yeah, What's the quickest way to Violet city? I don't want to end up falling behind." Emma asked, now sitting down on the ground trying to recuperate

                                    "That's easy, Just follow the road and when you hit the fork in the road go left. You might see some other trainers or wild pokemon on the way though so make sure you're prepared." He warned. "I figure though if you're clever you can make it there before those other brats." He continued, scoffing a bit.

                                    "Anyway I digress. Since you were the only one polite enough to take and old man's tour I have a gift for you." He said walking towards the nearby pokémart. "Lucky Ivan lets me keep these back here."

                                    "Oh you don't have to..." She half heatedly insisted to be polite, secretly she's relieved she's at least getting something for going through that tour so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

                                    "Here you go lass!" He said, pulling out a new looking lantern. "There's a cave on the way to Violet city, if you're curious about it you'll need this here to see once you're inside." He finished pushing the lantern onto Emma's hands. "Well, While I'm here I might say hi to ole Ivan, Take care lass!"

                                    "Thank you" Emma said waving, Clipping the lantern to her side next to her pouch bag. Trying to get up afterwords, Emma falls backwards, her legs still a bit wobbly. "Yeah, I think I'll rest here for a moment before continuing."
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                                    Hearts Reborn - A Johto Journey
                                    Violet City

                                    "The City of Nostalgic Scents"

                                    Pokémon Trainers often come to Violet City in order to win the Zephyr Badge from Falkner, the Violet Gym Leader, who specializes in Flying-type Pokémon. The city has three entrances, one from the east via Route 31, one from the south via Route 32, and one from the west via Route 36.

                                    Places of Interest:

                                    Sprout Tower:
                                    The large tower in the northern part of the town is a tall and wobbling pagoda, run by Sages who train Pokémon, all the while teaching people that all living beings coexist through cooperation. These monks mostly train Bellsprout, although occasionally use Hoothoot. As Trainers battle, the flexible pagoda shakes from side to side; this flexibility protects the tall tower from earthquakes.

                                    The Violet Gym is the official Gym of Violet City. It is based on Flying-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Falkner. Trainers who defeat him receive the Zephyr Badge.

                                    Violet City Gym:
                                    Leader Falkner


                                    Violet City Missions:
                                    1. A stolen Star! – A little girl is seen crying as she runs through the streets. Upon questioning what’s wrong, you learn that her Cleffa was stolen while the two were at the playground. Track down the thief and get Cleffa back! Reward: Moonstone, ??? (another reward will be given for your good deed later on in the story) This mission can be taken solo, or as part of a joint post.

                                    Sado's Pokemon:

                                    2. Poison Power – Mal, a teacher at Violet City’s Trainer School, is struggling to teach his students there are other ways to win a battle, outside of powerful attacks. He and his Swallot are willing to teach one of your Pokémon Toxic. This mission can only be taken once (Mal is a lazy person).

                                    3. Bellsprout, where art tho? – It seems all the school kids are finding Bellsprouts, all except Eliot. Help him find and capture one (rumor has it there’s one living behind Sprout Tower). This mission can be taken solo, or as part of a joint post.

                                    4. A Primo Scavenger Hunt – Primo, the former Teachy TV host, is organizing a scavenger hunt around the city. The first three participants to return to Primo with all the clues will be rewarded an evolutionary stone. Reward: Fire stone/Thunder stone/Water stone/Leaf stone. This mission can be taken by up to three people. You may work on this mission together, or all write out separate posts regarding the search.

                                    5. An Unknown Disturbance – Whatever is going down in the Ruins of Alph is causing some of the Unknowns to seek refuge in the city. Whatever strange energy these Pokémon give off is making the technology within the Pokémon Center go haywire. Nurse Joy can use all the help she can get rounding them up and returning them up and finding a safe place to put them. Rewards: Your choice of Apricorn Ball (I will go into detail with these in the oc) Everyone may participate in this mission. You do not need to claim this mission in the oc, as it is open to everyone.

                                    6. Climbing Sprout Tower – Many trainers come to the Sprout Tower to seek training and guidance. Now this sacred ground is opened to you, and the sages are raring to battle. Reward: Battling the head Sage will allow one of your captured Pokémon to evolve. Everyone may participate in this mission. You do not need to claim this mission in the oc, as it is open to everyone.

