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In theaters, I mean.

The first one I saw in the theater was John Carpenter's The Thing (there's a theater near me that shows old movies), but that was with my mom and stepdad. The first one I saw alone was Jordan Peele's Us. For the latter, they didn't ask me for an ID or anything, so I remember looking at the R on my ticket and panicking for a split-second because I forgot that I was allowed to have it. LOL


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Dani California
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In terms of theaters, the South Park movie. My mom thought it was for kids (we didn't have cable then) so she took my sister, and I to watch it. Needless to say, kid me was like so confused lmao.

Foul Play
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I'm not entirely sure actually. I think maybe The Exorcist or From Dusk 'Till Dawn.



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my first r rated movie was when we bought tickets to julie and julia and snuck into funny people. lol my first """"""legal""""" r rated movie was zombieland...not by my choice though. it's what my underage partner at the time wanted to see lmfao.
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I actually haven't. The only r-rated movies I've seen are on DVDs and TVs. I'll be frank, I don't really like r-rated movies. The first r-rated movie I watched was The Doors movie, btw, or maybe that movie about that women that had suddenly gone blind, but I don't remember the name of it.

But, no, never seen an r-rated movie in theaters, I really don't want to, either. They just really aren't my cup of tea. Some of them have sex in them, and I'd rather not see that if I don't have to.
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