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With this being my first experience as a roleplay host, I've planned to add players only through invitations. I will send them personally, and I will not accept sign-ups from someone I haven't invited in the first place. Players who have been already accepted can scout for interest, but not send official invites themselves.
That said, even if you don't get an invitation, feel free to read along as we play! Comments and speculation are always welcome in this thread.
Thanks for understanding!

The discovery of an ancient ritual, the unearthing of powerful gemstones, the reclamation of a centuries old heritage is shaking up the otherwise quaint and secluded Sevii Islands archipelago. Meticulous research continues as both enthusiasm and concern spread evenly among the population, jumping from island to island. It’s your job to investigate further on all these recent events, starting from the vantage point that has been granted you, and find a lasting resolution.

But do you really know what you’re getting into?
Together ūüíé Forever
IC thread


Led astray by ancient manuscripts and high tech equipment, a professor from another region has finally dropped anchor at One Island, and has made the discovery of a lifetime. It’s not easy, sure: it takes a very strong bond of friendship and mutual trust, it takes physical prowess and mental strength, it takes one rare, particular crystal that is only found in the volcanic islands of this archipelago, but…

Pokémon and humans can fuse together.

News have spread slowly, with the first published papers being highly controversial amongst scientists, and with nothing but strange rumors and poorly crafted stories circulating through the different islands. The dangers involved with this phenomenon were many, as Professor Douglas himself could attest, and this called for even more secrecy on his research. But as more people start to get familiar with the fusion and the word keeps spreading further and further, the time has come for you to come into action.

You are a young Pokémon Ranger, devoted to protect nature and Pokémon. You’re part of a small team that has been sent to the Sevii Islands in order to gather information about this phenomenon and, most importantly, test it upon yourself. This will help scientists and authorities alike to decide whether fusion should be allowed or not, and how it should be used. But you being here also means that you can help to keep things under control in the abuzz archipelago. The opinions of people and their reactions to this discovery will change and evolve thanks to you, too!

You’ll be provided with a room in the smaller but more central Boon Island, a Tri Pass that will grant you free access to Knot and Kin Islands as well, and a preferential line of contact with Professor Douglas. You’ll be allowed to take your dearest Pokémon along, and try to fuse with it! You’ll be given a generous reward for your efforts at the end of the mission, as well. But getting there will not be easy - there’s a reason why there was a strict selection to participate, after all.


According to Professor Douglas's notes:

✨ Fusion is not instantaneous, and can be considered as a collaborative process in which, thanks to the gemstone acting like a catalyst, the essence of the Pokémon surrounds the trainer and grants the power to use moves, abilities, as well as increased physical prowess, stamina, or agility. Only when there’s mutual agreement between human and Pokémon, they will be able to end the fusion and separate, yielding back the gemstone.

✨ The stone seems to retain some of this energy, allowing for quicker transformations and stronger connections down the line, but making it extremely difficult to fuse with other Pokémon. Changing fusion partners seems impossible in the short period, and having more than one Pokémon to fuse with is also a highly unlikely scenario.

✨ In this fused state, Pokémon and trainer inhabit the same hybridized body while still keeping their consciousness and free will. Communication seems to occur through instantaneous telepathy, but an eventual disagreement or miscommunication between the two beings can have undesirable, if not heavily harmful side effects both physically and mentally. Clear minds, knowledge and trust of each other, and even similar instincts seem to be the only key to achieve the full potential of this fusion - and as such, this change of state should not be performed lightly.

✨ Something that has been noted with most experiments is that, as expected, the appearance of the fused entity is still more similar to that of a person, especially in the body area (where the vital organs are). Pokémon features become more common the further away they manifest from this body district, including horns, claws, wings and armor-like features.

✨ All of this has led to the hypothesis that the Pokémon essence is merely an envelope of a fully human body underneath, and adapts to the more stable structure of a human. Clothes don’t seem to interfere with this fusion and are preserved, either hidden under Pokémon features, or replaced by them, or still visible. When it comes to abilities that only the trainer or the Pokémon has mastered, there is usually no interference. A Pokémon who can fly will usually retain full control of the hybrid’s wings, for example. It’s also rare for a Pokémon to have direct control over a hybrid’s human language and words - however, when hybridized it becomes easier for the trainer to communicate with Pokémon other than the fusion partner.

OOC: this mechanic is heavily inspired by Pok√©mon R√©BURST, and also by the countless ‚Äúgijinka‚ÄĚ fan arts of Pok√©mon that are available online. There are many different ways to interpret this concept, and that is why I wanted to give some guide-lines that are specific to this roleplay, but nonetheless feel free to ask questions and share ideas!