                                    Grant Sage Li


                                    7. (Lunalie’s custom mission) Slow and Steady…Makes Udo Angry – Shouts can be heard from the West exit of the city, close to route 32. Anyone curious enough to investigate will find a young man…who is very displeased with his newly obtained Pokémon: A Slowpoke--You might even say he’s down right abusive to the poor thing. He’s willing to give up the ‘stupid thing’ if someone can best him in battle with his other Pokémon. Reward: Slowpoke. This mission is only opened to Lunalie

                                    Udo's Pokemon:

                                    Route 32: About a mile down route 32 is the entrance to the ruins of Alph. Beyond that point is a blockade, along with an officer who will explain that both the ruins, and the route below, are under investigation. While he refuses to tell you more than that, he will insist you turn around. You are welcome to explore the first mile of the route, and catch any Pokémon that might appear there, however.


                                    Sprout Tower:

                                    Route 36 - A route in central Johto connecting Route 37, Violet City, and National Park. The northern entrance to the Ruins of Alph is located at eastern end of the route (like route 32, it is blocked off by police). The route also contains a shortcut to Route 35.


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                                      Route 29 | Age 17 | On the Hunt

                                      "Let's see what those fuzz balls can do!" Vi shouted, pulling her hat down and making an odd pose with her hat over one eye and her other arm outstretched with her first Pokeball.

                                      "Uhh," Marcus stammered, a little lost by his friend's actions. "What are you doing?"

                                      "This is a fighting pose, duh."

                                      "Looks a little... no... very dumb."

                                      "Shut up, this is going to look awesome on TV." She retorted, dropping the pose. "Now are we going to chatter, or are we going to battle?"

                                      Tossing her first Pokeball out into the open field, the light faded to reveal a black bird like Pokemon, a Murkrow.

                                      "This isn't a great matchup." Marcus muttered to his team. "Think you can handle him Mirabi?"

                                      The Hoppip looked nervously up at her trainer, then over to the opposing Pokemon, before giving a small nod. Mirabi jumped out into the field, on Marcus' side of the imaginary arena.

                                      "I'll even let you get the first attack." Vi announced, giving an exaggerated bow.

                                      "You know this doesn't tend to work out well for you, right? But oh well, Tackle him Mirabi!"

                                      The little pink grass Pokemon cleared the gap with several large hops, the final one connecting with the Murkrow, who only attempted a dodge at the last second. The Murkrow used its wings to stop himself from tumbling back, before taking off, finally in fight mode.

                                      "Very cute, very cute." Vi chuckled. "Now that things are even, let's get started. Hoffa, give them a good Astonish."

                                      The bird pokemon changed his trajectory from just aimlessly circling in mid air to a collision course with Mirabi. The hoppip stood there, frozen in place while the Murkrow swooped close to the ground. Just before connecting, the crow suddenly started flapping its wings in reverse and loudly cawing. Although the momentum was mostly killed, Mirabi was still buffeted by the wings and appeared to be paralyzed in fear.

                                      "Get him back Mirabi, Seed Bomb!" Marcus shouted, but despite the command, Mirabi still stood there, shaking in place, while her opponent took off again into his circles in the sky.

                                      "Looks like the poor girl is too scared to even move. Let's make this quick, Pursuit!"

                                      Hoffa dive bombed again, this time his beak glowing a slight purple color, while Mirabi finally broke her fear induced paralysis and tried to run. The bird Pokemon swerved across the grass in a large serpentine pattern before finally making contact with Mirabi's back, sending her rolling towards Marcus. Picking her up off his legs, and placing her back right side up, Marcus consolidated the teary eyed Pokemon.

                                      "Do you still think you can fight?" He asked her, kneeling down and rustling her little head leaves. The little pink puffball gave a small nod in approval. "Okay then, let's keep him at a distance, and not let him hit us."

                                      Wiping her eyes on his pants, Mirabi straightened up and bounced back towards the fight.

                                      "Okay, Fairy Wind him!"

