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Tips for writing

Started by dorrismillerrr123 August 5th, 2019 11:56 PM
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Prose, essays and (especially) poetry all have vastly differently requirements to be "good" and are all built following very different conventions. You're going to need to be more specific about what you want. The only thing that is 100% universal to all three is spelling things correctly.


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As Gimmepie said, you probably need to be more specific one what tips you want and why. Is it for school, for instance? If so, your teachers should give you some tips already on what they're looking for.

For poetry, I would read an analysis of several well-known poets as a head start. William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson are some examples you can look up on.

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If you're writing a story, have some semblance of an outline before you start. This will save you a lot of headaches by keeping the main story, any sidestories, characters, Pokemon, spells and powers (if applicable) and other events straight. Once you've made your outline, it is not set in stone--you are free to add to it, delete something from it, and rearrange things as the story progresses.
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My advice is that if you want to create a story of your own, make sure its a subject you love. If you love the world, characters, plots, ext. of your story, you are putting more enjoyment into it. There is a quote by Steven King that I always liked, "If there's no joy, it is no good." So if you write a story about something you don't like or you just aren't into, the readers can see it in the tone of the story. When I write my stories, I find myself so caught up in my worlds and characters that I have the same kind of enjoyment I feel when I'm playing a video game or watching a movie. So yeah, remember to have fun when you write!
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