Sevii Islands Overview

The Sevii Islands are located somewhere south of Cinnabar Island, Kanto, and much like it are volcanic in origin. Their climate is more leaning towards tropical - rather hot all year round, windy and humid. The Tri Pass you’ve been given at the start of your mission gives you access to the three northernmost islands of the archipelago:

✨ Knot Island (One Island), while far from being the largest island, is known as the Capital of the archipelago, and has been one of the first to be fully explored. It’s a well known tourist hotspot thanks to the wonderful volcanic beaches and hot springs, much like Cinnabar Island to the north, but unlike it, the shape of Knot Island is that of a thin crescent moon, with Mount Ember towering over it from a separate, smaller island to the north-east.
✨ Boon Island (Two Island) hosts another relatively large settlement, mostly thanks to the large freight harbor that benefits from this island’s relatively central position and ease of access from mainland Kanto and Johto. It’s a roughly circular island and mostly mountainous, which makes it great for hiking.
‚ú® Kin Island (Three Island) is one of the two islands of this archipelago where agriculture is prevalent. Rather than one single settlement, it hosts many small farms and houses scattered around the entire area. Many small factories and artisan shops are located here as well.

With the Rainbow Pass, which you can obtain later in the story, you can get access to the other islands:

✨ Floe Island (Four Island) is the smallest of the seven main islands, and the most mountainous. Some people still call it home, but the population is steadily decreasing. The population of otherwise rare Ice-type Pokèmon makes this island unique, though.
✨ Time Island (Five Island) is another agricultural hotspot, but is also an exclusive tourist spot thanks to the many large beaches found around the island. It’s actually a group of smaller islands and rocks, which are the remnants of an ancient volcanic caldera.
✨ Fortune Island (Six Island) is the largest one of the archipelago, and is known for its ancient ruins, mineshafts, and rugged terrain. It’s an adventurer’s paradise! It’s sometimes also called Squash Island for its unusual shape.
✨ Quest Island (Seven Island) is much like Knot Island in shape, but far less populated. Many steep slopes and canyons can be found on the inside of this island, but that also makes it difficult to live here. Being the furthest from Knot and Boon Islands also contributes in making this the least populated of the Sevii Islands, but the large variety of Pokémon makes up for it!

Roleplay Mechanics

This roleplay will be split into various chapters, each one containing a choice of explorable areas, wild Pokémon to befriend, and a few prompts and missions. Some of them will move the plot forward or give additional information on the world and setting, while some can be seen as side-missions, and can be more suited for character development or bonding. At certain points in the roleplay, you will also be able to create your own missions and ask for a reward of your choice, as long as the other players and the GM (ultimately) approve it.

The first chapter will act as a prologue and, in my intentions, will be quite chill and drawn out to allow everyone to get familiar with the RP, the other player characters, the setting and the mechanics. Your characters will be given more freedom to explore new areas and get acquainted with the process of fusing with their partner Pokémon. The following ones, on the other hand, will be more plot-focused and with more action! You read it here first: if things go well, this roleplay will last for about one year!

As for mechanics regarding your Pokémon and your items...

✨ Pokémon can know up to 6 moves at a time, and of course retain their abilities in battle.
✨ You cannot catch Pokémon, but you can still befriend any wild one you meet, temporarily.
✨ Levels… are useful little numbers for deciding when to give your Pokémon new moves or let them evolve, that’s true! But… that’s really it. This is also because I don’t see any need for competition between players when it comes to their own Pokémon’s strength: it’s supposed to be a cohesive team! Because of this, everyone can expect their Pokémon to grow about 5 levels per chapter, and can adjust their movesets accordingly. You can also evolve your Pokémon without asking the GM for permission, as long as you have the necessary items or have reached the correct level.
✨ There’s no need for a money system as long as it makes sense. You can use some of the devices and resources that the Rangers may have, too! Rarer items such as TMs can be given out as mission rewards, though, and as such it’s recommended to keep track of those somewhere in your posts.

General Rules

✨ This RP has a M rating. It’s mostly to allow for more creative freedom, but that does not mean that adult themes, violence and such should be abused. The most important thing is to have some tact when talking about such things and, of course, avoiding all explicit content (as per forum-wide rules).
‚ú® Bunnying other players, godmodding, or retconning events is not appreciated. Respect other players, talk things through with them, and keep it fair! I trust you all on this.
✨ One main character for each player. You’re allowed to create as many NPCs as you’d like, but they cannot be part of the ranger research group that player characters are already part of.
‚ú® Communication is essential. There will be a dedicated discord server for the roleplay and you are expected to be active in there as well: if you disappear without warning, or remain inactive for more than two weeks in succession, other players may be allowed to control your character and/or you may be booted from the roleplay altogether (I will be more lenient during the first chapter only, though).
‚ú® Have fun of course! Or I'm feeding you to Gimmepie.

Sign up sheet

‚ú® Name:
‚ú® Age: (21-29)
‚ú® Gender/Pronouns:
‚ú® Appearance: you can describe or show images of your hybrid of choice both here or during the IC thread, both are fine options!
✨ Personality: some strengths and weaknesses, some traits that might make them fit for the job…
‚ú® Background story: you can come from any region but, at one point, you must have joined the Rangers and made it through the selection to participate in this mission.
✨ Pokémon info: please include species, nickname (if any), gender, ability, and moves. You can have up to two TM/TR moves and one egg/tutor move, meaning that at least three moves need to be from the Pokémon’s level-up moveset. No Legendaries, no mythicals, no Ditto! Your Pokémon will start approximately from level 35.