                                      "Twirling the leaves above her head, a small amount of pink tinted wind began swirling above Mirabi. Taking aim, she tossed it at the Murkrow, managing to land a glancing blow.

                                      "Okay, let's turn that back around! Another Astonish!"

                                      Hoffa regained his balance and dove once more at Mirabi, this time on a direct path.

                                      "Remember this is a trick! Let him get close and then hit him with a Seed Bomb!"

                                      Sure enough the Murkrow killed its momentum at the last second, opting instead to screech and hit Mirabi with its wings. This time, however, Mirabi didn't shut down, and during the wing buffet she managed to produce two hard-shelled seeds in her leaves, launching them both at Hoffa. The bird Pokemon was nailed by both seeds at it's wing joint, losing it's balance and falling to the ground. The crow took a second, but it eventually managed to stand back up and brushed the dirt off its wing.

                                      "Ouch, you alright there big guy?" Vi shouted, getting an affirmative caw in response. "Well, let's finish this with our big secret move. Brave Bird!"

                                      Wait.. BRAVE BIRD? Where did she find a Pokemon with such a powerful move this early?

                                      The Murkrow's wings shone with a bright light as he took off an began a steep climb into the sky. If this hits, there's no way Mirabi could shake this off. He had to stop it. Hoffa reached the apex of his ascent, and suddenly changed directions, going for a direct dive bomb, and picking up speed, fast.

                                      "Mirabi, you have to act quickly! Fairy wind it when it can't dodge!"

                                      Staring down the speeding bullet of a bird, Mirabi replaced the look of panic on her face with one of pure concentration. Creating another mass of pink wind, she held the attack above her for a moment, and then, second before impact, released the storm. The impact seemed unavoidable, and sure enough Hoffa flipped in midair, suddenly changing course. falling on his back, the bird looked up for a brief moment, before collapsing once more. Mirabi looked at her collapsed foe triumphantly, and promptly fell down herself.

                                      Both trainers rushed to their companion's side and checked their status.

                                      "Hoffa is fine. Just passed out." Vi announced, returning the crow pokemon to his Pokeball."What happened to Mirabi? It doesn't look like she got hit..."

                                      Marcus rolled his companion over, and found her slightly snoring.

                                      "Looks like she passed out from exhaustion and maybe a bit of fear. It looks like she's fine, but I don't think she can battle."

                                      "Ah, that's a shame. Well, we both still have two Pokemon left. Ready for the next round?"

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                                        Dvalin Knight
                                        Violet City

                                        Dvalin walked past the gate that seperated Route 31 and Violet City, greeted by the people who live in the town who were walking past him. Dvalin sighed a breath of relief, happy that he made it to Violet City without getting lost on his way there. When he entered the city, the first thing that caught his eye was a huge tower that seemed out of place, appearing separated from the city by a bridge and a river. As much as he wanted to visit the tower he wasn't able too at the moment. He had to visit the pokemon center to heal his newly caught Heracross and Aero. Afteer looking around aimlessly, he found the center and entered the building. He walked up to the desk where nurse Joy welcomed him with a smile.

                                        "Why hello there. What can I do for you today?" Nurse Joy asked Dvalin.

                                        "Hello, can you heal my pokemon for me please?" Dvalin replied with a smile

                                        "Sure thing. Ill just take your pokemon for a few minutes. I'll call you over the speaker when they are all healed up."

                                        Dvalin thanked her and turned around to go sit down and wait. As he turned around, he was greeted by a girl. She was a bit shorter then he was, had brown hair that was tied into a ponytail that was braided. She wore a magenta scarf with a black jacket and a blue shirt. She was carrying a tan backpack with a bunch of stickers on it, and had a Cyndaquil sitting on her shoulder. They stared at each other for a minute, then Dvalin sighed and asked the following question.

                                        "Why are you here?"

                                        She smiled and replied:
                                        "I'll answer if you say the greeting."


                                        "Come on Dvalin, say it"

                                        "Go away..."

                                        "After you say it."

                                        "We aren't kids anymore Roxanne, that greeting is so cheesy"

                                        "hasn't stopped up before has it?"

