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Game Over! Joker Game III: WEEBS Win! Page 12

Started by Bardothren January 28th, 2018 12:00 PM
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Honestly, I was recruiting you so you'd also go down with the ship. :eyes:
that's fine, because I would have immediately gone down into the ship and blew up its core to speed up the sinking process hahaha
"Sure, there're probably infinite dimensions, but I'm with you in this one, so why would I try to find them?"
~Neil Hilborn


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Posted July 18th, 2019
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I had fun regardless. It was nice being able to be a semi-immortal dick for once and baselessly hound recruiters to the point of annoyance. Really was surprised I was able to lead a lynch against desox and I'll admit it had me feeling a little high and mighty for a minute.

There was actually a time early on in the conversation between me and newtsie when I had a pretty good idea that he was lying to me at least partly, and knew that something was up when my recruit for that night died. I told my agents I'd be happy to recruit them back if they wanted to be but if they wanted to go elsewhere that was fine with me too, and I pretty much meant that. I'd used my kill on who I thought was the killer already as well as the night which I knew my recruit would fail and told my chat that I was going to block instead so that they might still think I had a kill.

Maybe I'll have better luck next time and not sit on my perma-recruit.

Charlie Brown


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good game guys, thanks for hosting bard!

sorry for abusing your trust alvey <3 i honestly was team alvey until sparks recruited me and I saw Newtsie was double-crossing you, and I realised telling you he was lying would result in him telling Sparkin about me and then I would just die

so I just lived by the "I'm aligned to whoever I stand the best chance of winning with" motto
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