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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
I played ORAS decently I guess, but yeah, I played RSE so much that they felt slower and easier. And I mean, RSE are easy to me now, you know, I kind of miss TMs being one use in a way? Because you literally have to plan out who gets what move, know where there are extras of that TM, etc. Now it's like. YOU get Earthquake, YOU get Earthquake, the WHOLE TEAM shakin the ground here.

I am the Diglett Tunnel in UltraMoon? And just can't be assed to go further? I used to enjoy playing challenges on the most recent game because I would have more variety for my team, but lol I can't even play through newer games normally. I don't have enough drive or time to put myself into another challenge. I still boot up older games from time to time to see where I stopped in the middle of a challenge, though. RIP to those.
I agree with TM part, but for competitive battles I think it's better that you have "infinite" uses of one TM.

But I found myself mostly thinking about doing some challenge, but never actually start it. So right now, I focus on one challenge at time.

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    Originally Posted by Janp View Post
    That sounds interesting. At what levels did you get your team members? I can imagine it being hard if you got them on low levels and being pretty easy if you got them on higher levels.
    Tyrantrum and Beheeyem were level 1 Tyrunt and Elgyem, the Armaldo was a level 20 Anorith and Starmie was already fully evolved. Can't remember the other two. It was fun to level up the low level ones but I kept ending up with some of my team a higher level than my badges so it added to the challenge. Especially in the large gaps between badges such as between Wattson and Flannery.

    The main reason I did it was I always liked the idea of giving Wonder Trade fodder a new lease of life. Those Pokémon people just stick in there in the hope of getting an unfairly good Pokémon in return for their level 3 Pidgey. The second time I did it (on Pokemon Y this time) I made it more of a challenge by sticking strictly to the first 6 I got. This resulted in a team of Furret, Charizard, Vivillon, Noctowl and two Linoones!
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