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Co-op attacks seem interesting. Perhaps it's the PvP of the game, or at least a component of it is PvP? Either way, so far I like what I've been hearing and reading up on the game. If this game doesn't go the route of most of the mobile cash-grab games out there, this could be a solid title.
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Masters is shaping up to be a mobile game with a lot of depth.
Gotta agree with this from what I've been seeing so far. o.o; and here I thought it'd be a another simple gacha game. I suppose we'll have to wait and see, but I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far! Kinda curious what other characters would look like in their Sygna Suits, too.


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Kinda crazy to me I’m more excited for this Sword and Shield at this point. And the fact that so far this mobile game is building up to be a more in-depth and intricate game than a core series game is crazy to me. Like better animation, better features , unique battling, etc. The rival seems like a return to the more competitive rival from the earlier games. I appreciate that cause it might mean this one might present a bigger challenge than some core series rivals. Unity Gauge sounds interesting. I’m guessing it’s like a co-op mode or a pvp and I’ve always wanted more co-op play in Pokémon games besides some mini games and tag team battles. Absolutely love the Professor’s design interested in wanting to learn more about her. Lear is likely this games bad guy. If he has a team then Sawyer and Rachel are likely henchmen or admins.
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I'm still a little iffy on mobile game Pokemon entries. Though, no harm in checking it out, I just don't see myself getting super invested. Love to be proven wrong tho!


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Oooh, so Sygna Suits are how you change what Pokémon a trainer has, cool. Masters is shaping up to be a very interesting game and I’m really excited to finally try it. Awesome updates!!
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