Players List

‚ú® QueenNothing as Kent Kelly
‚ú® Eleanor as Charlotte Grace Berkeley
‚ú® Groc as Paul Li
‚ú® Hyzenthlay as Bexley Granger
‚ú® Astromancer as Mira Cullins
‚ú® Janp as Reginald Rawlings
‚ú® Fen-Fen as Nia Bradshaw

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Kent Kelly|25|He/Him

Kent is a tall young man with very pale skin, blue eyes, and long black hair he keeps in a neat bun. He follows any given dress-code, and if it's permitted, will wear his earrings. His rectangular glasses rest on his face whenever on duty, and he exercises frequently to keep himself toned.

Kent is a hard working individual who lives and dies by the rules. Whether it‚Äôs something he agrees with on a moral level or not is out of the question. If he spots a fellow Ranger ignoring the rules he‚Äôll be sure to remind them, regardless of their intention. Multiple new recruits have gone on-record to say he ‚Äúhas a stick up his ass‚ÄĚ, but his constant willingness to abide by the rules gives his superiors a favorable view of him.

Outside of his professional life, he’s very tidy and spends his days off work deep cleaning his apartment. He’s very blunt in his words, and isn’t afraid to criticize or praise someone when he feels it’s appropriate.

Few people have gotten close to Kent on a personal level, with the exception of his older brother, Keith Kelly, who tells a different story of what he’s like. Of course, Kent will furiously deny any claims that come from his mouth.

Kent comes from a well-off family in Nimbasa City, Unova to his mom, dad, and older brother. His father is a retired Pokemon Ranger and has told all sorts of heroic tales about his experiences. Hearing this growing up, Kent felt the need to join the Unova Ranger Force to follow in his father’s foot-steps and studied hard to join the rangers. His diligence has paid-off, and is in-part why he’s been selected to investigate the happenings on the Sevii Islands.

When graduating from the Unova Ranger Academy, he chose Lillipup as his partner Pokemon, and has helped it evolve into a trusty Stoutland. Kent says he was chosen because Stoutland are famously loyal Pokemon and possesses several natural abilities that make them a practical choice for fieldwork, but his brother will say it’s because he thought Lillipup was the most adorable thing ever the second he laid eyes on it.

Stoutland|M|Sand Rush
Ice Fang|Play Rough|Roar|Odor Sleuth|Psychic Fang|Protect


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Name: Mira Cullins

Age: 26

Gender/Pronouns: Woman, she/her

Appearance: White woman of average height, blonde hair, slim but in good shape. Light blue eyes, large mouth with infectious smile. She favors light clothes like t-shirts and khakis when she's in town, and general ranger gear when in action. She doesn't care much about fashion or make-up, and she only wears one piece of jewelry: a necklace with an amber stone gifted to her by her son.

- Inherently dislikes doing what she's told; a bit of a rebellious person, for better or worse. This being said, she doesn't actively try to defy orders if she agrees with them, but she also won't go out of her way to follow orders or rules to the dot if she believes another way would get a better result. And her history speaks for itself - she's accomplished good things as an individualistic ranger, doing things her own way.
- Determined and relentless; when she's taken on a mission or task, she will do whatever it takes to reach a conclusion. This does not mean that she's reckless though. She knows very well to be careful with Roger's fire, for example.
- Inner struggle with empathizing with people who lead rough lives, and just feeling spite and shame because she relates to them too much. She would prefer to forget the first decade and a half of her own life and is uncomfortable being reminded of her past.
- The opposite of sentimental. Life is happening here and now, and every action one takes will make or break one's future. What's happened in the far past is not relevant, although recent wrong-doings can of course be; Mira sometimes gives people too many chances, but she's not blind to the fact that justice for action needs to be served sometimes.

She has become renowned as a Viridian Forest ranger in recent years. Together with her Vulpix, she has proven herself driven and resourceful in times of chaos and panic such as fores fires or floods, and she's earned a reputation for never saying no to a mission, even small things like lost pets from Viridian cityfolk. The duo has often been in the forest for days or even weeks at a time, looking just as fresh when they emerge as when they went in. Mira's brother sometimes jokes that she's a lost forest spirit that finally found its way home.

She doesn't like music much, but she loves the sound of the wind in the trees. Rain calms her down and thunder makes her feel excited. Her favorite thing to eat is ice cream, and she can't stand coffee but loves a good cuppa tea. While she has a hard time seeing good in people who don't immediately strike her as kind-hearted, fair or just (she has a bit of a hard time trusting people), she does believe that unlike humans no pokémon is irreparably evil, even when they are mean. She's at times gone out of her way to find the root cause of angry wild pokémons' behaviors and done her best to fix things.

Background story:
The siblings Mira and Corben Cullins, four years apart, grew up rather poor in Goldenrod City with a father who always said he was on the cusp of making them rich (but never did) and a mother who always smiled (but cried when she thought they didn't see or hear). When Corben turned 18, he was literally out of the house the next night, even though he said he loved his sister more than anything and Mira wanted to believe him. It turns out that he had met a man he loved more than her, and who had more money than their family had ever had. Corben wrote Mira letters, but Mr Cullins found them first and ripped them apart before writing back that the brother should never send any letter ever again. Or else.