                                        Dvalin gave a small grin. He did enjoy the greeting, but he was never going to let her know this.

                                        "OK Ok... fine. Hey there Ms. Sun. Why are you outside right now?"

                                        "i should be asking you that. It's morning time not Knight time!"

                                        Roxanne giggled a little bit while Dvalin just stood there with a red face, embarrassed as to what he just said in public.

                                        "So Roxanne, why are you in Violet City? You told me that you were going to Unova to challenge that Unova league a few days ago." Dvalin asked hoping to get a straight answer out of Roxanne for once.

                                        "Oh right, the flight got cancelled so I decided to challenge the Jhoto league instead." She replied with a smile, while messing with the end of her ponytail.

                                        Dvalin took a deep breath and sighed. He had a feeling she wasn't going to give a straight answer.

                                        "Roxanne. How long have we known each other for now?" Dvalin asked

                                        "About 13 years now. Why do you ask?" Roxanne replied with a question of her own.

                                        "We know a lot about each other. Even the tells when we are lying, like how you like to mess with your hair when you don't want to give a straight forward answer and want to dodge the questions. So I'm gonna ask again, why aren't you in Unova like you said you were?"

                                        Roxanne sighed and replied:
                                        "Ok fine, after i heard the top 8 of the Goldenrod Acadamy were going to get a pokemon-"

                                        "How did you find that out Roxanne?"

                                        "That's not important. Anyways, after i heard that. I knew you were gonna be one of those graduates that were gonna be getting a pokemon, so I couldn't let this opportunity to actually compete with you slide by. So I talked to Proffessor Juniper and Elm and they both agreed that I'll head to Unova next year. I just got here to Violet city about 2 days ago, So I've just been waiting on you to get here so I see how you have been doing and so I can challenge you. Not now though, after I beat Falkner. Speaking of which, you do have your pokemon with you right?"

                                        "Yeah I have my pokemon, but they are currently being healed right no-"

                                        As Dvalin was talking, nurse Joy used the speaker to announce the following:
                                        "Will Dvalin Knight and Roxanne Sun please come to the front desk, your pokemon are healed and ready to be returned.

                                        Dvalin and Roxanne begin walking to the desk to collect their pokemon. They reached the desk, collected their pokemon and began to chat again.

                                        "Anyways, Dvalin what pokemon do you have?" Roxanne asked, heer eyes sparking with curiosity.

                                        "Alright, if you want to see. Aero, Crosshair, Torch. Come say hello!" Dvalin says as he threw his 3 pokeballs out. The pokeballs opened up, and Dvalins Starly, Magby, and Heracross came out.

                                        "Roxanne meet Aero, Crosshair, and Torch. These 3 are my pokemon. Now what about you? Asdie from Cyndaquil who do you have?"

                                        "I'm glad you asked Dvalin. Frogger, Clamps come on out!" Roxanne says as she sends out her own pokeballs, opening up and releases a Pinsir and a Tympole.

                                        "Those are some strong pokemon you have there Roxanne, but i don't aim on losing to anyone. Not even you Roxanne."

                                        "Right right, anyways. I'm about to go challenge Falkner. You want to come watch and see how a real battle is?" Roxanne banters with Dvalin. Dvalin chuckles and replies to her:

                                        "Sure Roxanne, let's get going."

                                        Dvalin and Roxanne leave the pokemon center and begin to walk towards the gym where Falkner was awaiting all challengers. On the way though, Dvalin heard something. At first, it sounded odd and he just ignored it, but as he got closer to the gym, he could make it out much more clear. It was someone crying, and he wanted to know why and what happened.

                                        "Hey Roxanne, I gotta go do something so I'll catch up with you later alright?"

                                        "Wait Dvalin, where are you going?" Roxanne asked at first. Upon hearing the sounds of crying though, she knows what Dvalin was going to do.
                                        "Alright. Don't take to long alright? And be careful, I don't need you getting hurt." Roxanne continues on to the gym, while Dvalin heads to where the source of where the crying is.
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                                          "Thank you again, professor!" Nali happily said as she waved goodbye to Professor Elm with her brand new starter, Kait the Mantyke.

