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5th Gen Seasons

Started by Palamon 1 Week Ago 11:53 AM
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Seasons was a mechanic exclusive to Generation V. Seasons would change once a month, rather than every four, like in the real world. Depending on the season, Deerling and Sawsbuck will have different formes, some Pokemon will be more common or rare, an entire areas may be different, such as Iccirus City, and the tides in the Castelia Sewers. Season have not since returned, however.

What was your opinion on the seasons mechanic? Would you like to see it make a comeback? What was your favorite Deerling/Sawsbuck form?
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Ooh, I really like them! I also like how different seasons can affect some route themes (Like Route 11, for instance. During summer, there's a trumpet or something playing and in Winter you can hear chimes). My favorite Sawsbuck forms, I think are Autumn and Winter, maybe Summer too. Spring's kinda boring. :P
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oh yeah. i liked that feature. I think it makes the region a bit more realistic, so why not return?

winter sawsbuck is the best imo

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I miss seasons!! I would love seasons/weather to come back in a realistic sense akin to Animal Crossing. I know that might make things annoying, but.. I think it would increase the life of the game for me.

Winter Sawsbuck is def the best fwiw.

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I do like the features! I hope it can return ~~

It’s one of the best features in the games imo, interactive and seeing how the land changes with seasons.
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