Mira didn't do too well in school before, and it got worse now. She didn't have much to be happy about. But she was cute, when she really tried to make herself look cute, and it earned her some sort of girl- and boyfriends. Unfortunately, it also earned her a pregnancy, at the age of 16. The boyfriend at the time refuted all claims that the child was his. That was probably the breaking point, where Mira lost her faith in humanity and would have spiraled into utter anger and bitterness... Unless Corben had found ways to keep an eye on his sister, despite their hostile parents. When he realized what had happened, he returned, only to take her with him. Their parents tried to resist it, but Corben didn't hesitate to use his new pokémon partner against them. A little, at least. So Mira was free, at least from the prison of her childhood.

Corben's boyfriend, James, lived in Viridian City, all the way across the mountains in Kanto. It took a while until Mira was calm and happy enough again to learn how they had even met. A stroke of luck and chance, "fate", as the couple liked to call it. It was lucky, that was true, because at least Mira now had her son born in a good place. Corben and James and Mira essentially raised Aiden together.

The biggest impact Viridian had, though, and what really changed Mira's life, was the forest. She had never left Goldenrod City before the age of 16, but here was a whole vast world of nature just north of where they lived. And she was allowed to go there. She had trouble breathing the first time Corben took her on a walk at the edge of the woods. Not because of the pollen, but because of the tears she had to choke back. This place felt so good. So right. So endlessly much better than the filthy Goldenrod City full of evil humans.

Raising Aiden took most of Mira's time, but she tried to finish school and have a decent chance at some form of job by the time she was 20. Her being older than the other students and generally making absolutely zero effort to make friends led to, well, her not gaining any school friends in Viridian. James' family had let the Cullins stay on their grounds in one of their houses, and they claimed to have no plans on kicking them out. But Mira still felt guilty about it. This whole place and life was too good to be true, wasn't it?

When she didn't have to spend every waking moment with Aiden anymore, she started venturing out into the forest more. And she started seeing a pattern. Others had seen it too. There was a pokémon in the forest that was preying on the others and scaring hikers and explorers. At least Mira thought it had to be a pokémon, but many attributed it to magical forest spirits. One day, Mira finally found herself face to face with the culprit: nothing other than a wild Vulpix. Perhaps he was a wayward released pet pokémon who wasn't normally supposed to live here. Regardless, he was the most beautiful thing Mira thought she had ever seen. She wasn't fooled by his shenanigans and mystical illusions he tried to send onto her, and eventually he tired of trying. She insisted on finding him and trying to spend time with him though, and eventually they actually formed a friendship. Reluctant at first, but then the Vulpix started to give up on hiding the fact that he enjoyed her company. When Mira finally told her family in Viridian about the wild pokémon responsible for the spooky business, Aiden insisted on that his mother capture it and make it her own pokémon. It took a bit of convincing, but eventually Vulpix did become hers. She wanted to name him Rajah from an exotic tale about a brave Arcanine she had read as a child, but Aiden misheard and always called him Roger instead. So in the end, he became Roger the Vulpix.

When the forest suddenly became so much less scary, James was the one who told the authorities about Mira and Roger, giving Mira the credit for making things safer and better for everyone. That was probably when it started, the idea Mira got completely on her own - she was going to become a Ranger. Together, Mira and Roger developed into the effective duo watching the wilds around Viridian City today, earning enough of a reputation to be recommended by the Kanto Rangers organization for Professor Douglas' mission.

It wasn't an easy decision to leave, because Aiden was only 10 years old and Mira wanted to be a large part of his life. He didn't seem too bothered though, assuring him that he would pester her online and on phone all the time. And he'd demand pictures of the Sevii Islands every day. The truth was probably that he felt like his mother being given the honor to train in pokémon fusion was the coolest thing that could have ever happened, even if he would miss her so it hurt. The night before she left, Aiden asked her what the fusion between Mira and Roger would be called, when they managed to achieve it.

"If we manage to do it, you mean."

"When. I have full confidence in you, mom."

"Thanks, my little genius. I guess... I don't know... Mira and Roger... Rogermira? Miraroger?"

"Your imagination is not your strength, mom."

"I know, hun. That's what I have you for!"

"Good, because I know what your name should be. It's really obvious, actually."

"What is it then? I'm not very clever either."

"Mira and Roger? You'll be The Mirager."

P O K √Č M O N
Species: Vulpix (Kantonian)
It controls balls of fire. As it grows, its six tails split from their tips to make more tails.

Name: Roger

Gender: Male

Ability: Flash fire
Powers up if hit by fire.

