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There's now only seven days left until Sword/Shield come out. What are you final hopes for the game before they come out?

Please try not to post about the leaks in here.
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I can only hope that these games are a learning experience for Game Freak. How to design a game for the Nintendo Switch and how this differs from the 3DS, and more importantly, what makes their games appealing to many people and why. All I hope for SnS is that we never get another Pokemon game like SnS.


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I don't think I'll be able to get it on launch, it depends on how much more I can save up or sell.

Excited, none the less!

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I just hope there are more new and unique Pokemon in SS to make up for the huge loss of Pokemon they cut out. Either way I'm really simple when it comes to Pokemon games so I'll love it no matter what they do. My bf and I are going to buy it on launch and play it together, so I'm looking forward to it a lot!


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my only hope is a solid enough post-game that will keep me playing long after i beat the e4.


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my only hope is a solid enough post-game that will keep me playing long after i beat the e4.
Agreed. We have had a good post game since BW. So I am hoping for this as well. More islands or something. It ain't going to take us long to catch everything. So I hope we don't have a Let's Go repeat. First Pokemon Game where I have played less that 40 hours on and haven't touched it in 10 months.


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The one hope I do have is that the actual full Galar Dex is larger than known so far. I will have to give this game a pass, but I will be watching to see how Game Freak ends up responding to the comments and criticisms regarding this game. A 3D title for the Nintendo Switch was long overdue.
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