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Diamond Pokemon Ruby Magma & Sapphire Aqua Page 7

Started by mikelan98 January 13th, 2013 1:52 AM
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Posted July 14th, 2015
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DS hacking has evolved hasn't it, this is the 2nd remake for the ds i have seen (Light Platinum is the 1st) I hope it is good, I also hope a DS emulator can have VBAs speed up function
If you use No$ you can speed up with the "+" key (which I map to the trigger on my 360 controller since I don't have a committed "+" key on my laptop :) )

The overworld won't speed up a crazy amount unless you have a pretty good rig I imagine, but you can definitely get over 300% speed during battle in 4th gen games. I'm a fast-forward addict and I'm definitely humming along in Flawless Platinum right now.

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Posted July 3rd, 2018
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I also hope a DS emulator can have VBAs speed up function
Plus button on No$, Tab button on DeSmuME.
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Posted May 14th, 2014
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If this project gets all the way to full release, I literally think it will be the top ROM hack of all time. I'll play this no matter what even if its not in my language. Hoenn is the best region of all time and if Game Freak won't make a remake then I'll love to see a DS hack of it.

I also have an R4 so this would be amazing to play on there!
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Posted October 4th, 2014
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So, I hope I am not violating any posting rules here, but with Alpha/Omega being released, is this project shelved? I found a pre-patched version thanks to Youtube and it seems pretty good so far. Is this a 100% remake, or can I expect non-Hoenn pokemon on routes?
There's no reason to shelve this.

ORAS isn't out till November, you could do alot in that time, plus, Liquid Crystal's latest was released after HGSS' release.

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Your screenshot links are broken for me. Please re-upload them so your thread meets the Progressing Hacks requirement of 6 screenshots please :).


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Posted October 26th, 2014
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I don't mean to "reawake" old threads, but is this project still on?
Nothing in the thread tells me it has been cancelled, nor is the thread closed, so...
I really hope you can finish this hack, because even though it's just a remake, it will probably expand the DS Hacking community somehow, and really explore it's potential. If you can indeed finish this, this would be the Liquid Crystal/Platinum Red and Blue of DS Hacks, pushing the game's engine and stuff :P
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