Will-O-Wisp | Energy Ball | Incinerate
Quick Attack ||| Mimic ||| Disable

Roger is generally a lazy prankster. Before he met Mira, he was lost in Viridian forest and too prideful to ask other wild pokémon for help finding his place there. Instead, he annoyed them by luring them off with Will-O-Wisp and scaring them with Incinerate. He also kept telling himself it was hilarious to stealthily Disable their moves or use powers with Mimic that the other pokémon would never expect to see a Vulpix do - tricks his former trainer had trained him to do. But he wasn't really happy. Mira kept following him around. He wasn't keen on humans after having been abandoned when he refused to evolve via Firestone, but eventually he realized that Mira wastn't really keen on humans either. And she didn't seem to have or want a Firestone. He decided to give her a chance, and made sure she understood that he let her capture him.

‚Ė≤ ‚Ė≤ ‚Ė≤ ‚Ė≤ ‚ėÖ


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Hello I made another thing <3

Charlotte Grace Berkeley

23 ‚ô• ‚ôÄ ‚ô• she/her

Appearance: About 5’7’’ tall and on the thin side, Charlotte has hazel eyes, a slightly pale complexion (it’s very easy to spot her blushing) and light pink hair kept in a shoulder-length bob cut. She wears glasses but not very often, as she only really needs them for reading and relaxing her eyes.

Her typical closet has nearly everything, from fancy dresses to casual shirts to Ranger Uniforms (she always wears one while on duty). The color choices are more specific though, with a lot of light and pastel tones. Charlotte often wears accessories, like her sleek silver bracelet or her favorite pair of earrings, which mimic Togetic’s colors (one is red, the other is blue). A fan of handbags since her childhood, now she has accepted the existence of backpacks after a couple years spent in the ranks of the Rangers.

Personality: Charlotte is cheerful, outgoing and very caring towards her friends. She will try her best to come and help you out if you ever need her to. The issue is that… she may not be a person that you want to get help from. She’s very airheaded, somewhat childish (especially given her age), and not quite as brave as you’d think. But hey, at least she’s fun to hang out with, and is quite knowledgeable… on a lot of random topics that are probably not that relevant.

Background story: Charlotte’s childhood was relatively uneventful. She lived all her life in Goldenrod City, Johto, and rarely moved from there, except for the recurring visits to the National Park up north. Coming from a relatively rich family who never pressured her that much into looking for a stable career, Charlotte often followed her whims and emotions - this is also what introduced her to the wondrous world of Pokémon Rangers!

Although she was clearly not used to her new position, Charlotte found it interesting enough to keep improving and keep a smile on her face through it all. A lot of Rangers may still wonder how on Earth someone like Charlotte was able to pass that selection for that Sevii Island mission, but the strength of her little Togetic (that she hatched from a gifted egg years ago) and the close bond she has built with her are undeniable.

Partner Pokémon - Sundae
Togetic - lv. ~35 - ‚ôÄ - Serene Grace
Life Dew, Mirror Move, Tri Attack, Metronome, Yawn, Dazzling Gleam

art by ACCO from https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/83986700

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Still work in progress, but I wanted to post it here just in case something needs to be changed.

Name: Reginald "Gin" Rawlings

Age: 24

Gender/Pronouns: He/Him


Reginald is about 183 cm tall and weights 70 kg. His parents always forced him to look representative, meaning he is always shaved and keeps his light brown hair trimmed. He's also keeping fit and exercise each day. While no longer under his parents' influence, he made a habit out of it, even in the wild.

He doesn't give much of a thought to what is he wearing. He usually just picks up his Unovian Ranger uniform or simple t-shirt (which he has like 2 of them) and jeans. He wears no accessories, aside from his partner Pokémon Slimy hanging from his belt.

Personality: Reginald is quiet and barely talks about his feelings or opinions. But, when he doesn't agree with solution to some problem, he will most likely solve it his own way. He is very gullible when it comes to interaction with other people, often being so desperate with making new friends, that he can get talked into anything. Despite that, he is very skilled trainer and ranger, often using his clever and original strategies to win a battle or solve a problematic situation.

Background story: Coming from quite a rich and powerful family from Humilau City as the only child, Reginald spent most of his childhood in Striaton City in the local elite Trainer School. He was always pushed by his elitist parents to be the top student. They provided him with strong Pokémon in the process, so he can beat everyone and make his family proud. They had complete control of his life, even though he was on the other side of the region. They told him who to be friends with, how to act, what to think... Despite that, Reginald was great trainer, often making the best and unconventional use of Pokémon his parents sent him. He taught his parents' Hydreigon Toxic, Substitute and Double Team, and won by stalling his opponents in battle.

Unbeknown to his parents, Reginald became friends with local kids from regular families (who nicknamed him Gin) and often hanged with them in the Dreamyard. There, he caught his own Pokémon, including Dunsparce, Munna and Raticate. He started using these Pokémon over the ones from his parents, which made both his dad and mum angry, since "their son can't use these lowly Pokémon".

When he returned back home for holidays, he was forced to release his Pokémon. His already bad relationship with his parents dropped down to the new low. Before he returned back to the school, he secretly caught a Pyukumuku that washed out on the shore.

