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Pokemon VS Humans

Started by Sweet Dreams May 14th, 2015 5:05 AM
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I've seen quite a few people that have strong preferences either towards playing as Pokemon, or playing as human characters. In the same vein, there are some who prefer Pokemon related RPs and some who devote themselves to RPs about anything else!

What do you prefer (if any), and why?

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I don't like playing as a pokemon; I don't like pokemon-based RPs that much either. That being said, I have an awesome idea for a pokemon trainer that I'm saving for the right RP, a trainer with no strategy, no clue where he is, and no idea that he is on a pokemon journey. It'll be bonkers... I just have to wait for the right RP to use it.
The RP you're looking for is Begin Again. They'd fit right in xD

I generally prefer to play as a human character, although even as a trainer I try to give my characters pokemon companions some interesting character traits. For some reason I just find it easier to RP as a human.

As for settings, I have no preference for pokemon settings or other settings. If the RP looks like fun I'll join. It's more about what you do with your setting than the setting itself that makes an RP. The setting is just the beginning.


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In Pokemon-related roleplays, I've always preferred playing as the Pokemon themselves! The same can be said for any setting where there are both animals/creatures and human[oid]s; after living life through human eyes from day to day, I've always been more interested in trying to write from another creature's perspective about how they perceive the world, their own ambitions, etc. And by doing just that with a tight group of RP pals in the past, we've managed to come up with a lot of material that I've really enjoyed over the years.
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Posted September 6th, 2019
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Never played as a pokemon yet.

As for the other, I love any world mostly. Except for trainer RPs. Why would I look at black and white text when I can go play the game and have sounds, visuals and not much reading!
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