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Who Do You Want to See in These Games?

Started by Palamon June 22nd, 2019 9:43 AM
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Aside from the obviously confirmed trainers, who do you want to see in these games? I really want to see the evil team leaders and every single rival character as well as previous player characters. If Rosa can be in this game, I want Ethan, Silver and Kris also.

I also want iconic Youngster Joey in these games. I'd honestly actually farm for him LMFAO, I know that's a bit silly, but can he just make it in, please?
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Swimsuit Skyla, Elesa, May, Blue, Marlon version of all the characters.


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According to recent news/Bulbapedia, some evil team leaders (E.G. Giovanni, Lusamine) are confirmed, but not all. I just want Maxie and Archie; they are my friends.

N has also not been confirmed - it would seem odd if he didn't get in, because he's so popular. (I guess it would also seem odd if he was in, because it's a game all about battling, but whatever, I want to see him.)

Ooh! Viola's in, so it would be cool to have Alexa too - she never got much attention in the games, you didn't even battle her.

Finally, throwing in a mention of my fervent desire to see AZ again, even if it's just in a spinoff game like this. :(


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Characters from spinoffs! 👍 Colosseum and XD would be awesome to see, like Wes and Miror B. bobandbill agrees with me.

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