                                          The beginning trainer and baby Pokemon make their way out of Littleroot Town and into route 29, the start of Nali Rail's very own journey. The young red head could barely contain her excitement! Kait could feel the excitement coming off of her trainer and flew around her to join in on the glee. This little action cause Nali to giggle, seeing her cute Mantyke fly all around her quickly. Suddenly, a large gust of wind blows Mantyke away causing the poor water/flying to lose her balance! Nali's giggle is interrupted by a shout a surprise as she runs off to catch her partner Pokemon.

                                          "Kait!" Nali cried out in fear, jumping into the air and catching Kait in her arms. She ends up scuffing her elbows a little when she hits the ground, but otherwise she's fine. Sighing in relief, Nali holds the surprised Kait in her arms. "We gotta be more careful. I should put you away in your Poke Ball until these gusty winds--huh?"

                                          Further into the route, Nali can hear some cries of protest. They weren't human though. Pokemon maybe? Getting up, Nali walked over to where she is hearing the cries and finds a group of hoppips! What were they so worried about? Looking up, Nali noticed a lone Hoppip wedged between some branches. That poor thing . . .

                                          "Hm . . . Hey Kait, the wind isn't that strong right now. Do you think you can go up there and free the Hoppip?" Nali asked her partner Pokemon who nodded valiantly. The small Mantyke flew up over to where the Hoppip was stuck and began to pull it free from the branches. It takes a few tries, but the Hoppip is pulled free! The group of Hoppip on the ground cheer in happiness at their friends safe return to the ground, bringing a smile to Nali's face. "You did a good job, Kait!"

                                          Kait blushed in response to the praise, happy to have done well for her trainer. One of the Hoppips bounces over to Nali, holding a few berries in her hand. "Huh? Are these for me?" The Hoppip nods quickly, a smile on its face. "Hey, thanks!" Nali takes the berries from the grass-type, grinning ear to ear. "You little guys are awesome." The same Hoppip than bounces up to Nali's waist and taps a Poke Ball strapped to her belt.

                                          "What? You want to join my team?" Now this surprised Nali, but the nod from the Hoppip confirmed her thoughts. Grinning even wider, Nali pulls out a fresh Poke Ball and taps the Hoppip lightly with it, capturing the grass-type. "You see that, Kait? We got another member in our team!" Kait cheered softly, doing a flip in the air. The two wave goodbye to the group of Hoppips before continuing on route 29 and eventually over to Cherrygrove City.
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                                            Lucas Laramie
                                            -Violet City-


                                            “Thank you for waiting. We've restored your Pokémon to full health. Please, come back again any time!” The woman behind the counter said as she handed Luke two pokéballs.

                                            “Thanks for takin care of ‘em miss.” Luke tipped his hat to the woman and released his two pokémon to check on them. Elekid stretched his arms and readjusted the black bandana around his neck while Ekans coiled up and hissed.

                                            “Ugh! Not again!” Nurse Joy groaned as she rapidly typed away at her keyboard in front of a fuzzy screen. “Somethin wrong?” Luke turned back to the woman and leaned on the counter.

                                            “Sort of.” She responded. “It’s nothing too serious yet, but most of the machines in here are going crazy. It may not be a problem now, but I’d hate to imagine what could happen if these machines started failing while we have a pokémon in bad condition.”

                                            “Anything we could do to help?” Luke picked up Elekid and placed him on the counter as Ekans slithered up its trainers back and propped its head on Luke’s shoulder.

                                            “Actually yes. I don’t know what, but something is happening in the ruins just south of here. It’s caused Unown to leave and come to thecity. They’ve been known to cause problems with electronic devices before and I'm almost certain they are what’s causing these machines to malfunction. I wouldn’t recommend going into the ruins, but if you could at least get those Unown away from the center or out of the city that would help a lot.”

                                            Luke silently nodded as he listened to the nurse speak. “Surething ma’am. My pokémon and I can see if we can catch some of these pokémon and get ‘em somewhere that they won’t cause harm.”. Luke pushed himself off thecounter and began walking to the door. “C’mon Elekid, let’s go see what we can find.”

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