Back in school, he continued to act as his parents wanted on the outside, but still hanged out with his friends and spent his free time training and bonding with Pyukumuku, whom he nicknamed Slimy. One of his teacher, who was observing the issues in Rawlings family came up with a solution on how to limit the influence of Rawlings on their child. He helped Reginald join Pokémon Rangers (and telling his parents this is prestige position only for the best of the best) and let him bring Pyukumuku with him.

Reginald spent most of his teenage years with Rangers and quickly showed he can think out of the box and solve most of the problems with unseen effectiveness. This led to his inclusion in the Professor Douglas' mission.

Pokémon info:

Slimy, Brave Male Pyukumuku
lvl 35, Innards Out
- Counter
- Mirror Coat
- Rain Dance
- Hail
- Purify
- Curse


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Name: Paul Li
Age: 27
Gender/Pronouns: He/Him


Paul is a large man, standing 6'2" (188 cm) and weighing in at 280 lbs (127 kg). He has tanned brown skin, light brown eyes, and dark brown hair, although he keeps his head and face shaved, so his hair color is mainly notable in his thick eyebrows. He has a kind face, with large eyes and a soft smile.

His Ranger uniforms are custom made for his size, but outside of that he dresses in a plain style reminiscent of a monk's outfit, with simple cloth pants and a long tunic. He prefers warm earth colors, such as orange, brown, or black.

Personality: Paul is very calm and gentle, rarely speaking unless necessary and very meticulous in his movements. He spends a lot of time outside and alone, so he doesn't really know how to act in social situations. Some find this weird, others think it's endearing, but Paul himself doesn't mind so much. He can sometimes be blunt, but he's honest and means well.

Despite his slow pace, he can't stand to stay still for long. He has difficulty connecting with others, and despite his friendly facade he doesn't make friends easily. He enjoys wandering and seeing the sights of nature, or just sitting down and enjoying a good meal (quantity trumps quality, but a balance of the two is ideal). While he was taught that people and Pokémon can exist in harmony with each other and with nature, he doesn't see it very often, so he often has to step in to maintain that balance and keep the peace.

Background story: Originally born in the Sinnoh region, Paul was moved to Johto when he was very young. He didn’t know his parents, but he was raised by his grandfather in a monastery outside of Violet City. He was raised by the monks and trained in the Sprout Tower, but a life of seclusion and monastic study wasn't for him. Paul had always felt the urge to wander. He studied at the prestigious Earl Pokémon Academy, and wandered his way across Johto to Olivine City. He got on a boat, and was never seen again...

...until he arrived in Canalave City in Sinnoh. He kept wandering, making his way east until he found himself at Lake Valor. Here he had an epiphany, and his days of aimlessly wandering came to an end. Signing up with the Rangers in nearby Pastoria City, he trained in the Great Marsh, and now wanders with a purpose, helping keep harmony and balance in the world.

Pokémon info: Carnivine, Male
Ability: Levitate; Level 35
- Sleep Powder
- Bind
- Sweet Scent
- Ingrain
- Bullet Seed
- Fury Cutter


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Bexley Granger
Female | She / Her | Age 26 | From Galar
Bex is about average height with a bit of "meat" on her, yet surprisingly quite toned underneath thanks to yoga and gymnastics. Her pale complexion readily betrays how tired she is. She has large, expressive brown eyes, although they're often staring off into space rather than sharp and focused. Her black hair is cut in a neat, asymmetrical bob with straight bangs. She has a natural pout that makes her look sulkier than she really is.

Where fashion beyond the workplace is concerned, well... Bex tends to dress a bit like a Bratz doll. You know what they're like:


The first thing people notice about Bex is that something's... off about her. It could be her quirky and childish mannerisms, her... "fashion sense", or the way she seems to live entirely in a world of her own, with that faraway, absent look in her eyes. In any case, it seems to catch people's attention - not that Bex could care less. One of her strengths (depending on how you look at it) is that she "doesn't give a toss" about social expectations and does what she pleases. She is very much a free spirit. Some might call this eccentric.

While Bex may seem apathetic in general, she cares a lot about what she does - especially where lives are concerned. But she is not the type to jump at orders. Never one to partake in the rat race, her overly lax attitude can be exasperating to many. But she just pokes fun at the people she exasperates. Sometimes while peppering her language with an expletive or two.

Background history
Bex grew up in East Spikemuth to working class parents. Her mother, once a nursing aide at a Pokémon Centre, passed away from lung cancer when Bex was 17, and her father is a truck driver still living in Spikemuth. His job keeps him away from home most days, transporting goods to neighbouring cities, so Bex was forced to spend most of her time after school in the Pokémon Centre with her mum. However, this proved beneficial to her later career as a ranger. She learned first aid and is quite skilled at providing medical assistance to Pokémon in need.

After her mother passed away, Bex found solace in alcohol and drugs. This led her to the wrong crowd of people. Having just come out of high school, and with no family around to steer her right, she fell into a life of reckless behaviour.

Her friends were big on parkour - though none of them could top Bex back then. The sport kept her fit and fast and sparked her love for gymnastics. An outlet for her frustration. It was very freeing.

