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Started by NipahRika August 11th, 2022 9:07 AM
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Antivirusus are, as a whole, pretty much outmoded ever since Windows Defender was able to be included and made a serious option. Paid antiviruses have a long history of overselling their importance and using tactics that are unfortunately pretty malware-like themselves. The best protection against malware isn't an antivirus program, it's Prevention. By that line of reasoning, the best antivirus program in the world, by a country mile, is an Adblocker. If there are no ads to trick you, if you know how to be responsible with your email inbox, if you don't run unfamiliar programs and don't pirate programs, then malware isn't too serious of a threat for you. If you have a reason to regularly break those guidelines, you can go ahead and pick up Malwarebytes.
I will say that, as far as detection goes, while Windows Defender is adequate for most, it's about low-midrange on actual detections. Beats the hell out of AVs that most people have heard of like Norton (dumpster fire) and McAfee (wouldn't touch with a 39 1/2 foot long pole), for example, but it's inferior to AVs like those in eset's lineup.

Source: am IT professional who has occasionally dug into AV performance for my employer on occasion.
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Antivirus software can just detect and remove malware that you may not be aware of, protect you from zero-day attacks, and protect you from ransomware.

I use only reputable antivirus software programs, such as Bitdefender or Malwarebytes.
However, we have anyway to do these simple things: use a firewall, be careful about what we click on, use an ad blocker, or back up our data regularly...
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Just Windows Defender. I use 7 so if someone is dead-set on hacking me; they're probably going to find a way no matter what.