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6th Gen The Roller Skates

Started by Palamon 1 Week Ago 9:39 PM
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In X/Y, in addition to being able to run and ride a bike, you can use the Roller Skates. You obtain the Roller Skates in Santalune City, after defeating a trainer there. The only way to get on the roller skates, is to use the circle pad, and you can do various tricks on them, as well as go down ramps. You can also do five different tricks on them. You can get off the roller skates by using the d pad.

Did you use the roller skates? Would you like to see them return in any future Pokemon games?
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roller skates should've been a permanent thing tbh. i dont think there was very many tricks you could do with the bike, but with rollerblades, i had tons of fun with them!
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