Around this time, Bex met a guy named Toby - a ranger, whose parkour skills (and tight abs) caught her eye right away. They hit it off. After a time, the two became inseparable. Toby wanted a better life for Bex - wanted her to share his flat in Motostoke and make something of herself. But she wasn't so sure.

Then one day, stumbling out of the pub, she heard this little tinking sound emanating from the dumpster. Whatever it was sounded distressed, sighing a sad, pained whistle. Bex shuffled through the trash to find the source of the noise - a Klefki, abandoned and half crushed, its ring a little bent out of shape from the debris. Bex's heart bled for the pitiful (and very angry) keychain, and she was going to bring him home anyway, but the Klefki sealed that decision by stealing her house keys. Luckily, kindness pays in kind, and she returned home that night to hear a little tinking sound awaiting her at the door. And that was that.

The rescue of Tink got her thinking. If no one had found him, he'd have died there, alone, crushed by human negligence. She couldn't stand that the very same thing could be happening to other Pokémon out there, abandoned by their trainers. There was no way she could live with that knowledge eating at her conscience while she wasted her own life.

So she took up Toby's offer. And that is how she became a ranger at the Southern Wild Area.

Working her way up wasn't easy, but her skill for healing, her growing bond with Tink, and the morals that pushed her forward soon payed off. She became well known among the rangers for her accomplishments of rehabilitating Pokémon. She and Toby made a great team.

By age 25, Bex became pregnant. The news was a Wake-Up Slap, and she quit the last of her bad habits. Toby couldn't have been happier. The photos from her ultrasound were the couple's pride and joy. Bex was on top of the world.

Then that world turned upside down. It was in her twelfth week of pregnancy when Bex lost the child. A part of herself was also lost that day - it was the first domino to fall. Her relationship with Toby grew tense as he tiptoed round her fragile psyche. Somewhere down the line, Bex snapped, and Toby couldn't take it any longer. They fought. Bottles were thrown. Their relationship was on the brink of collapse.

Then an offer came in the mail - Bex had been invited to the Sevii Islands for the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to get away. Toby decided it'd be for the best if they took some time apart, and what more could Bex do? So once again, she took up a life-changing offer.

Where it leads her, she'll discover along the way.

Tink is a male Klefki who was abandoned several years ago. Whether he was always an angry little b****, or became that way after his betrayal remains to be seen. While he loves keys, he also possesses a keychain flashlight, a mini pocket knife, a combined bottle opener and cork screw, and a sharp fang earring. He's pretty edgy.

Foul Play / Mirror Shot / Draining Kiss
Thunder Wave / Light Screen / Magnet Rise

She has a thick Bri'ish Galarian accent, meaning she'll omit her T's and H's in certain words. Just imagine her sounding like Lily Allen.

A decent seamstress, Bex designed many of her own outfits. She'll never let a piece of clothing go to waste - and some of her clothes show it, being patched up with different types of fabric. She likes adding in little accessories and details this way.

Her birthday is February 2.

Picrews by Baydew, sparemoon and NaseNikyuu
Klefki art by Zedrin


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Name: Nia Bradshaw

Age: 22

Pronouns: She/Her


Nia is a very tall young woman standing at about 6’ tall with a lean, muscular frame and brown skin, black frizzy hair done in short dreadlocks and amber eyes. When not on the job as a Ranger, she tends to wear stuff such as tank tops, crop tops, sweatpants and bike shorts - all stuff she finds great for working out in, which she does quite often to maintain peak physical shape. She also likes to wear a pair of gold tinted sunglasses, both on and off the job.

Personality: A confident, outgoing young woman with plenty of quips and bravado to go with it, Nia is very much someone who wants to make herself noticed and command the attention of the room. She walks the fine line between being self confident and arrogant, often talking up her or her Pokemon with some playful trash-talk. Her disposition is generally pretty good-natured and friendly, with a propensity to crack jokes, tease and even playfully flirt if the mood strikes her. To her credit, she does have some pretty good reasons to be really self-confident in herself, given her adept skills in athletics and her quick wit that have allowed her to become a skilled Ranger in her own right.

Belying her domineering tendencies and bravado is a sense of maturity that she’s been forced to acquire the hard way, having been put in several less than ideal situations in her life due to being reckless and thrill seeking in her youth. When push comes to shove, Nia is able to put on a supportive affect and is particularly open to hearing out the struggles of other people. Despite her seemingly carefree disposition, anyone who has worked with her for an extensive period of time knows that she cares deeply about her job and channels her bravado and self-confidence to healthy and productive ends...though sometimes she does it a bit too well, being as stubborn as a Tauros and being very unwilling to back down from something if she’s convinced she’s on the right track with something.

Backstory: Hailing from Driftveil City, Nia grew up with her father, mother and brother Wayne. Her father was an amateur boxer, training since he was a young teen. The couple had their children quite young - with Nia being born when her mother was 18 and her father was 19, barely a year and a half apart from her older brother Wayne. The couple’s love could best be described as passionate and chaotic, feeling the brunt of the stresses that came with balancing family, Nia’s father’s very arduous career choice and Nia’s mother struggling maintaining a job while tending to her three children. For as long as Nia could remember, there was always a tension in the air surrounding the two of them, often at each other’s throats over seemingly everything.

