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Started by Ice October 14th, 2015 4:30 AM
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I have no problems killing off my own RP characters. I have done it in a few RPs, course it occurred in RPs that were not on PokeCommunity.
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It depends on the character I guess? Sometimes I'm totally okay with letting my characters die, so long as it means something plot-wise, other times I'd rather keep them alive.


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RIP Ryan the Snover, Ryan the other Snover, Novia Ryan, PTA Ryan, and that one other obscure journey RP I joined on another forum

I've never really killed off any characters, mostly because I get attached to them pretty easily. I'd gladly kill off a character if the RP is nearing its end, but in general I prefer to keep them alive as long as possible.
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My characters all have plans to die somewhere down the road. Whether it be some kind of noble self sacrifice or they just slip up and let someone get the better of them all of my characters are destined to die at some time. My character from Titans was supposed to die near the end of the rp but it was put on ice for a while. One of my two characters in Venice was supposed to die around the middle of the rp and then I might have something planned for my other characters.
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