Despite the inner turmoil of the family, Mr. Bradshaw’s boxing career was slowly but surely on the up and up. He started being recognized as a local celebrity, increasing his reach across the Unova region and lining up some fights that were giving more substantial paydays. Though they weren’t by any means rich, money was starting to become less of a struggle and things seemed to be looking up for the young family.

For Nia’s dad, perhaps the fame had been getting to his head a bit. Soon, their finances were once again being dwindled, coinciding with more volatile behavior now directed unfettered towards his wife and children alike. His excuses for the missing money were convoluted and suspicious, Nia could hear him on the phone with various women when he thought no one was listening and he often seemed to be irritable, on edge and sniffing his nose. It was in one particular incident in which Nia’s mother caught her father red-handed cheating on her on the bed of a hotel room she and her family were staying at that she decided to finally call it quits. Though their father wanted to be a part of their lives even despite the hostility, the reality was that as long as he was abusing drugs and acting violently towards them, he was in no position to be involved in their lives anymore.

With her mother forced to provide for her three children without her ex-husband’s involvement, she had to work herself to the bone, often unable to supervise her children as much as she wanted to. Nia and Wayne, feeling pretty alienated from having no real strong presence from either of their parents, began finding escape with some of the other local kids doing things like petty thievery, vandalism and drinking. They even had a few run-ins with the law. She found herself with a real penchant for fights, finding that it linked her to her dad in a way; given her brash nature, she found no shortage of them on her hands. Had she so desired, she could have started the career trajectory that her father had started before her.

Any thoughts of continuing down that path, however, was changed on one fateful day when Nia was 16. She discovered that in one of her hangout spots on an abandoned wharf in Driftveil’s harbor, a Riolu had been skulking about. The Riolu, like her human counterpart, was keen on fighting, often looking banged up as a consequence. Unlike Nia, she was a runt and easily overwhelmed by some of the other bigger, stronger Pokemon in the area. Feeling some sort of solidarity with her, Nia started being there to heal the Pokemon when she’d get really beat up and offer companionship when Nia had the same happen to her or she was just having a really bad day. The two of them fell into a proper trainer and Pokemon relationship, with Nia’s mother agreeing to let her keep her since it seemed to be keeping her in out of trouble and giving her something to channel her energy with.

Wayne, unfortunately, was unable to follow her sister’s lead and ended up getting served with a hefty jail sentence for his involvement in a robbery. Seeing her brother incarcerated was further evidence that she needed to get away from the life she had been living so far and really do something with it. Nia managed to get scouted as a Pokemon Ranger from the school she was attending thanks to her cleaning up her act and applying herself more towards some solid career trajectory involving her newfound passion for Pokemon. She found being a ranger to be the perfect opportunity to start fresh and after completing her training, Nia was stationed all around the Unova region before being selected by superiors to undertake a special mission in the Sevii Isles to investigate something of great importance.

Partner Pokemon - Leila

Lucario, lv. 35, Female, Inner Focus

Aura Sphere | Reversal | Metal Claw | Calm Mind | Iron Defense | Flash Cannon


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aight lets get going girls

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Prof. Andrew Douglas
41 - ‚ôā - Castelia City, Unova - Porygon-Z
The man behind it all is a middle aged Castelian, born and raised, who still keeps his hair dyed in teal like in his youth but tries to wear fancy outfits to compensate… at least during important occasions. Some say it’s to give him more credibility, even though his unique blend of research, fusing myths and legends with scientific method is not exactly popular… he even started out as just a local history aficionado, on the hunt for fossils and old antiques.
Andrew is known to talk fast and be snarky at times - he also tends to overestimate the importance of all his discoveries, all things that don’t help him that much with his job. Behind that attitude, though, there is a hard working man with an endless curiosity.

Prof. Douglas’s assistant - 29 - ♀ - Striaton City, Unova - Musharna (Rem)
Emma is a tiny young woman hailing from Striaton City, where she’s been helping Prof. Fennel for some time before, well, switching internships. Her black bob cut and glasses are her most evident traits, but other than that she doesn’t do much to stand out, usually being quite reserved and only talking when spoken to or when she has relevant information to share. That said, she may eventually open up to people over time, proving not only to be very knowledgeable and smart, but also kind and patient.

Prof. Douglas’s assistant - 25 - ♀ - Wyndon, Galar - Polteageist (Chai)
Tall, willowy, with blue eyes and blonde long hair, Maeve is actually paired to one of the smallest Pokémon there are, a playful Polteageist. She’s traveled for years before finding the authentic Chipped Pot that would allow her Pokémon to evolve, actually becoming a rather skilled trainer in the process, but has recently given up her career temporarily in order to help Professor Douglas with some of his research… and found herself inside something much bigger than she expected.
She’s rather expansive and friendly with most people, but has a rather strong competitive side that she can’t quite hide.

Paired with Ninetales and Lux ūüĆł Moderator of Challenges and Writer's Lounge